Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 12th February 2024
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have publish this information.
Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the data is correct if you find any errors please notify the Club Secretary by email at so that the errors may be investigated.
When contacting the Secretary please include the following at the start of your email: KC Name of dog and KC Registration Number and the Event where dog was tested or approx. date of when dog was individually tested. If you wish to attach a copy of the certificate this will help in checking of any error.
Completed certificates should be sent direct to Mrs E Smith, 9 Elm Grove, Larbert, Stirlingshire, FK5 3LP, if not automatically sent on from a heart clinic.
The Kennel Club are working with their IT department to be able to produce the Doppler Heart Scheme results in a format that will generally be understood, i.e. explanation of the traffic light system for suitability for breeding. The Breed Clubs have asked for this in a format for each individual dog’s record. Those that were involved pre-publication will be given the option to submit previous results but the Kennel Club still have this as "work in progress".
In the meantime there is no recognition for those dogs that have a clear heart on their doppler paperwork to be able to go on the Club’s "Over 5 Clear List" and no means for anyone to find these dogs, particularly stud dogs.
If you wish to have your dog’s name added to the "Over 5 Clear List" you may submit a copy of your doppler result to the Scottish Club Secretary, Liz Smith – Liz maintains this list.
Sheena Maclaine
Breed Health Liaison Representative to the Kennel Club
A copy of the total list may be downloaded for printing by clicking on this link.
A – CD – LM – ST – Z
Dog’s Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Aberfeldy Sophie Matisse At Tansaleo Tayfern Tarot Aberfeldy Sasha’s Dream Girl Bitch 12/08/1999 02/02/2009 Mrs D Alamé-Jones
Absolutely Amber Wandris Entertainer Otus Lady Pippa Bitch 13/05/2007 28/10/2012 C Knox
Admirari Peaches ’n’ Cream Vernetta King Creole Cherryedges Ruby Tuesday Bitch 08/11/2004 26/02/2011 H Stevens
Ainrose Apple Cinnamon Pascavale Nathan Ainrose Sugar Maple Bitch 15/12/2016 06/02/2023 N Konoike
Alatina Top Secret For Dancross Toraylac Martyn At Ttenneb Alatina Keeping Secrets Bitch 13/06/1994 17/06/2002 A E Crossley
Alberica Cherry Bambina Alberica Walnut Cherubino Alberica Roschelle Bitch 26/09/2000 14/08/2006 D Lucas
Alberica Kindred Spirit Kindrum Roscius Darozel Cristalle Alberica Dog 25/08/1997 30/08/2005 D Lucas
Alberica Walnut Cherubino Kindrum Walnut Juette Only A Rose For Alberica Dog 17/10/1996 06/08/2003 D H Lucas
Aldachell Blind Date For Emjo Craigowl Blindfold Of Aldachell Aldachell Ashleigh Bitch 03/11/1991 03/03/1997 M Jones
Aldachell Sharnice Aldachell Dream Lover Aldachell Kate Bitch 29/07/1999 27/09/2008 V Powell
Aldersbrook Billy Boy At Shenlyn Double First At Tayfern Aldersbrook Sunbeam Dog 07/01/1996 02/05/2001 L A Irvine
Alderedge Carousal by Zhanneil Bonnisbrooke Kensington Celxo Charlotte Dog 10/05/2013 24/09/2018 Z Morris
Alessia Daring To Dream at Scouriemore Ch Maibee Make Believe Korraines Alexandra Dog 01/09/2011 04/03/2017 A Stokes
Alemap Zhanna At Trufee Rivermoor Pluto Alemap Zea Bitch 17/10/1989 17/06/1995 F E Evans
Allucia Crystal At Courtsmere Fittlewood The Builder Jansara Finale Bitch 12/12/1995 22/07/2001 J Tomlinson
Almondene Ballerina Rose Crisdig Cracker Almondene Tuesday Girl Bitch 24/08/1991 16/11/1997 J Sheard
Alsubo Firefly At Fraoch Telvara Karbon Kopy Alsubo Frizzie Lizzie Bitch 18/11/1994 21/08/2000 D Phillips
Amantra Applause Amantra Dicky Mint Polythene Pam Of Amantra Dog 04/08/1985 10/10/1994 M A Mazzeo
Amantra Black Gem Svena Painted Black Gold Ring Amantra Bitch 24/05/2015 11/08/2020 T Jackson
Amantra Celtic Pearl Salador Celtic Silver Amantra Leading Lady Bitch 07/12/2009 15/08/2015 T Jackson
Amantra Cloth Of Gold Amantra Golden Brown Amantra Tabitha Dog 21/04/1997 28/03/2007 T Jackson
Amantra Golden Brown Fontelania Burnt Toast Amantra Golden Moments Dog 14/10/1987 29/11/1995 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Goldfrapp Amantra Solid Gold Amantra Valonia Dog 23/06/2010 15/08/2015 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Good Heavens Ch Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us Amantra My Antonia Bitch 04/04/2015 19/11/2022 T Jackson
Amantra Halo Amantra Halloween Amantra Celtic Song Bitch 11/08/2015 11/08/2020 T Jackson
Amantra Homeguard Amantra Fireguard Amantra Mint Surprise Of Kingscourt Dog 06/04/1990 29/11/1995 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Homemaid Amantra Homeguard Officer’s Lady At Amantra Bitch 22/11/1995 12/10/2001 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Hometide At Jacrianna Amantra Homeguard Officer’s Lady At Amantra Bitch 18/09/1994 12/10/2001 J C Postingale
Amantra Hummingbird Amantra Halloween Amantra Madrigal   16/07/2016 05/12/2021 T Jackson
Amantra Impetuous Amantra Independence Amantra Natalia Bitch 13/02/2005 12/09/2010 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Independence Mareve Indiana Amantra Carolina Dog 04/07/1998 28/03/2007 D Fry
Amantra Indigo Of Lowmead Amantra Independence Amantra Lonesome Dove Bitch 11/09/2000 26/09/2009 J Denman
Amantra Ivanhoe Amantra Independence Amantra Fortune Teller Dog 08/01/2006 19/11/2011 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Jimmy Jazz Handale Sam Yule At Amantra Amantra Good Company Dog 16/11/1987 15/03/1997 R Surman
Amantra Las Vegas Amantra Memphis Lanola Shirley Valentine Of Kimleejay Bitch 19/10/1998 25/09/2004 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Los Angeles At Sanubray Amantra Memphis Lanola Shirley Valentine Of Kimleejay Bitch 19/10/1998 25/09/2004 B Spencer
Amantra Midnight Madness Amantra Golden Chance Amantra Tabitha Dog 14/01/2000 28/03/2007 Fry & Jackson
Amantra My Antonia Amantra Solid Gold Amantra Virtuous Bitch 05/10/2012 11/08/2018 T Jackson
Amantra Princess Royal At Vonnyisle Amantra Prince Of Thieves Amantra Midnight Symphony Bitch 28/09/2008 02/03/2016 Y Holbrook
Amantra Regalia Emsmere Royalist Amantra Rock Cake At Lanola Bitch 04/04/1996 09/11/2001 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Robin Hood Amantra Rockin’ Robin Amantra Madonna Dog 22/04/2002 24/01/2009 D Fry & Jackson
