Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show – 11th May 2024

Best In Show – Ch Ellemich American Express
Best Opposite Sex In Show – Pascavale Shanice
Best Puppy In Show – Russmic Olivia Rose
Best Veteran In Show – Rosirius Bluebell
Best Baby Puppy In Show – Moonvale Vito Verheyen

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs Mrs K H Lamont (Moorfields)
Many thanks to the officers and committee of the Cavalier Club for inviting me to judge at this special show. Thank you to my two excellent ring stewards Lesley and Becky who kept everything running so efficiently, it was a long day for them. It was an honour to judge so many top-class dogs and youngsters., my thanks to all the exhibitors for their entries. I was delighted with the quality, and found excellent dogs in all four colours. Conformation and movement were overall very good, as was temperament and presentation. Heads were correct in general, with well tapered muzzles and soft expression, however, in correcting those short faces which had crept in, we must be careful not to overdo length of muzzle and lack of fill as the gentle expression can then be lost. Everything in moderation. I was delighted with the quality of my main winners and line up, and was splitting hairs for top honours on the day. All in all, a wonderful experience.
Dog CC Chapman & Ireland’s Ch Ellemich American Express
Res Dog CC Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Heavenly Scent
Best Puppy Dog Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Bulletproof
Baby Puppy (3 Entries, 0 Absent)  
1st Cunningham’s Moonvale Vito Verheyen
Gorgeous little Blenheim of perfect size. Very well marked. Lovely sweet head with large dark eyes and good nose pigmentation. Such a gentle appealing expression. Well-constructed and angulated throughout, he moved and showed beautifully. I predict a very promising future.
2nd Willis’ Dinitro’s Rock Steady Eddie
Another similar, attractive puppy who is just a size bigger. Lovely head with gorgeous eyes. Elegant in neck and outline. Richly coloured, another promising puppy.
3rd Mackenzie’s Carsan In Your Dreams
Veteran (4, 0)  
1st Taylor’s Lorankas Moonlight Shadow
Well marked blenheim complete with lozenge. Quality masculine dog who was well constructed and sound throughout. Understandably he lacked some lustre at the end of a long day.
2nd Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget ShCEx VW
Lovely rich coloured ruby. Attractive head with dark eyes and pigment. Well made but moving rather stiffly behind today.
3rd Slack’s Willowheart Louis
Res Mattock’s Pamedna George Harrison at Leybourne
Minor Puppy (5, 0)  
1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Bulletproof
Top quality well-marked blenheim puppy presenting an excellent outline. Attractive and appealing boyish head. Elegant neck, level topline, well angulated throughout, he had to move well. Another one to watch out for!
2nd Mynott’s Honeybet Hamilton
Loved this quality boy too, very close up to the winner. Exciting future for the breed! Glorious head and eyes, Super outline, drove around the ring with style.
3rd Riis-White’s Tamyse Bear With Us at Cerneyleaze
Res Sedgbeer’s Russmic Whiskey Business
VHC Gibb-Stuart’s Tangledwood Love Be A Lady
Puppy (9, 1)  
1st Bubb’s Wandris Speak Of The Devil
Well broken blenheim maturing nicely. Attractive gentle looking head with large round dark eyes and good nose pigmentation. Well angulated, level topline, well turned stifles with short hocks, he moved and showed well. Hope the darker coat comes through.
2nd Koster-Tindall’s Harana Now You Has Jazz
Gleaming black and tan beautifully presented. Excellent size, shape and substance. Wagging tail portraying excellent temperament and showmanship. I just preferred the head of the winner.
3rd Mackenzie’s Carsan Hot An Tasty
Res Jackson’s Fortunamajor Perseus
VHC Walker’s Carsan Richie Rich
Junior (7, 2)  
1st Knight & Crane’s Carolus Coronation
Excellent size and shape, everything in moderation. Attractive head. Overall picture was a quality little dog, but tired by this stage. Well-marked coat but presentation could have been better which spoiled his chances later.
2nd Hamilton & Hogg’s Kringleholme Continental
Well marked blenheim with a lovely head, dark eyes and dense nose pigmentation. Good front assembly but could drive better from behind.
3rd Kynaston’s Granasil Ovaltine
Res Eccles, Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam Get Knotted
VHC Carr-Tomlinson’s Lorankas Bryn Terfel at Gerallyn
Yearling (10, 1)  
1st Drewett’s Arrowbien Jamie
Lovely little toy spaniel. Attractive blenheim with such an appealing head and gentle expression. Well-constructed throughout and shown in excellent condition. Super temperament, he was obviously happy and showed and moved effortlessly. Top quality. In my final 4 for the CC.
