YEARBOOK VOL 57 – 2020
Subtitled "On Reflection"

Editors: Lorraine and Helen Long 01380 720660

The Cavalier Club has decided to go ahead with our Club "Annual" — the Year Book for 2020.

It will be subtitled "On Reflection"

To coin a phrase from the company, "Thebookofeveryone", Nostalgia is a big hug from the past. It induces a surge of optimism and a feeling of connectedness to those around you. They say it even boosts your immune system. If the world needs one thing this year it’s a generous serving of nostalgia. This doesn’t mean that we are not looking to a brighter future – the Year Book has always traditionally given an opportunity to showcase up and coming new prospects and we hope members use it to motivate us to look forward to being back in the ring soon.

We are hoping that in a year where we have only held a few shows and new puppies have never got to debut in the ring; where new stud dogs are now eligible to offer their services yet have not even had a viewing; the camaraderie of meeting up with friends either locally or from distant shores has been put on hold....we are sure you must have something you would like to share in the annual!
  • Maybe you would you like to tell us how you came to being owned by your first Cavalier; or which people or dog(s) influenced your connection to the breed; which of your own dogs has been "extra special" (we all have these) and why?
  • We would like to re-introduce the stud dog register to advertise your stud dogs on our "Meet the Stud Dogs" pages?
  • As members we would like you to consider taking a page(s) in the Year Book to reflect on happier times and celebrate our Cavaliers.
The Year Book as a publication is not cheap to produce and will be reliant on our members wanting to join in. We have looked at printing costs and have reduced costs to try to facilitate.

For most of us 2020 will be a year to remember for all the wrong reasons so let’s record some positives and cheer ourselves up as we rejoice our very special breed and an interest that we share with very many special friends around the world.

Sheena Maclaine


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