Amantra Rock The Boat Amantra Coastguard Amantra Tainted Love Dog 19/07/1986 29/11/1995 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Rock The Cradle Amantra Rock The Boat Amantra Captains Lady Bitch 23/01/1996 12/10/2001 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Rockin’ Robin Amantra Rock The Boat Amantra Captain’s Lady Dog 06/10/1994 20/10/2003 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Savannah Amantra Memphis Amantra Captains Lady Bitch 02/05/1998 20/10/2003 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Solid Gold Amantra Cloth Of Gold Amantra Elmira Dog 03/02/2005 19/11/2011 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Songbook Amantra Songster Amantrra Valentina   05/03/2013 28/04/2018 Jackson
Amantra Song For Guy Rossbonny Triple Chance Amantra Jacobina Dog 08/07/1998 25/09/2004 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Songster Amantra Song For Guy Amantra Impetuous Dog 21/11/2007 16/11/2013 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Spring Sunset Stonepit Spring Is Here At Amantra Dark Moon Amantra Bitch 16/10/1996 18/10/2002 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Tabitha Kenue Tristram Amantra Kilbarchan’s Moonbeam At Amantra Bitch 18/11/1995 18/10/2002 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Vaudeville Wandris Entertainer Amantra Fortune’s Rock Dog 19/05/2006 19/11/2011 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Va Va Voom       08/01/2012 30/04/2017 T Jackson
Amantra Virginia Is Lanola Nevhill’s Nashville Amantra Love On The Rocks Bitch 20/08/1995 17/05/2001 S Goodwin
Amauri Mood Indigo Geronsart Night Light At Amauri Amauri Mood Mosaic Bitch 26/08/1989 31/12/1994 R & O Emery
Amauri Moonlight Maestro Toraylac No Trouble Amauri Moonlight Melody Dog 20/06/1991 27/11/1997 R & O Emery
Amauri Moonlight Mystique Toraylac No Trouble Amauri Moonlight Melody Bitch 20/06/1991 14/10/1996 R&O Emery
Amauri Starlight Dream ** Le Frere Santosha Starstruck At Amauri Bitch 18/10/1997 02/02/2004 R & O Emery
Amblecroft Jamie At Claytonia Salador Casanova Hillyacres Petite Fleur Dog 22/05/1992 16/11/1997 R & G Bills
Anberan Dulce De Leche Kimark Coming Home To Sorata (imp Usa) Anberan Hot Mochachino Bitch 05/04/2007 02/03/2013 A E Flower
Anberan Ginger Truffle Downsbank Benedictine Anberan Iced Tazo Chai Bitch 03/09/2005 03/03/2012 B A & A F Flower
Anberan Iced Cappuccino Myhope Fever Anberan Hot Chocolate Bitch 28/10/2000 11/12/2007 A & B Flower
Anberan Iced Tazo Chai Myhope Fever Anberan Hot Chocolate Bitch 22/01/2002 11/04/2009 A & B Flower
Anberan Tazoberry Downsbank Benedictine Anberan Iced Tazo Chai Bitch 03/09/2005 05/03/2011 A & B Flower
Ancilla Its Just Me Of Fremantle Tamyse Hooray Henry Of Deltika Juzandia Everlasting Flame For Ancilla Bitch 04/01/1997 18/11/2003 A Hislop
Andusie Kiss Me Kate Of Wealdrose Bonnyglen Sussex Simon Andusie Morning Mist Bitch 21/06/1987 06/11/1996 D J Tatman
Angelarc Optimist Harana Calvin Klein Angelarc Fiorella Dog 06/06/1997 09/12/2003 J Hall
Ankris Chelsea Downsbank Kensington Downsbank Sorrel Of Ankris Bitch 19/06/2001 10/05/2007 C Wright
Ankris Takes The Biscuit Mcgoogans Eidolon Of Merecot Shenlyn October Octet Of Ankris Bitch 05/10/1986 04/07/1996 C J Wright
Annatika Tallula Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Madame Kristen Of Delhaze Bitch 23/05/1994 15/01/2000 G & J Macalpine
Anncourt Parasol (imp) Anton Anncourt Penny Lane Bitch 21/07/1988 14/03/1998 A Paloheimo
Apsledene Starshine Lansahra Jazzman At Apsledene Apsledene Spring Time Bitch 13/05/2005 24/10/2010 J Webb
Aranel Arabesc Aranel Bombastic Aranel Arabella Bitch 12/11/2003 09/10/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Bombastic Aranel Atomic Woodstock Kassie With Aranel Dog 22/08/2001 11/04/2009 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Bon Bon         04/05/2013 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Bubblicious Aranel Bombastic Aranel Arabella Bitch 12/11/2003 25/09/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Cosmic Miletree Nijinsky Aranel Arabesc Dog 28/03/2005 13/06/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Electra Aranel Bombastic Aranel Alberta Bitch 15/03/2005 22/10/2011 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Eternal Ch Pascavale Nathan Aranel Evita   25/11/2013 28/09/2019 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Evita     Bitch 12/04/2011 29/05/2016 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Genesis Ch Miletree Constellation Aranel Bubblicious Dog 04/07/2010 19/08/2017 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Maveric (re-import) Aranel Cosmic Aranel Nutmeg Dog 11/06/2009 19/07/2014 R Aldous & M Smith
Arranisle Mandy Double First At Tayfern Pearls A Singer At Arranisle Bitch 12/08/1996 10/05/2002 P M Mcculloch
Arroline Bluemoon LOchbuie Keswick Arroline Skyfall Bitch 14/12/2015 10/08/2022 H & L Long
Arroline Excalibur Maibee Montrose Arroline’s Athena Dog 27/05/2010 24/04/2016 H & L Long
Arroline Honeysuckle Ch JW ShCM Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale Arroline’s Athena Bitch 14/07/2011 19/08/2017 H & L Long
Arroline’s Athena Khatibi Eamon High Kilvey Sweet Pea At Arroline Bitch 05/12/2008 04/04/2016 H & L Long
Arroline Phoenix Pascavale Jacob Arroline For Your Eyes Only   14/08/2014 28/09/2019 H & L Long
Arroline Skyfall Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale Arolline Athena   02/09/2012 10/11/2018 H & L Long
Ascanti Brandy Snap Miletree Nijinsky Ascanti Milla Bitch 09/05/2003 20/03/2009 J Roper
Ashtelle Barti Ddu At Yanjoy Ashtelle Remember Ryan Ashtelle Star Attraction Dog 10/06/2004 19/02/2010 Miss C Mahoney & Mr G Lawler
Asmena Destiny Ricksbury Royal Escape Asmena Sugar ’n’ Spice Bitch 04/05/2005 13/06/2010 Mrs K M Cumberledge
Asmena Moon Magic Janvega Mr Moonlight Rytonian Snow White Dog 24/04/1990 16/11/1997 S Mowatt
Asmena Sea Bird Lorphil Lyphard Asmena Kassia Dog 20/04/2006 02/12/2012 S L Mowar
Astralea Classic Gold Of Behabre Linjato Ace Of Base Astralea Victoria Dog 05/02/1997 13/03/2004 R Steel
Astralea Rambling Rose Hurleaze Royal Venture Astralea Peach Blossom Bitch 12/01/1998 13/03/2003 V Widdicombe
Astrid Youvbintangoed Charlottetown Cupid (re-import) Pansjal Jessie Ellen Bitch 21/04/2004 08/04/2010 J Hazel
