In this Section we will list the changes to The KC Rules & Regulations as they are printed in the Kennel Gazette and are related to Showing or Judging. Changes relate to the current issue of the Kennel Club Year Book and are in bold text. Queries relating to the interpretation of any Rule should be directed to the Kennel Club.

The Kennel Year Book 2018/2019 has now been published.
Copies can be obtained from The Kennel Club Publications Department at £6:00.
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KC SHOW REGULATIONS 2018 – a copy of the KC Show regulations F (with the January 2018 Amendments included at the back) can be downloaded at no cost from the KC web site - Click to download a copy from the KC website.

Download Updates applicable from 1 January 2018 (Applicable to the 2017/2018 issue of KC Rules).

JUDGES COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK – Judges Competency Framework launched by the Kennel Club on 26th April 2017. – A new system has been developed for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups, and Best in Show. The Judges Competency Framework will be launched in January 2019, run alongside the current system for a three-year transition period, and be fully operational from January 2022. – Click to read more on the KC Website.
JUDGES COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK – Established single breed CC judges to be licensed for free
Under newly-approved changes to the Judges Competency Framework (JCF), which begins in 2019, the Kennel Club has announced that there will be no licence fee for single breed judges approved to award Challenge Certificates by 1 July 2019. In order to qualify for a free licence and maintain it, judges must not aspire to award CCs in an additional breed. Read the Press Release.

JUDGES COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK – ‘Grandfather’ rights for established judges during JCF transition period
Recognition of judging and assessments already undertaken – Grandfathering available only during 2021 – Judges to self-submit questionnaires for CC, group and BIS status.
Under newly-approved changes to the Judges Competency Framework (JCF), beginning later this year (2018), the Kennel Club has announced that there will be ‘grandfather’ rights for established judges who meet certain criteria. For full details, please see the Press Release.

EYE FOR A DOG ASSESSMENT – now only for multi-breed judges
Following feedback received from the Eye for a Dog pilot assessments held in 2018, the Kennel Club has relaxed the criteria for taking this assessment from all Judges wishing to be approved to award CCs (JCF Level 4) to those who want to move to a second or subsequent CC breed. Judges who do not aspire to judge more than one CC breed are no longer required to take the assessment.
This one-off assessment must be undertaken prior to taking a Breed Competence Assessment for a second or subsequent breed. It is a key component of the JCF and is necessary to apply for Level 3 approval for a second or subsequent breed.
The purpose of the assessment is for each candidate to demonstrate their ‘eye for a dog’ based on their general knowledge of canine conformation and movement at a level appropriate for a judge awarding CCs. The assessment does not require any pre-knowledge of breed standards or breed specific detail.
Nine dogs and handlers will be available at each session, comprising at least one breed from each of the seven recognised Kennel Club groups, covering a variety of shapes, sizes etc. Candidates will be assessed on their knowledge of movement, head and neck, forequarters, body (to include proportions, coat and colour) and hindquarters. Candidates will score extra marks for the correct identification of the breed(s).
The Code of Best Practice for the assessment can be found at Eye For A Dog.

APPOINTMENT OF JUDGES FROM 2020 – Appointment of Judges at Limited, Open and Championship Shows Without CCs from 2020 OnwardsRead the Press Release..
KENNEL CLUB JUDGES BRIEFING NOTE – Important information for all dog show Judges - Read the briefing note..
CAGES AT SHOWS – Important information for all dog show exhibitors about displaying exhibit/bench numbers - Read more.
DOGS IN CARS IN HOT WEATHER - KC Warning - Read more.
Following consultation with the Dog Health Group, the Kennel Club has confirmed that, from 1st August 2018, any DNA health test result submitted for inclusion on its database must have at least two forms of identification on the result certificate. It will be mandatory to include the dog’s microchip or tattoo number along with either the dog’s registered name or registered number. Any test results that do not carry these identifying features will not be accepted.
This brings the recording of DNA test results in line with those health tests carried out by the British Veterinary Association.

REGULATION F(1).21. – Judges and Judging. – Effective 1st January 2017
"(1) For non Challenge Certificate breeds at Championship Shows and for General Canine Society Open Shows, Affiliated Organisations Open shows and Breed Club Open Shows scheduling more than three1 breed classes for a particular breed (five2 classes for Stud Book Band E breeds),...."

1. Non B List Judges are permitted to judge a puppy class in addition to the 3 classes currently permitted.
2. Non B List Judges are permitted to judge a puppy class in addition to the 5 classes currently permitted.

REGULATION B22g – Sale of Dogs
There is a new regulation, B22g, to be introduced.
"A Breeder must not sell Kennel Club registered dog/s to or via a commercial dog wholesaler or retail pet dealer or shop. Neither may a breeder indirectly allow dogs to be given as a prize or donation in a competition of any kind. If this regulation is contravened then the General Committee may refuse to accept litters for registration and/or refer the matter as a complaint under Rule A11."

PROOF OF POSTING - The Kennel Club wishes to remind exhibitors of its Proof of Posting (POP) policy. The Kennel Club is aware that on occasion entries do get lost in the post. However, a small number of exhibitors may be exploiting the Proof of Posting system by various means. In order to address this unsportsmanlike behaviour, the Kennel Club uses a Proof of Posting database which lists everyone who makes an entry on the day of a show, and, in particular, whether Proof of Posting was provided on the day. The Kennel Club will contact exhibitors who have not provided Proof of Posting or Proof of Online Entry following the show. read more.
The minimum period of time between CC appointments to the same sex and breed is to be extended from 12 to 18 months. The regulation change comes into effect on January 1, 2018 and will relate to all nominations received by the Kennel Club on or after January 1, 2018.

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