YEARBOOK VOL 55 – 2018
Editor: Anne Rennard
Telephone: +44 (0) 1993 891297

Members are invited to place an advertisement in the next edition of the Club Yearbook, which will be published at the Club’s next Championship show on 2nd March 2019.

Members wishing to take space should download and return the Yearbook Advertisement Order Form available below which also contains information relating to the preferred type of copy and size of photographs / graphics required.

Deadline for postal advertisements is Postmarked 31st December 2018, any copy received after postmark deadline date will be returned unopened. As an added incentive a discount of 10% on the published prices is offered to those able to submit their copy by an earlier deadline of 26th November 2018, UK Time.

Please note that only orders placed by Club members can be accepted. The Club accepts no responsibility for health test claims made in adverts and members are politely reminded that they ned to be able to substantiate any claims made.

No advertisements will be accepted until payment has been received. Payment may be made using the Club Shop (Pay On Line) facility and the Pay On Line reference number must be included on the advert request form.


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