Avalcier Adele Royal Influence Of Charterwood Avalcier Annie Bitch 22/03/2006 23/10/2011 K M Li
Avalcier Electra Maibee Montrose Avalcier Emerald Spray Bitch 13/10/2004 25/10/2009 K M & C C Li
Avalcier Elle Loranka’s Celebration Toraylac Incarvillea Bitch 13/09/2001 25/02/2007 K Li
Avalcier Emerald Spray Loranka’s Moments Desire Toraylac Incarvillea Bitch 12/09/2000 29/10/2006 K Li
Avalicier Isaac at Georgewade     Dog 29/10/2011 27/05/2018 V & H Chambers
Avalcier Liberty Keyingham Branwell Avalcier Elle Bitch 26/03/2005 25/09/2010 K M & C C Li
Avalcier Naomi Keyingham Branwell Avalcier Elle Bitch 26/03/2005 25/09/2010 K M & C C Li
Avalcier Talia Pascavale Enchanted Avalcier Christy Bitch 06/05/2003 05/10/2008 K M & C C Li
Avennest Moonlight Triodan Thingamee Bob At Avennest Avennest Victory Vee Bitch 27/02/1995 13/03/2001 Mrs Culshaw
Avoncastle Jazzman Hilarny The Don Avoncastle Marietta Dog 23/01/1988 14/03/1998 C Britten
Ballaleigh Moon Diamond Ballaleigh Andante Symra Nice’n Easy Dog 06/10/1995 02/03/2002 KH & JR Green
Bankshill Thyme Rose Spennithorne Dream Thyme Bankshill Juniper Berry Bitch 01/04/2016 27/10/2021 S Deamer
Baranco Estrella Del Mar At Lindsmill Chacombe Bernard Carrows Quicksilver Bitch 19/11/1991 04/12/1997 B Reed
Baray Aimee Clopsville Buzby Baray’s High Society Bitch 27/09/1991 27/02/1998 A Hutley
Baray Amos Of Kaleija Leelyn Ce-jay Craigowl Halo Dog 13/07/1990 27/04/1999 S A S Randall
Baray Fedora Charmsbourne Moonraker Craigowl Halo Bitch 21/08/1988 22/03/1996 A Hutley
Barcoed Bartholemew At Snoobart Homerbrent Carnival Homerbrent Glamour Girl Of Barcoed Dog 14/06/1986 08/07/1994 C S Monham-Brown
Barenton Atlanta Of Royalston Clopsville Kansas Sorata Mitze At Barenton Bitch 24/02/2004 11/10/2009 R E Chapman & H A Wheeler
Barnaby Irish Rover Ponthirwaun Dick Ruby’s Amber Dog 14/01/1991 09/03/1998 D M Copps
Barsac Matilda Barsac Sadler’s Wells Aranel Fonteyn At Barsac Bitch 07/10/2007 19/10/2013 J Molineux
Barsac The Palio Salador Corrigan Barsac Touch And Go Dog 11/04/1988 23/02/1999 K J Town
Beaconsfylde Fade to Black       16/09/2012 27/05/2018 R Hobbs
Beaconsfylde High Society for Hearthfriend Carolus Don Ricco Beaconsfylde Just Lucy   15/06/2015 29/10/2021 P Biddle
Beauco Dolly Mixture Kinvaar Obsession Beaco Miss Moffat Bitch 23/11/2014 12/06/2022 G Ward
Beauco Miss Muffet Carolus the Jazzsinger Brooksbur Enchanted Dream at Beauco Bitch 02/07/2010 23/09/2017 G Ward
Beaudale Georgie Porgy Harana Alfie Boe Beaudale Bye Bye Lullaby Dog 18/04/2013 20/10/2018 S Smith
Beaudale Madonna Lily Keyingham Branwell Beaudale Tears Of Gold Bitch 04/03/2008 19/10/2013 S Smith
Beaudale September Heights Harana Rockstar At Denstone Leelyn Maggie Blue At Beaudale Dog 20/05/1991 07/12/1996 S Smith
Beautiful Bubbles KenmillixFun And Games Ladyview Adorable Amber Bitch 14/01/2012 27/06/2017 V Grainger
Becanna Armida Leelyn Red Warrior Leelyn Lady In Lace At Becanna Bitch 12/09/1994 05/03/2005 L E Hill
Beckinjay Beguiled Talark Jamie Lad Of Lymrey Beckinjay Bewitched Bitch 13/06/1989 26/06/1996 E Cooper
Beechmast Robina Of Costara (neut) Chamanic Trafalgar Egama Livia Of Beechmast Bitch 31/01/1988 03/02/1995 M Workman
Beeschar Bluebell Love Bug Beeschar Lilly Lane Bitch 13/07/2007 12/08/2014 J Ongley
Beewye Lara’s Rufus Salador Celtino Beewye Calusa’s Larissa Dog 10/06/1999 29/12/2005 R & C Dix
Bekenveldt La Giaconda Bekenveldt Leonardo Bekenveldt Rememberance Bitch 02/05/2002 19/05/2007 Max Blackburn
Belbury Lady Of Quality Meadowpark Royal Evasion For Newroyds Newroyds Golden Rhapsody Of Belbury Bitch 05/08/2000 30/01/2007 A Lord
Belbury Simone Newroyds Reflection Newroyds Golden Rhapsody Of Belbury Bitch 07/07/1999 01/11/2006 B Sherlock
Bellflows Gentle Little Man Ch Ger Ch Angels Pride Gentleman Jadechar Olympia of Bellflows Dog 13/03/2014 10/04/2022 G Blair
Bembridge Gifted To ** Telvara Karbon Kopy Bembridge Burlesque Bitch 12/02/1995 18/11/2004 Aldous & Smith
Ben Hypnotic Emjo Hypnotic Susie Of Bradwell Dog 15/06/2006 22/08/2011 J Harrison
Bengrove Anarima At Mareve Dancross Debonair Of Deeriem Bengrove Xanthe Bitch 04/07/1990 22/07/2001 M Carter
Bengrove Yerba Of Craigowl Craigowl Hoodwink Bengrove Selene Bitch 07/11/1988 24/07/1996 N & G Inglis
Berengaria Reet Petite Tanmerack Two Chances Of Elleswyn Mon Amie Of Berengaria Bitch 04/03/1988 28/05/1994 C Godwin
Berrybalou Liberty Montcolly Martin Juarcon Shakira Kumari Bitch 12/01/2009 10/06/2014 S Davies
Betty Buttercup Forest Hill V.birchen Garden House (imp Lady Mimosa Bitch 06/06/2009 12/08/2014 J I Ongley
Bevelmount Andreas At Camahieu Royal Accasion At Charterwood Adwalton Adriana For Bevelmount Dog 04/11/1994 26/11/1999 P S Paver
Bevelmount Angelina Royal Accasion At Charterwood Adwalton Adriana For Bevelmount Bitch 04/11/1994 01/12/1999 P S Paver
Bevelmount Antoinette Bevelmount Bronson Adwalton Adriana For Bevelmount Bitch 31/10/1991 15/03/1997 M & D Whitfield
Bevelmount Joanna Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** Bevelmount Antoinette Bitch 12/02/1994 10/12/1999 P S Paver
Bevelmount Red Beujolais JW Ailcres Sierra Madre at Celxo Bevelmount Red Sharaz Dog 08/03/2013 11/06/2017 Mr & Mrs Whitfield
Bevelmount Red Ribbons Keyingham Branwell Alberica Focus On Red Bitch 29/11/2008 07/06/2015 M & D Whitefield
Birchmere Heidi Ann Of Merriquest Edonhill Going For Gold Edonhill Kandy Kisses Bitch 03/07/1990 18/03/1997 J Dansage
Blossomfield Brandy Snap (neut) Sheilings Invincible Burkwoodi Downtown Gal Dog 15/02/1986 06/12/1997 S J Williams
Bonnie Calendula (neut) Fontelania Sugar Cane Of Volney Volney Symphony Bitch 04/02/1985 27/08/1997 M J Bettis
Bonniemadra Dream Chaser Bonniemadra Trigger Happy Charnavale Heavenly Posey Bitch 12/06/2015 22/03/2022 C Groundwater
Bonnie Of Seven Oaks Chilsham Border Baron At Inverisla Whisper Softly Bitch 31/05/1993 04/03/2000 P Lunt
Bonniroy Carnaby Cracker Craigowl Crackpot At Arenkote Bonniroy Chelsea Girl Dog 01/04/1995 22/07/2001 J Evans
Bonnisbrooke Magic Moment Just Magic Of Homerbrent Symra Sweet Bonnie Dog 28/01/1998 05/03/2005 J Price
Bonnisbrooke Mystique Brasingamen Lightning At Amauri Bonnisbrooke Heaven Sent Bitch 11/04/2002 27/09/2008 J Price
Bonnyglen Sussex Simon Hilarny Bristol Sidney Of Bonnyglen Angilgate Amanda Of Bonnyglen Dog 18/11/1982 15/03/1996 K Yoxall