2nd Price’s Brymarden Busby for Almonroyd
A different type. Very well-constructed, richly coloured blenheim who moved and showed well. Gorgeous head with huge lustrous dark eyes, dark nose pigment and soft expression. Just a size bigger than 1.
3rd Harrison’s Millpoint Orient Express
Res Barwell’s Charlottetown Golden Touch
VHC Hamilton & Hogg’s Kringleholme Continental
Novice (10, 2)  
1st Bubb’s Wandris Speak Of The Devil
Puppy dog winner.
2nd Smith’s Beaudale Smooth Criminal
A quality ruby shown in gleaming condition. Well angulated throughout he moved and showed well holding a level topline. Good dark eyes and nose pigment, I just preferred the soft and gentle expression of number 1.
3rd Owen’s Hansowens Star Of India Narayden
Res Wilkins & Wilcock’s Fortunamajor Bettelgeuse
VHC Carr-Tomlinson’s Lorankas Bryn Terfel at Gerallyn
Special Graduate Blen & Tri (2, 0)  
1st Hughes’ Loranka’s He’s The One
Richly marked blenheim of perfect size. Attractive enough head. He moved a little close behind today but his presentation won him the class.
2nd Knight & Crane’s Carolus Coronation
First in Junior class.
Special Graduate B/T & Ruby (2, 0)  
1st Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Sir Prize
Gleaming black and tan shown in wonderful condition with long silky black coat and correct tan markings. Glorious head with large dark eyes and soft expression. Well-constructed, he moved and showed well.
2nd Lewis’ Carleeto Cutie Pie JW
Very close up to winner. Another quality dog, well-constructed and sound. He moved well holding a level topline. I just preferred the head of 1.
Post Graduate (7, 1)  
1st Jackson’s Fortunamajor Rubeus
Another top quality ruby with excellent exuberant temperament. Good front, well laid shoulders, level topline and drive from behind. Attractive masculine head with correct muzzle and soft expression. Beautifully shown and presented.
2nd Ryan’s Harana Pinball Wizard
Gleaming black and tan shown in superb coat and condition. So well constructed, he was eye catching as he drove around the ring. I just preferred the head type of number 1.
3rd Eccles, Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam Get Knotted
Res Stanton’s Cassandy Bruce Banner
VHC Chernukhin’s Miletree Endevour
Mid Limit (1, 0)  
1st Smith’s Beaudale Return To Sender
Stood alone but could win in any company. Elegant ruby with good angles throughout, he moved and showed beautifully, driving around the ring with level topline. A lovely showman.
Limit (10, 0)  
1st Arrowsmith & Vorderstrasse’s Arrowbien Dream Weaver
Gassy little blenheim of perfect size. Well-constructed throughout and shown in excellent condition. Head was attractive but expression hard to assess due to his panting. Super temperament, he showed and moved happily. Top quality. In my final 4 for the CC.
2nd Cox’s Fujairah Eric Morecambe ShCEx
Richly marked blenheim complete with lozenge. Perfect size, shown in beautiful coat and condition. Such a handsome and appealing head. Hard to differentiate between the top three dogs in this class.
3rd Walker’s Stavonga Sky Walker
Res Owen’s Hansowens Star Of India Narayden
VHC Mangham’s Brymarden Touch Of Gold of Charnavale
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (4, 1) I simply adored these top two dogs, different types but best quality I have seen for several years.
1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ch Ellemich American Express
What can be said about this epitome of Cavalier breed type? A glorious blenheim shown in excellent coat and condition, from the top drawer. I loved everything about him from his beautiful head to his happily wagging tail. Such a great reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, well angulated rear. He flowed around the ring maintaining his table topline at all times and oozed personality. He could not be denied the top honour. CC and Best in Show.
2nd Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Heavenly Scent
Gorgeous ruby who is a super model of the breed standard. Head and expression to die for, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Elegant in every way, body stunning in construction and movement. He was just pipped by the glamour and showmanship of one. Reserve CC.
3rd Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Austin
Open (6, 3)  
1st Levy & Sedgwick’s Fr Ch Roi-De-Coeur Of Sevijeans at Pascavale TAF
Toy spaniel of excellent type. Another top quality blenheim. Excels in size and shape, presenting a lovely profile with elegant arched neck and short body. Delightful head with large dark eyes. Moved and showed beautifully. Shown in beautiful condition with lovely straight silky coat. Seriously considered for top honours.
