THE KENNEL Club is reminding judges at championship and breed club open shows that they must produce a written critique for the first two placings in each class.

These must be sent to Our Dogs weekly dog newspaper, as Kennel Club regulations dictate.

Over a 12-month period the KC had to write to more than 170 judges who have not produced critiques, and said it was concerned with the increasing amount of communication received from breed clubs, councils and individuals about it.

KC regulation F(1)22d states that ‘All judges at ch shows and open breed club shows must produce a written critique for the first two placings in each class, and will dispatch these to at least one of the weekly UK canine journals’.

"The vast majority of judges are submitting critiques properly in accordance with the regulations, but unfortunately there are a small number that are not," said KC secretary Caroline Kisko. "We have had to write to 174 judges over missing critiques last year (2014) and 17 of these still failed to produce one, which resulted in a number of fines being issued.

"Not submitting critiques properly can also lead to no further nominations to award CCs being considered by the KC General Committee until the matter is resolved, so it is in the best interests of judges to ensure they follow the regulations, which of course most of them do.

"We have been made aware of instances of judges submitting critiques to other outlets, such as Facebook pages, assuming that this complies with KC regulations, so we would encourage all judges to familiarise themselves with the correct procedure as detailed in our show regulations."

Judges are reminded that producing a critique is an important part of the judging process, allowing the judge to outline the relative virtues and weaknesses of the dogs and to explain their placings.

The KC recommends that judges retain a copy of their critiques for a period of a year or until they see their report published.

To report a missing critique, contact the breed shows team at the KC at 1-5 Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB, or email breedshows@thekennelclub.org.uk.

Updated 2 April 2015

The Kennel Club actively continues to follow up on reports by exhibitors, breed clubs and show societies, that critiques have not been published in the dog press.

To date around 90 reports have been investigated, with 13 referrals to the Show Executive Sub-Committee resulting in some judges being warned and/or fined for a breach of the Regulations.

The providing of a critique is considered to be an integral part of the judging appointment and the principal reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, to allow the judge to outline the relative virtues and weaknesses of the dogs before them and, secondly, to give the judge the opportunity to explain his or her placings. Critiques are eagerly awaited by exhibitors and also by those who may not have been able to attend the show. Therefore judges should make every effort to ensure that one or both of the dog papers receive their critiques.

The process followed by the Kennel Club, after a report is received stating that a judge has not provided a critique, is that the judge is requested to forward a copy of his/her critique to the Kennel Club. Once this is received a copy is forwarded to the complainant. If the judge is unable to provide a copy of the critique the matter is forwarded to the Show Executive Sub-Committee for consideration of the judge’s explanation. The records are also monitored for repeat offenders, and it should be noted that persistent offenders could be prevented from awarding CCs in the future. Judges are recommended to retain copies of their critiques so that these are available in cases of dispute.

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