Bowfort High Stakes Of Scotlass Tonnew Tombola Daveric Indian Arrow Bitch 17/04/1996 07/04/2003 M Bloice
Bowfort Miss America Cabochon Red Corvette Charlottetown Molly O’brady At Bowfort Bitch 01/10/2007 06/10/2012 Brewer & Moody
Braemarra Taylor at Linetive Dalvreck Starshine Aranel Athena at Braemarra Dog 27/05/2016 15/10/2022 H Byers
Bransties Topsy Whitecroft Romeo Malanis Ryans Daughter Bitch 01/08/1990 16/07/1996 E Cooper
Brasingamen Rough Quest To Tingewood Royalvale Rebel Rock Brasingamen Ruby Wedding Bitch 22/05/2006 19/10/2013 N Lunam
Brasingamen The Celt Salador Celtino Geronsart Night Orchid At Brasingamen Dog 23/04/1999 30/10/2004 C Armitt
Brasingamen Touch Of Class Ch Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Geronsart Venetian Rose Of Brasingamen Dog 09/06/1996 18/05/2004 C R Armitt
Brasingamen Touch Of Magic Ch Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Geronsart Venetian Rose Of Brasingamen Bitch 09/06/1996 28/11/2003 C R Armitt
Brecbennoch Black Velvet Of Blackwater Jowida Red Pepper Black Briar Of Brecbennoch Bitch 30/07/1992 09/07/2000 Redfr Law
Bretam Golden Honey Underknoll Ferdinand Chicariad Havana Sunrise with Underknoll 13/01/2013 28/04/2018 B C Randle
Brigodee Christmas Star Clockpelters The Pretender Brigodee Morning Star Dog 07/11/2008 07/06/2015 L Houghton
Brigodee Morning Star Robrook Northern Star Of Brigodee Peeverwitch Starlight Of Brigodee Bitch 25/01/2003 06/01/2009 J E Johnston
Brigodee Shooting Star Clockpelters The Pretender Brigodee Morning Star Dog 07/11/2008 08/06/2014 L Houghton
Briony Sweet Dreamer Of Gangan Littlebreach Zachary Of Chacombe Deneve’s Pride Of Tara Bitch 27/12/1987 26/07/1994 A A Tate
Broadoaks Tabitha Hywillhaze Willy Wag-tail Of Bonnyglen Broadoaks Philomena Bitch 27/11/1986 11/07/1996 A F Smith
Broganzor Raffiella At Kimlea Tanmerack Ramsay Broganzor Bliss Bitch 21/08/2000 30/10/2005 D Atkinson
Bronze Opal Lad With Bowcara Hillyacres Teddy Boy At Flossybrook Flossybrook Black Velvet Dog 19/03/2000 20/09/2006 C Davies
Brooksbur Fire Light Fox Ace The Poker Joker At Brooksbur Bryana Red Hot Salsa With Brooksbur Dog 10/02/2008 16/01/2015 P Wooleson
Brunnental Day Dreamer Northscale Dreadnought At Gabledene Pennydown Black Chiffon Bitch 29/07/1989 22/02/1995 A L A Spring
Brunnental Defender Northscale Dreadnought At Gabledene Pennydown Black Chiffon Dog 29/07/1989 27/09/1995 A L A Spring
Brunnental Invincible Northscale Dreadnought At Gabledene Pennydown Black Chiffon Dog 29/08/1990 18/08/1997 A L A Spring
Brymarden Moonriver Maibee Montrose Rippleoak River Dancer Bitch 06/01/2004 21/08/2011 B & M Claydon
Buckny Ebony Of Chamanic Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Chamanic Leonie Bitch 15/09/1990 16/11/1997 J Inman
Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Chamanic Leonie Dog 15/09/1990 01/02/1997 J Inman
Caerwen Chanelle Of Moorfields Caerwen Cristy Caerwen Katrina Bitch 06/04/1985 24/01/1996 R Lamont
Calamansak Daniel At Pipswey Harana Horace Sorata Maisie Dog 06/10/1993 30/09/2001 D Rolfe
Callobrina Gypsy Rose Edonhill Myle Stone Callobrina My Fair Lady Bitch 13/03/2001 19/07/2006 C Green
Callobrina Sunrise At Edonhill Sir Bozzi Boots At Edonhill Edonhill Sherry Tan Of Callobrina Bitch 05/08/1993 03/08/1998 J Gardiner
Callobrina Tio Pepe Knight Magic At Harana Edonhill Sherry Tan Of Callobrina Dog 19/06/1991 12/11/1997 C J H Green
Calonlan Will I Am Cinderlace Monte For Calonlan Crystaldawn First Kiss With Calonlan Dog 30/09/2010 25/10/2015 A & C Rhodes
Calpernias Golden Lute Of Tigridias Hillyacres Jason Of Riogor Salim’s Solitair Bitch 07/04/1990 15/08/1999 M A Webster
Calverlee Calypso Chamanic Trafalgar Salador Celtic Mist Bitch 21/05/1988 24/02/1995 H A Etherington
Calverlee Charleston Cinola Quo Vadis At Petonbank Salador Celtic Mist Bitch 20/10/1989 04/03/1995 H A Etherington
Camahieu Gypsymac Camahieu First-footing Camahieu Regal Roamer Bitch 16/10/2005 24/09/2011 Mrs P Tebbett
Camahieu It’s Only Me At Ecotyne Camahieu First-footing Camahieu Fiery Opal Bitch 06/04/2004 24/09/2011 Mrs S North & Ms S North
Camahieu Marquise Of Kellorian Camahieu King Arthur Camahieu Guinevere Bitch 16/08/1999 07/09/2005 L Biggs
Camelot Ace High At Mareve Mareve Indiana Camelot Indi-anna Jane Dog 03/11/1996 14/01/2002 Carter & Walker
Camelot Black Opal Of Jezano Rossyn Black Magic Aylingmarne The Jezebel Bitch 24/02/1991 17/06/1996 J Trevaskus
Camelot Black Rose Of Jezano Rossyn Black Magic Aylingmarne The Jezebel Bitch 24/02/1991 21/09/1996 J Trevaskus
Cantrip Fantasia Deeriem Troilus Cantrip Lucky Lucy Bitch 14/08/1990 02/11/1995 H D Chate
Cantrip Fantasy Deeriem Troilus Cantrip Lucky Lucy Bitch 14/08/1990 13/04/2000 K E Wright
Cantrip Lucky Lucy Andusie Sunny Boy Cantrip Miss Fleur Bitch 05/02/1986 24/06/1997 K E Wright
Cantrip Miss Fleur Bonnyglen Sussex Simon Chilsham Rosina Bitch 10/01/1984 24/06/1997 K E Wright
Cantrip Miss Impudent Crisdig Cracker Cantrip Fantasia Bitch 12/01/1993 12/05/1998 H Chate
Cappellen Angelica Wildgrove Duke Wildgrove Tansy Of Cappellen (neut) Bitch 08/09/1988 05/03/1994 P J Shaw
Cappellen Anise Wildgrove Duke Wildgrove Tansy Of Cappellen (neut) Bitch 08/09/1988 05/03/1994 P J Shaw
Caralean Aurora For Myotabad Beewye Lara’s Rufus Pebblecombe Witching Hour With Caralean Bitch 17/09/2002 28/02/2009 C Fowler
Caralean Wild Heather For Pebblecombe Leogem Lothario Caralean Catriona Bitch 03/10/1996 15/02/2002 K Bartlett
Carefree Destiny Of Regensian Amauri Magic Macaroon Congleton’s Sweet Jasmine Dog 31/05/1991 05/03/1997 M & H Knapper
Carolus Amaryllis Carolus The Aristocrat Carolus Chienyll Bitch 20/04/2001 28/01/2007 W Knight
Carolus Amintha Carolus Cardinal Carolus Royal Rhapsody Bitch 30/07/2001 23/08/2009 W Knight
Carolus Angelina Carolus Cardinal Carolus Royal Rhapsody Bitch 17/05/2000 23/08/2009 C Knight
Carolus Annabelle For Tubaron Carolus Cardinal Carolus Royal Rhapsody Bitch 30/07/2001 06/01/2009 B Tubby
Carolus Benjamin Scotlass The Laird Carolus Pensee Dog 04/02/2006 08/06/2013 M Colavecchia
Carolus Candlelight Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Bitch 11/05/1997 04/08/2004 W L Knight
Carolus Cantata Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Bitch 12/03/1996 12/07/2006 S Orphanos
Carolus Cardinal Leogem Lothario Carolus Coralie Dog 15/10/1997 11/09/2005 C Knight
