If you have a cavalier that is over 11 years and would like to share the fact with everyone then why not let us have the details and we will proudly display them on our list? All you need to do is to provide us with the following information Pet Name, Registered Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Sex, Colour Owner's Name. (just the pet name will do if you do not have its registered name), If you have a photo then we would like to use that as well.
Do not worry if you do not have all the information we will still be pleased to display details of your dog.

Send the information to Dave Norris, 105 Oldmixon Road, Hutton, Weston Super Mare, Somerset BS24 9QA. Any format from paper copy to electronic will suffice. Or you can email the Webmaster with the information.
Note – The Age at Death is only displayed where notified and is given as a decimal to one place eg 12 years 11 months = 12.9
Where an * appears in the dog’s name, the affix has been witheld at the affix holder’s instruction.
There are 959 golden oldies in our list.
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The Morant's Bailey Bailey
Ribbeth Royal Gengold x Playgirl Judy
Blenheim Dog
Born: 20th June 2000

Age at death: 14.5 years old.

Owned by: Stephanie & Clive Morant
The Johansson's Pyret Pyret
Banderillas Brigitte Barbro
Trick-Trick's Tom Mix x Ginstans Jassi Noble
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 6th September 1994

Owned by: Ewa Forsberg Johansson
Sorry no photo Tamsin
Barakah Crown Jewel for Ttitian (Imp Aus)
Aus Ch Sorata Bugsy Siegel x Aus Ch Sorata Miss Daisy
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 13th October 1998

Owned by: Mrs B Martin
Sorry no photo Tin Tin
Barakah Desert Storm (Ch)
Ch Sorata Bugsy Siegel (imp UK) x Farnsmere Fashionstakes
- D
Born: 5th January 1995

Age at death: 15 years old.

Owned by: Philippa Micklem
Sorry no photo Logan
Barakah Pitlochry (Grand Ch)
Grand Ch Barakah Sir Agravaine x Barakah Tempestuous
- B
Born: 30th December 1996

Age at death: 13.1 years old.

Owned by: Philippa Micklem
Sorry no photo KD
Barakah Ttitian Fissical
Aus Ch Sorata Bugsy Siegel x HK Ch Ttitian Tullle
Ruby Dog
Born: 12th December 1995

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Jeanetta Green
The Gadsby's Tan'ga Tan'ga
Barlen Northern Joy
Malanis Black Adder x Honey Gale
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 24th November 2004

Owned by: Roy Gadsby
The Fergus's Bryden Bryden
Baroc Bryden of Stony Ridge (AKC Ch)
Ch Stony Ridge Prime Time x Ch Cochran's Mo'berry
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 15th November 1997

Owned by: Karen Fergus
Sorry no photo Richard
Barsac The Palio (Ch)
Ch Salador Corrigan x Ch Barsac Touch And Go
Tricolour Dog
Born: 11th April 1988

Age at death: 16.3 years old.

Owned by: Mr Ken Town
The Bryans's Basil Basil
Basil Bryans
Braddabrook Top Class Cavlon x Holtsfield Sweet Mistecat
Blenheim Dog
Born: 3rd July 1995

Age at death: 15.7 years old.

Owned by: Sally Bryans
The Hammond's Benji Benji
Beaudale Russet Heights
Leelyn Dixie x Beaudale Aidan
Ruby Dog
Born: 13th July 1998

Age at death: 13.4 years old.

Owned by: Julie Hammond
The Wakeman's Dougal Dougal
Behabre Jamango
Chalmray Royal Sovreign of Behabre x Behabre Mitsouku
Black & Tan Dog
Born: 18th June 2007

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Lisa Wakeman
Sorry no photo Bembridge Resemble
Bembridge Resemble
Ch Craigowl Replica x Homerbrent Carnival Queen at Bembridge
Blenheim Dog
Born: 1st June 1998

Age at death: 14.8 years old.

Owned by: David & Stephanie Abraham (USA)
Sorry no photo
Bevelmount Becky for Bonniroy
Charterwood Persuasion at Bevelmount x Bevelmount Bridey
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 8th September 1988

Age at death: 11.8 years old.

Owned by: Mrs G Speight
The Whitfield's Libby Libby
Bevelmount Red Ribbons
Ch Keyingham Branwell x Alberica Focus On Red
Ruby Bitch
Born: 20th November 2008

Owned by: Mr M & Mrs D Whitfield
Sorry no photo
Bizzie Miss Lizzie at Tamyse
Dunhelm the Admiral x Maemoon Bethlehem
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 23rd July 1985

Age at death: 15 years old.

Owned by: Carol Butler
The Loades's Mica Mica
Black Chiffon of Rosirius
Johnasta Valentino x Sheilings Chantilly Lace
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 30th October 1995

Age at death: 11.5 years old.

Owned by: Mrs R D Loades
The Hoskins's Blaze Blaze
Tricolour Dog
Born: 6th February 2006

Owned by: Alison Hoskins
Sorry no photo
Blossomfield Brandy Snap
Sheilings Invincible x Burkwoodi Downtown Gal
Blenheim Dog
Born: 15th February 1986

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Miss S Jill Williams
The Heber, (Germany)'s Ariane Ariane
Blue Magic's Ariane Bonny
Diederick van Cavino x Clavia von der Saarmühle
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 19th April 1997

Owned by: Mrs Bärbel Heber, (Germany)

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