2nd Levy & Sedgwick’s Forestcreek Im The Man at Pascavale
Very similar to one, with excellent construction and super outline held on the move. Close up but I just preferred the head and eyes of the winner.
3rd Rees’ Embeth Rock The Boat

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Bitches Ms R Surman (Vallender)
Bitch CC Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Shanice
Res Bitch CC Ireland’s Charnell Songbird
Best Puppy Bitch Sedgbeer’s Russmic Olivia Rose
Baby Puppy (4 Entries, 1 Absent)  
1st Willis’ Dinitro’s Madeleine
2nd Nolan’s Jernito Winter Robyn
3rd Waddington’s Spindlepoint California
Veteran (4, 2)  
1st Loades’ Rosirius Bluebell
2nd Colavecchia’s Carolus Miss Liberty VW
Minor Puppy (19, 3)  
1st Sedgbeer’s Russmic Olivia Rose
2nd Jaramillo’s Conabec Causing Chaos
3rd Spall & Clark’s Bevelmount Nanette by Llapsttam
Res Maclaine’s Ellemich Whoops A Daisy at Pennygown
VHC Claydon’s Brymarden Summer Breeze
Puppy (12, 4)  
1st Ireland’s Charnell Here Comes Summer
2nd Lewis’ Vina Minelli Du Chateau Noblesse mit Carleeto (imp Deu)
3rd Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Phil Me In
Res Mann’s Loranka’s Pandora Charm
VHC Chadwick’s Juzandia Lady Bug
Junior (16, 0)  
1st Vella’s Cinderaic Kerry
2nd Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Déjà vu
3rd McGill’s Milbu Just Harmony at Bulaseta
Res Mynott’s Honeybet Mabel Louise
VHC Lee’s Kelrick Trinity
Yearling (12, 5)  
1st Conneally’s Coedgwylum Greta
2nd Barwell’s Charlottetown Gold Magic
3rd McGill’s Milbu Just Harmony at Bjulaseta
Res Drewett’s Judyland Mischief
VHC Owen’s Hansowens Night Star
Novice (20, 5)  
1st Brewer & Moody’s Bowfort Moonlite Dreamer
2nd Maclaine’s Indescretion Snukraina at Pennygown (imp Pol)
3rd Smith’s Beaudale Little Bit Naughty
Res Ryan’s Sweetbriar Dancefloor Dust with Cavallibrook
VHC Lewis’ Vina Minelli Du Chateau Noblesse mit Carleeto (imp Deu)
Special Graduate Blen & Tri (9, 5)  
1st Ireland’s Charnell Songbird
2nd King-Smith’s Harana Hopelessly Devoted to Ispahan
3rd Waddington’s Spindlepoint Gertie Jekyll
Res Riis-White’s Tamyse Pretty In Pink at Cerneyleaze
Special Graduate B/T & Ruby (8, 3)  
1st Lewis’ Carleeto Minni The Minx JW
2nd Lee’s Conchellia Vivi Velvette by Kelrick
3rd Crozier’s Korraines Katrina
Res Owen’s Hansowens Night Star
VHC Clarke’s Russmic Calista for Ledshamclark
Post Graduate (12, 2)  
1st Gibson’s Toraylac Honolulu
2nd Nolan & Bayliss’ Castlewytch Las Vegas
3rd Mancey’s Estrid Alberta
Res Butler’s Tamyse Taffeta
VHC Knight’s Carolus Miss Chloe
Mid Limit (9, 4)  
1st Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Eunice JW
2nd Mynott’s Honeybet Irma La Douce
3rd Maclaine’s Arrowbein Lauren Bacall at Pennygown
Res Colavecchia’s Carolus Miss Elsie
VHC Leaver’s Revaelann Scrumptious
Limit (14, 0)  
1st Arrowsmith & Vorderstrasse’s Arrowbein Funny Girl
2nd Galloway’s Russmic Miss Liberty at Sailcross
3rd Brewer’s Dorable Dreamer at Bowfort
Res Parson’s Anjomil Harvest Moon JW
VHC  Kilcoyne & Hall’s Granasil Popsicle
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (6, 1)  
1st Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Shanice
2nd Lovel’s Lovetrac Born To Boogie
3rd Parsons’ Anjomil Harvest Moon JW
Res Barwell’s Charlottetown Rose O’Grady
VHC Owen’s Hansowens Rising Star
Open (4, 1)  
1st Lovel’s Ch Lovetrac Theodora
2nd Hughes’ Loranka’s Secret Potion
3rd Rhodes’ Calonlan Tri Mai Chai

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