Carolus Celtic Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillie’s Rose Cum Carolus Dog 31/03/1995 16/06/2003 Mrs Sime
Carolus Charisse Carolus The Aristocrat Carolus Chienyll Bitch 20/12/2003 24/03/2013 S Scott-Oldfield
Carolus Charisse Carolus The Aristocrat Carolus Chienyll Bitch 20/12/2003 18/11/2010 C Knight
Carolus Cherise Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Bitch 17/07/1996 28/05/2004 M Watkins
Carolus Chienyll Mareve Indiana Carolus Coco Chanel Bitch 26/04/1999 02/11/2004 W L Knight
Carolus Coco Chanel Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillie’s Rose Cum Carolus Bitch 31/03/1994 05/09/2001 C P Knight
Carolus Confetti Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Bitch 21/10/1991 06/12/1999 W & C Knight
Carolus Coralie Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Bitch 02/11/1993 05/09/2001 W & C Knight
Carolus Corianna Leogem Lothario Carolus Coralie Bitch 15/10/1997 27/04/2005 W L Knight
Carolus Coronet Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Dog 21/10/1991 08/12/1999 C P Knight
Carolus Cracking Connoisseur Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Lillie’s Rose Cum Carolus Dog 14/11/1992 04/03/1999 S Scott-Oldfield
Carolus Crown Jewel Leogem Lothario Carolus Coralie Bitch 15/10/1998 11/02/2005 C Knight
Carolus Crusade Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Dog 02/11/1993 07/12/2000 F Moran
Carolus Daisy-mae Carolus Coronet Carolus Corianna Bitch 22/09/2002 12/01/2008 P Hinsley
Carolus Don Ricco JW ShCM     Dog 27/02/2012 27/05/2018 W & C Knight
Carolus Eloise ** Le Sorbet At Meadowpark Carolus Lucretia Bitch 27/10/2006 04/12/2011 W, C & J Knight
Carolus Finale Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Dog 17/07/1996 20/08/2004 D Ambrose
Carolus Franklin Nevhill’s Roosevelt Carolus Angelina Dog 18/04/2004 16/03/2010 P Ryan
Carolus Gizmo Homerbrent Pentilly Chasmin Lillie’s Rose Cum Carolus Dog 04/01/1991 01/06/2000 K McGowan
Carolus Harleish Mareve Indiana Carolus Coco Chanel Dog 10/09/2000 19/06/2007 I Young
Carolus Harry’s Game Homerbrent Pentilly Chasmin Lillie’s Rose Cum Carolus Dog 04/01/1991 10/10/1996 J Knight
Carolus Honeyfayle Leogem Lothario Carolus Confetti Bitch 07/05/1997 21/04/2006 Cassidy
Carolus Horatio Craigowl Crackpot At Arenkote Carolus Pensee Dog 05/03/2004 20/07/2009 Barbara Grant
Carolus Judette     Bitch 23/09/2013 27/05/2013 W L & C P Knight
Carolus Lady Betty Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Carolus Coco Chanel Bitch 05/07/1997 11/07/2004 S Orphanos
Carolus Lidia Deranmar Michael Carolus Rosette Bitch 06/04/2006 09/06/2013 M Colavecchia
Carolus Little Lady Annatika Midnight Shadow Of Lynordan Carolus Confetti Bitch 28/04/1993 14/05/2001 L O’Gorman
Carolus Little Madam Aranel Cosmic Little Miss At Carolus Bitch 21/02/2007 01/03/2014 C & J Knight
Carolus Little Miss Perfect     Bitch 15/10/2010 09/08/2017 C & J Knight
Carolus Miss Elsie Carolus Don Santino Annabell vt BurgsteHof at Carolus Bitch 08/12/2017 12/06/2022 M Colavecchia
Carolus Miss Liberty Carolus Don Ricco Carolus Lacey Bitch 18/09/2013 12/06/2022 M Colavecchia
Carolus Miss Moneypenny For Chasmin Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Bitch 11/05/1997 19/02/2007 W Wightman
Carolus Moll Budge Carolus Tommy Atkins Carolus Eloise Bitch 10/01/2009 10/11/2016 C & J Knight
Carolus Pensee Carolus The Aristocrat Carolus Chienyll Bitch 11/06/2002 26/03/2009 W Knight
Carolus Prince Jasper Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chiasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Dog 17/11/1993 19/01/2001 V Farrer
Carolus Royal Ballet Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Carolus Confetti Bitch 11/08/1995 29/11/2000 C P Knight
Carolus Royal Commission Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Dog 12/03/1996 01/08/2007 A Corrie
Carolus Royal Rhapsody Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Carolus Coralie Bitch 08/08/1995 23/11/2000 C P Knight
Carolus Ruby Red Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Bitch 17/11/1993 09/07/2003 H Watkins
Carolus Starr Struck (re-import) Charterwood Dynasty Carolus Berenice Dog 11/02/2008 02/03/2013 Knight
Carolus Tammy Carolus Coronet Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Bitch 11/05/1997 16/07/2004 J Bonfield
Carolus The Admiral Craigowl Jarrow Carolus Amaryllis Dog 04/01/2003 25/01/2008 T Stonebridge
Carolus The Courtier Clockpelters The Advocate Cum Carolus Carolus Corianna Dog 28/09/2003 11/11/2008 W Knight
Carolus The Jazz Singer Rytonion Spencer Carolus Candlelight Dog 07/01/2002 14/11/2010 W Knight
Carolus The Time Lord Aranel Cosmic Carolus Lillibet Dog 05/02/2008 08/06/2014 E Goode
Carolus Tommy Atkins Carolus The Jazz Singer Carolus Angelina Dog 11/11/2006 15/08/2015 C & J Knight
Carrows Quicksilver Carrows Mr Micawber Carrows Precious Bitch 18/04/1989 16/01/2001 B Reed
Carysana Wild Poppies Narayden Marsell Kingsmaze Ebony of Carysana Bitch 29/04/2012 21/10/2017 k Holland
Carsan Chazmagic Wendavia Charlie Comet Goldenbrows Love Knot Sasha Dog 15/08/2007 06/10/2012 C Mackenzie
Casata Moonlight Of Chacombe Alberto Of Kindrum Salador Creena Dog 05/10/1988 09/03/1996 S Schilizzi
Cassandy Sweet William Pascavale Nathan Gertara Summer Rose at Cassandy   14/03/2013 21/10/2018 D Moody
Cast A Spell Over Tayfern Tayfern Tarot Lady Patrica Bitch 17/04/1994 06/05/2004 P M Stark
Castletoy Crazy Lollipop Ch Aranel Genesis Unbelievable Azalea Bitch 03/02/2012 08/06/2019 Mm Szczygiel
Castlewytch Arizona Avec Jinjan Keyingham Christian Castlewytch Thrice A Lady Dog 03/12/2003 28/02/2009 J Waller
Castlewytch Bewitched Pamedna Esperanza Castlewytch Annie’s Song Bitch 23/02/2003 27/09/2008 A Bayliss
Castlewytch Painted Lady     Bitch 03/09/2011 11/06/2017 K A Bayliss
Castlewytch Thrice A Lady Ricksbury Tommy Judyland Netta At Castlewytch Bitch 30/08/1999 19/05/2007 A Bayliss
Caterina Be Bop Alula Telvara Kasanova Yeosinga Juanita At Caterina Bitch 21/12/1988 14/03/1995 C Cater
Cathmead Aint Misbehavin Twyforde Hyperion Cathmead Kiss Of Heaven Bitch 19/03/2011 28/04/2018 C Franks
Cathmead Dizzy Miss Lizzy Juetemer Oscar So Wild At Gemontay Quintrelle Kristorg Bitch 25/10/2003 24/01/2009 C Franks
Cavaliegh Beau Geste Aranel Bombastic Cavaliegh Sweet Nothings Dog 03/11/2008 03/05/2015 R Surman
Cavaliegh Callan Cavaliegh Castellan Cavaliegh Reclaim Dog 31/05/1991 04/03/2000 J Gosford
