In this Section we will list the changes to The Royal KC Rules & Regulations as they are printed in the Kennel Gazette and are related to Showing or Judging. Changes relate to the current issue of the Kennel Club Year Book and are in bold text. Queries relating to the interpretation of any Rule should be directed to the Royal Kennel Club.

The Royal Kennel Club Year Book 2023/2024 has now been published.
Copies can be obtained from The Royal Kennel Club Publications Department at £6.00.
Click to go to the KC Shop website

ROYAL KC SHOW REGULATIONS F – a copy of the latest Royal KC Show regulations F (with the January 2024 Amendments incorporated) can be downloaded at no cost from the Royal KC web site Click to download a copy from the Royal KC website.

CRUFTS 2025 – The Royal Kennel Club have released the qualification requirements for CRUFTS 2025 and these can be found on their Crufts website at CRUFTS Qualifications. Postal Entries will close on Monday 6 January 2025, Online entries close on Monday 20 January 2025.
F REGULATIONS – The Royal Kennel Club has approved a number of amendments to the F (show) regulations which came into effect on 1 January 2024, these include the confirmation of the introduction of Baby Puppy classes at breed club shows. Also there are changes to the submission of critiques and changes to Group Judging restrictions. Click to view the press release. Effective 1 January 2024
BABY PUPPY CLASSES AT BREED CLUB SHOWS – The Royal Kennel Club has announced via the specimen schedules that Breed Clubs may now schedule Baby Puppy Classes. A Baby Puppy is a dog of four and less than six calendar months of age on the first day of the show. Baby Puppy classes may be scheduled at any breed club show. Any Variety Baby Puppy classes may be scheduled at any breed club show. Best Baby Puppy in Breed may be declared in each breed from the dogs entered in the Baby Puppy breed classes. There must be no progression to further competition. Effective 1 January 2024
CHANGES TO PARTNERSHIP SHOW REGULATIONS – The Royal Kennel Club Board has agreed a recommendation that for a two year trial period starting from 1 January 2024, the regulations that prevent judges both officiating at one show and exhibiting at a partnership show will be removed, in a continued effort to boost entries and encourage the rising number of partnership shows. Click to read the link to the new requirements.
RCC TO COUNT TOWARDS TITLE OF CHAMPION – The Royal Kennel Club is pleased to announce that, following the May Board meeting, it has been decided that dogs which win two Challenge Certificates (CCs) in addition to five Reserve Challenge Certificates (RCCs) will gain the title of Champion/Show Champion, effective from 1 July 2023. Click to read the full Press Release
DOGS IN CARS IN HOT WEATHER - KC Warning - Read more.
PROOF OF POSTING - The Royal Kennel Club wishes to remind exhibitors of its Proof of Posting (POP) policy. The Royal Kennel Club is aware that on occasion entries do get lost in the post. However, a small number of exhibitors may be exploiting the Proof of Posting system by various means. In order to address this unsportsmanlike behaviour, the Royal Kennel Club uses a Proof of Posting database which lists everyone who makes an entry on the day of a show, and, in particular, whether Proof of Posting was provided on the day. The Royal Kennel Club will contact exhibitors who have not provided Proof of Posting or Proof of Online Entry following the show. read more.

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