Cavaliegh Cara Cavaleigh Kinsman Cavaliegh Breeze Bitch 03/01/2013 22/10/2018 C Knox
Cavaliegh Chime Maibee Montrose Cavaliegh Sweetness Bitch 27/04/2006 03/05/2015 A Godwin
Cavaliegh Fletcher Stonepit Franco I Believe Cavaleigh Emmeline Dog 20/05/2012 24/02/2019 J O’Neil
Cavaleigh Iceman     Dog 10/12/2013 09/06/2019 A Godwin
Cavaleigh Love In A Mist       10/06/2012 22/10/2017 A Godwin
Cavaliegh Sweetheart Cinderlace Sebastian For Cavaliegh Cavaliegh Liquorice Dog 09/06/2003 27/09/2008 A Godwin
Cavalli Beautiful Life Ch Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us Cavalli Here Comes Winter Bitch 03/05/2015 28/07/2021 E Ryan & K Miller
Cavallino Magic Moments Judyland Touch Of Magic Miadahl Caperdonich At Cavallino Bitch 16/05/2003 18/10/2008 Mrs M C Baillie
Cavanco Joyous Jubilation Volney Shenanigan Cavanco Spirit Of Happiness Bitch 18/08/1997 26/05/2005 D J Ball
Cavanco Spirit Of Happiness Ronnoc Revelation Of Volney Cavanco Spirit Of Peace Bitch 07/03/1992 26/05/2005 D J Ball
Cavanco Spirit Of Peace Volney Funny Money Volney Peace Revealed Bitch 02/11/1988 27/05/1999 D J Ball
Cavanco Sweet Temptation Sir Hugo De Volney Cavanco Spirit Of Peace Bitch 28/02/1995 10/05/2000 D J Ball
Caviare Prince Arthur Double First At Tayfern Rivermoor Caroline For Deranmar Dog 17/02/1993 22/02/1998 D Calvert
Cavilera Charming Charlie Cavilera Cuba Cavilera Georgia On My Mind Dog 13/03/2013 20/10/2018 G & M Campbell
Cavilera Daisy Boe Cavilera Cuba Cavilera Georgia On My Mind Bitch 13/03/2013 20/10/2018 M McCabe
Cavilera Dot Dot Dash Cavilera Cuba Cavilera Georgia On My Mind Bitch 13/03/2013 21/10/2017 G & M Campbell
Cavilera Georgia On My Mind Kinvaar Aramis Ordiga Damask Rose At Cavilera Bitch 05/04/2008 18/10/2014 Mr G & Mrs H Campbell
Cavilera Sweet Obsession Kinvaar Obsession Sirahdis Dare To Dance For Cavilera Bitch 11/05/2008 18/10/2014 Mr G & Mrs H Campbell
Cavisdale Holly Holy At Chlojade Jalesto I Was Born To Love You Casimari Lakisha At Cavisdale Bitch 14/12/2009 15/08/2015 A Cullen & C Parker
Cavisdale I Got You Babe At Chlojade Jalesto I Was Born To Love You Casimari Lakisha At Cavisdale Bitch 14/12/2009 19/08/2017 A Cullen & C Parker
Cavisdale Reggae Music At Cassandy Jalesto I Was Born To Love You Casimari Lakisha At Cavisdale Bitch 14/12/2009 15/08/2015 C J Stanton
Cavwelies Chantilly Lace Dubourg Royal Baneror Cavwelies Keirose Clarissa Bitch 22/06/2001 09/12/2006 C Welberry
Cazzamar Catori Leelyn King Cole At Apsledene Kingstown Pollyanna Of Cazzamar Bitch 02/05/2004 07/04/2011 H Jeffries
Celtic Cherish Salador Celtic Magician Celtic Tiger Lady Bitch 06/09/2002 20/06/2008 Mrs E Palmer-Manson
Celtic Incantation At Scarletstrue Diordiva Desire At Ravenbrook Cogshall’s Belle Of The Ball Bitch 08/09/2010 15/04/2016 C M Evans
Celxo Freddie Mercury at Lozcavs Jalesto Now I’m Here Celxo Tina Turner Dog 05/05/2011 02/08/2018 Mrs L Landsbury
Chalmray Early Promise Granasil Winter Flame Behabre J’adore Bitch 10/03/2007 10/06/2012 R & L Kilcoyne
Chamanic Antoinette For Cranvarl Chamanic Antonio At Willowgate Chamanic Lucasta Bitch 13/10/1992 31/03/1999 L Crane
Chamanic Estelle Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Chamanic Jessamine Bitch 04/01/1992 01/02/1997 J Inman
Chamanic Flamenco Harana Too Darn Hot Buckny Ebony Of Chamanic Bitch 27/06/1996 15/03/2002 J W Worswick
Chamanic Just One Smile Trirayne Alexius The Great Chamanic Bernadette Dog 01/01/1998 07/05/2004 M Arnold
Chamanic Lucasta Sorata Llewellyn Chamanic Bell Rock Bitch 22/01/1986 04/03/1995 A J G Inman
Chamanic Rose Aylmer Downsbank Black Major Chamanic Lucasta Bitch 13/05/1989 27/01/1995 A J G Inman
Chantismere Charade Kayceekay JW ShCM Maibee Make Believe Ch Chantismere Cha Cha Dog 09/02/2012 12/06/2022 A B Walker
Champneys Diamond Geezer Woodstock Rikki At Leelyn Champneys Sultana Of Swing Dog 26/05/2007 28/10/2012 T Ledger
Chantismere Push My Button Ch Angels Pride Benjamin Button Chantismere Charleston Dog 24/06/2012 04/07/2021 A Gibb Stuart
Chantiz Classy Tricoline Deeriem Triton Chantiz Penny Royal Bitch 27/03/1995 10/09/2003 G Laurence
Chantiz Indiana Jones Mareve Indiana Chantiz Connies Star Dog 29/01/1991 23/02/1997 J Reed
Charalier American Smooth Avalcier Manhattan Charalier Cheek To Cheek Bitch 20/11/2008 21/02/2015 J Ward
Charalier Dress To The Nines for Charlesworth Angels Pride Benjamin Button Charalier Fancy Dress (Reimport) Dog 25/11/2012 12/02/2018 CG Greenall
Charlesworth Merry Molly Charlesworth Carlo Merry Carousel Of Charlesworth Bitch 08/09/1992 02/10/2006 J Marr
Charlesworth Royal Caprice Tanmerack Botticelli Charlesworth Pretty Affair Bitch 28/12/2000 21/06/2006 C Greenall
Charlesworth Royal Crystal Charlesworth Carlo Charlesworth Royal Melanie Bitch 07/09/1992 06/10/1997 C G Greenall
Charlesworth Royal Gentle Fittlewood The Boss At Wightisle Charlesworth Royal Rosette Bitch 15/02/1997 12/11/2002 C Greenall
Charlesworth Royal Rosette Charlesworth Carlo Charlesworth Royal Melanie Bitch 07/09/1992 01/10/1998 C Greenall
Charlottetown Apricot Lil Bowfort Tomkin Charlottetown Valentine Bitch 16/03/2009 11/08/2014 C & S Hall
Charlottetown Mary Ellen At Cantrip Cantrip Frayne Of Deeriem Charlottetown The Mary Rose Bitch 13/08/1991 05/12/1997 K E Wright
Charlottetown Mika Charlottetown Wig-wam Charlottetown Violet Dog 14/01/2008 12/04/2014 S M Richmond
Charlottetown Pieter Jonty Jones Of Charlottetown Charlottetown Valentine Dog 31/01/2006 13/04/2013 S M Richmond
Charlottetown Roger Biggles Of Charlottetown Charlottetown Brenda Dog 17/01/1994 05/03/2005 S Richmond
Charlottetown Try My Best For Tonnew Cantrip Frayne Of Deeriem Moorhanger Rosalind Of Charlottetown Bitch 09/03/1993 06/10/1998 M Newton
Charnell Winona At Chellanda Indianna Maibee Charnell Gabriella Bitch 13/01/1991 07/12/1996 L Woods
Charnwood Hazydaze Homerbrent Charlatan Kernewek Holiday Edition Of Charnwood Dog 05/12/1989 28/11/1995 S Scholes
Charnwood Scandel Of Glengilde Pageant Of Homerbrent Aldachell Samantha Of Charnwood Dog 29/03/1990 13/11/1996 S Scholes
Charterwood Contraband Charterwood Pure Copy Charterwood Contessa Dog 13/07/1997 27/10/2003 J Philpott
Charterwood Mascot Ch Alberto Of Kindrum Kandora Just A Masquerade Dog 18/10/1988 02/07/1997 J L Philpott
Charterwood Minim Chacombe Jason Of Charterwood Charterwood Maxine Bitch 14/06/1992 16/11/1997 A & S Tonner
Charterwood Snowette Royal Accasion At Charterwood Charterwood Snowdrop Bitch 13/11/1995 13/08/2010 Seaman
Charwelton Angelic Star At Callyspride Maibee Make Believe Brymarden Hot Love For Charwelton Bitch 02/01/2010 09/08/2017 L Callaghan & L Todd
Charwelton Frazer Cavaliegh Alexander Charwelton Jennifer Dog 17/01/1998 01/03/2003 I G Angell
Chasmin Accalia Chasmin Galliano Chasmin Cassiopeia Bitch 09/02/1999 28/03/2008 W Wightman
Chasmin Bracken Chadwick Craigowl Blindfold Of Aldachell Chasmin Lillie My Love Dog 11/04/1991 18/12/1997 D Ambrose
Chasmin Candidum Craigowl Blindfold Of Aldachell Chasmin Lillie My Love Bitch 11/04/1991 05/03/1999 W Wightman
Chasmin Cassiopeia Fittlewood The Boss At Wightisle Chasmin Candidum Bitch 22/03/1995 01/09/2000 W Wightman
Chasmin Charminette Cresmar Andante Chasmin Lillie My Love Bitch 27/08/1989 21/06/1996 W Wightman
Chasmin Corsair Carolus Cardinal Chasmin Miette Dog 06/01/1999 27/06/2007 E C Roberts
Chasmin Galliano Leogem Lothario Mignonette For Chasmin Dog 07/01/1998 17/06/2011 W Wightman
Chasmin Lillies Charm Cum Carolus Craigowl Blindfold Of Aldachell Chasmin Lillie My Love Bitch 11/04/1991 17/12/1998 W & C Knight
Chasmin Lillie’s Rose Cum Carolus Cresmar Andante Chasmin Lillie My Love Bitch 27/08/1989 16/02/1995 W & C Knight
Chasmin Master Jeremy Leogem Silas Marner Chasmin Candidum Dog 22/12/1993 19/11/2002 D Ambrose
Chasmin Miette Chantiz Alboreto Mignonette For Chasmin Bitch 18/04/1996 31/10/2003 W Wightman
Chasmin Mystique Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Chasmin Accalia Bitch 24/05/2003 21/05/2010 W Wightman
Chasmin Phedre Is My Name Chasmin Galliano Chasmin Cassiopeia Bitch 09/02/1999 18/11/2005 W Wightman
Chasmin Prudence Chantiz Alboreto Mignonette For Chasmin Bitch 18/04/1996 11/07/2005 P Draper
Chasmin Special Brew Milkeyn Matchmaker Chasmin Dainty Dimity Bitch 22/12/1987 12/04/1994 W Wightman
Cheamley Midnite Buccaneer For Pintoosa Vizair Midnight Bandito Cheamley Topaz Crown Dog 12/07/2000 11/09/2006 D Heaver
Chemin De Fer Johnasta Johnasta Domino Giselle Of Johnasta At Daraste Bitch 14/05/1992 05/12/1997 D W Williams
Cheville Carissimi Charterwood Royal Marquis Charterwood Mhairi Dhu Bitch 28/09/1992 11/07/1998 P S Paver
Chicariad Havana Sunrise With Underknoll Campanards Tribute To Sorata (imp Swe) Kenocto Pearl Essence Of Chicariad Bitch 10/12/2010 24/04/2016 B Randle
Chiffinch Double Whoopee Damaron Just William At Goliave Chiffinch African Queen Bitch 18/06/1998 17/10/2009 E Dodds
Chilsham Border Baron At Inverisla Crisdig Cracker Chilsham Nutmeg Dog 16/11/1989 08/11/1998 B Purkis
Chilsham Esme Lord Of The Dance At Chilsham Darenthdale Prudella Of Chilsham Bitch 15/01/1984 14/11/1996 B A Purkis
Chilsham Kestrel Chilsham Verity Louisa Of Chilsham Dog 05/11/1980 14/09/1994 B A Purkis
China Gold Of Royalston Royalvilly Lords Envoy Shotter’s Lass Bitch 05/05/2004 11/10/2009 R E Chapman & H A Wheeler
Choya Tri To Delight Choya Yankee Doodle Dandy Stonepit Delightfull At Tasset Bitch 25/04/1996 06/01/2003 S & M Mynott
Chrisandawn Rebel Rebel Dubourg Captain Hornblower Tregarron Wooden Heart Dog 18/11/2002 18/06/2009 Mrs F Sinclair
Christerose I Am What I Am At Rosirius Christerose Sonny Boy Christerose Sally Alltopieces Bitch 01/01/1988 04/03/1995 R D Loades
Christina Jo Of Jadechar Kimlea Busby Amber’s Jewel Bitch 27/08/2001 06/04/2009 M Pascoe
Chrisobeth Precious Love Angels Pride Benjamin Button Spindlepoint Isabel Estate for Chrisobeth   08/09/2012 11/08/2018 S Cole
Chryshan Maggie Moon Chryshan Mr Pip Charterwood Vanity Bitch 14/02/1999 13/03/2006 E Gaskell
Chrysolite Paddington Nastane Perry Aristor Lucaster Of Chrysolite Dog 24/09/1992 09/01/2001 B Richards
Churrasco Zoe Cantrip Frayne Of Deeriem Naughty Natalia Of Churrasco Bitch 14/02/1993 14/05/1999 H D Chate
Cinderlace Country Style Cavaliegh Seymour Abolone Country Rose Dog 23/01/2000 05/03/2005 J Gosford
Cinderlace Primrose At Merryoth Cinderlace Cromwell (re-import) Miletree Philanthe Bitch 28/07/2009 17/10/2015 K McMurray
Cinola Berti Wooster At Pebblecombe Beliska Ace Of Spades Of Cinola Cinola Willow Dog 27/11/1991 24/03/1997 K Bartlett
Clauberry’s Tiger Lily Amantra Cloth Of Gold Sassy Saffron At Clauberry Bitch 21/08/2001 02/03/2013 P Faber
Claytonia Black Wizard Chamanic Lycidas Keyingham Majorette At Claytonia Dog 15/11/1993 10/02/1999 J Gosford
Clentview Athena Aranel Bombastic Clentview She’s Magic Bitch 22/08/2004 05/03/2011 M P Attwood
Clentview Chantel At Bonnisbrooke Aranel Cosmic Clentview Euphoria Bitch 12/01/2008 01/03/2014 J Price
Clentview Chantilly Keyingham Branwell Jordanic Giovanna At Clentview Bitch 06/12/2006 19/08/2012 J Fletcher
Clentview Euphoria Keyingham Branwell Clentview She’s Magic Bitch 29/08/2005 21/08/2011 M P Attwood
Cliscrob Flitova Telvara Kasanova Ithacrob Diademsash At Cliscrob Bitch 15/04/1997 06/09/2004 S K Houston
Cliscrob Merrylace Stonepit Moonlight At Whyteplace Cliscrob Such A Snob Bitch 14/04/1997 02/07/2004 E L Southorn
Cliscrob Monogram Tanmerack Caravaggio Cliscrob Rosearia Dog 05/09/1998 23/04/2004 C Robinson
Cliscrob Rushdale Cliscrob Tarrat Cliscrob Banglerie Bitch 24/02/2004 29/08/2012 S K Houston
Cliscrob Tarrat Cliscrob Madrigal Ithacrob Diademsash At Cliscrob Dog 07/08/1998 23/04/2004 C Robinson
Clockpelters Beatrice Carolus The Jazz Singer Clockpelters Blazin’ Rhythm Bitch 17/02/2008 18/08/2017 J B Case
Clockpelters Guiding Star Deeriem Guitar Man Darozel Georgia At Clockpelters Bitch 10/06/1999 11/09/2005 J Deans
Clockpelters Irish Cream Myhope Fever Pebblecombe Jordana Witch Of Clockpelter Bitch 25/06/2002 15/10/2008 C Deans
Clockpelters Jazzmina Carolus The Jazz Singer Clockpelters Clover Bitch 14/02/2003 27/09/2008 D Morgan
Clockpelters Roll-on-bye Charterwood Alberica Rock-a-bye Basie For Darozel Clockpelters Cornelia Dog 10/06/1999 24/10/2007 J L Philpott
Clockpelters The Fusilier Deranmar Michael Clockpelters Royal Fantasy Dog 11/11/2007 09/06/2013 J & C Deans
Clockpelters The Pretender Carolus The Jazz Singer Clockpelters Clover Dog 14/02/2003 16/02/2009 J E Johnston
Clockpelters Trudie Brymarden True Colours Clockpelters Pirouette Bitch 03/11/2003 27/01/2010 M Cunningham
Clopsville Irish Cream Aranel Cosmic Clopsville Gin Fizz Bitch 30/09/2007 02/03/2013 J Salisbury
Clopsville Martini Kemstra Benjamin Clopsville Cinzano Bitch 09/03/1994 10/09/2001 J Salisbury
Clopsville Mimosa Pascavale Nathan Clopsvilee Gypsy Cream Bitch 04/08/2013 102/03/2019 J Salisbury
Clopsville Rioja Linjato Ace Of Base Clopsville Margarita Bitch 28/09/2001 03/03/2007 J Salisbury
Clopsville Santa Ynez       26/03/2012 11/06/2017 J Salisbury
Cloudcroft Dixie Chick Aranel Bombastic Cinderlace Querida Bitch 30/11/2006 24/02/2013 Mr & Mrs Powell
Cloudywings Charlotte of Luphenex       05/10/2011 28/05/2018 L Dawson
Cobbets Chorus Girl Cobbets Dizzy Rascal Cobbets Teela Tekeela Bitch 11/06/2010 21/02/2016 S Shrimpton
Cobbets Honey Bee Pascavale Enchanted Cobbets Crocosmia Bitch 08/02/2005 24/10/2010 S Shrimpton
Coedgwylum Cola Droleus That’s M’showoff Coedgwylum Gelli Hannah Bitch 21/01/1998 31/03/2006 J Conneally
Coedgwylum Hot Chase Maibee Montrose Coedgwylum Hot Surprise Dog 05/05/2010 03/05/2015 R & J Conneally
Coedgwylum Hot Rod Deranmar Raoul Coedgwylum Whisper Dog 20/08/1991 02/02/1997 J N Conneally
Coedgwylum Hot Tip Maibee Montrose Coedgwylum Hot Surprise Bitch 05/05/2010 03/05/2015 J & R Conneally
Colleens Celtic Cherub Salador Celtic Magician Celtic Tiger Lady Bitch 06/09/2002 20/06/2008 Mrs E Palmer-Manson
Colneka La Tulipe Noir De Craebeck Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Sorata Marguerite Bitch 17/07/1991 17/10/1997 M & V Hamill
Consort Princess Of Cherrywood Cavalan Cashmir Meadway Mivana Bitch 25/03/1991 12/08/1996 S A Lambie
Copper Spice Amantra Amantra Cloth Of Gold Mis Teeq Bitch 17/09/2003 24/01/2009 Fry & Jackson
Coralvalley Summer Wish       08/06/2013 30/08/2018 L Snook
Corbianne Charlottes Boy Jordannic Luvva Boy Corbianne Sweet Charlotte Dog 31/01/2013 10/10/2019 A Newell
Costara Roderick Fontelania Dancing Brave Beechmast Robina Of Costara (neut) Dog 15/07/1991 19/02/1997 M Workman
Costara Ruadh At Lyncraeg Lyncraeg Daydream Ttitian Puppetry For Costara Dog 10/08/2008 17/10/2015 L Fraser
Cottismeer Dazzle At Braymill Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc Nancy Lou At Cottismeer (ikc) Bitch 06/12/1989 20/08/1995 D A R Russell
Craigowl Biba At Ladash Craigowl Riff Raff Craigowl Vanderbilt Bitch 20/09/2004 27/04/2010 E A Bull
Craigowl Bilberry Craigowl Billy Elliot Maibee Venita Of Craigowl Bitch 26/10/2003 06/04/2009 N & G Inglis
Craigowl Billy Elliot Miletree Nijinsky Craigowl Jennifer Dog 02/10/2002 05/04/2009 N & G Inglis
Craigowl Crackpot At Arenkote Marelza What A Cracker For Craigowl Craigowl Silkience Dog 31/08/1993 01/04/2003 K J Sandlan
Craigowl Dixon Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Craigowl Silkience Dog 16/03/1995 19/02/2001 N Inglis
Craigowl Fledermaus Rytonion Spencer Maibee Vienna Of Craigowl Bitch 29/04/2002 28/01/2009 Rosemary Eustace
Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Homaranne Caption Homerbrent Honesty Of Craigowl Dog 21/11/1983 06/03/1999 G Inglis
Craigowl Kentucky At Arenkote Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Craigowl Alice Dog 25/10/1987 11/12/2000 K Sandlan
Craigowl Kismet Of Florindale Wishwin Horatio Craigowl Storm Of Homerbrent Bitch 13/11/1988 14/04/1994 A Gill
Craigowl Silkience Craigowl Chad Craigowl Silk Bitch 07/01/1990 24/07/1996 N & G Inglis
Craigowl Vera Lynn At Aristor Craigowl Ryton Craigowl Vera Cruz Bitch 16/04/2008 05/10/2013 S Sutcliffe
Cranvarl Morning Glory 03/12/2010 09/04/2017 L Crane
Cranvarl Spring Blossom Ricksbury Royal Escape Cranvarl Regal Pretence Bitch 20/03/2006 14/04/2012 L Crane
Craswind Lady Bella Jade Black Mountain Showboy Craswind Jane Vanlone Bitch 06/06/2008 22/04/2015 H Yates
Cridensa Caprice Loranka’s Just Like Heaven Poppenwell Sweet Heidi For Cridensa Bitch 20/07/2010 24/04/2016 C Knapp & D Blackie
Crieda Gala Homerbrent Festival Crisdig Carousel Bitch 29/02/1992 04/03/2006 B Field
Crieda Lester Of Riogor Crieda Rosedene Crieda Astible Dog 01/05/1991 11/03/1997 R Gora
Crimbledale Valentine Gift Downsbank Benedictine Crimbledale Last Chance Bitch 14/02/2011 15/10/2016 Mrs & Miss Lloynd
Criscan Aarbiter Amantra Amantra Homeguard Amantra Eternal Flame Of Criscan Dog 24/06/1995 08/12/2000 Fry & Jackson
Criscan Impossible Dream Alavell Wicked Wizard Criscan Elane Bitch 18/01/1986 29/11/1995 J A Norris
Criscan Night And Day Alansmere Ashley Wilkes Alansmere Harvest Moon Of Criscan Bitch 10/12/1987 09/12/1996 J A Norris
Criscan Yvonne Homerbrent Hamish Julchrisgor Maid Welcome At Criscan Bitch 11/03/1994 25/09/2004 J A Norris
Crisdig Angelique Crisdig Cracker Danicott Allouette Bitch 04/04/1985 11/05/1994 S D Burgess
Crisdig Candyfloss Homaranne Caption Crisdig Hoopla Bitch 02/09/1985 25/04/1996 S D Burgess
Crisdig Carousel Crisdig Acclaim Crisdig Candyfloss Bitch 21/11/1988 13/11/1994 D R Field
Crisdig Destiny Of Charlesworth Harana Chumley Crisdig Angelique Bitch 05/05/1992 02/10/1997 C G Greenall
Crisdig Mistletoe Johnasta Domino Crisdig Candyfloss Bitch 22/12/1990 21/06/1996 S D Burgess
Crisdig Pathfinder Deranmar Gervase With Tonnew Eyeza Coming Up Roses Dog 05/09/1999 08/10/2005 L Jupp
Crisdig Penny Lane Deranmar Gervase With Tonnew Eyeza Coming Up Roses Bitch 05/09/1999 03/12/2004 Mrs Jupp
Crockerton Gold For Ttitian Amantra Midnight Madness Ttitian Robe Of Gold Bitch 04/02/2004 24/03/2010 B Martin
Crystaldawn Hello Dolly Pascavale Jamie (re-import) Crystaldawn’s Sheer Bliss Bitch 16/10/2008 20/10/2013 J M Black
Crystal Ebony Diamonds Eye Buster Of The Newlands Cutie Lady Little Minnie   14/06/2013 31/01/2019 H Robertson
Crystaldawns Barnaby (neut) Lewisisle Highland Lewis Crystaldawn My Jade Dog 06/01/1991 08/01/2004 B Evans
Crystaldawn’s Candice Pascavale Stanley Crystaldawn’s Gemma Bitch 16/09/2005 27/02/2011 Mrs J M Black
Culverhill Cherished Narayden Marsell Sorata Cherish of Culverhill Bitch 26/09/2014 27/08/2020 M & H O’Grady
Culverhill Cianna at Capriconia Ch Harana Alfie Boe Sorata Cherish of Culverhill Bitch 13/10/2015 27/02/2022 L Kemp
Culverhill Coralie Bevelmount Red Beujolais Culverhill Cherished Bitch 16/09/2016 21/09/2021 M & H O’Grady
Culverhill Pick Pocket Harana Too Darn Hot Culverhill Polly Pocket Dog 05/03/1996 27/04/2001 M J O’Grady
Cute Little Lass Little Woo Lucy Quest Bitch 04/11/2005 10/06/2012 H Yates
Cutielady Bridgetown Girl Thirza’s Whitby Jet Angel Bracken Brown Bitch 19/03/2009 19/06/2015 Owens & Morgan

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