Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show – 14th March 2020
Best In Show – Ch Pascavale Haiden
Reserve Best In Show – Ch Arroline Eclipse JW
Best Puppy In Show – Chantismere Roise
Best Veteran In Show – Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs Miss L Koster (Harana)
I was tremendously looking forward to this appointment, for which I received the invitation some 3 – 4 years ago. It is always a special recognition to be asked to judge at a breed Club show, but it has to be one of the ultimate accolades and honours to be asked to officiate at ‘The Parent’ Club Championship show, whatever breed you are in. Therefore it was so saddening to have the uncertainty of what was going on in the outside world blighting the anticipation...for both myself, the exhibitors and I’m sure the Club committee themselves...would it go ahead, should people turn out if it did, indeed, go ahead or whether it should/would be cancelled – I admit, I asked this question of the Committee myself – with some rather heated debates going on on social media, it was a case of ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’! At the time there was still no clear official guidance on the cancellation of ‘mass gatherings’ so the decision was made that the ‘show would go on’!!
Thus I would firstly like to give my Thanks to all the exhibitors who did make the decision to bring their dogs, and secondly to the committee who put on what, in my humble opinion, was once of the most enjoyable shows I have been to for some time! There seemed to be more than a little element of the British "Bulldog" spirit prevalent which made for a happy & friendly atmosphere.
While there were quite a few absentees, I was still presented with some beautiful dogs to judge. There has been much said about the overall quality in the breed at the moment, so I won’t jump on the band-wagon – suffice to say I was more than pleased with my line up, some dogs coming through on a relatively easy win, and others really having to pull out all the stops.
It was an absolute pleasure to judge with my good friend Robert Sansom. We agreed on all the final decisions, being pretty well split between my lovely boys and the delightful girls he sent through to challenge.
Finally I would like to wish everyone well in these unprecedented times, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we are all enjoying each others company again – Stay Safe!!
Dog CC Levy & Sedgwick’s Ch Pascavale Haiden
Reserve Dog CC Bartlett & Hitcham’s Gransil Garibaldi  at Korolevsky
Best Puppy Dog Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Douglas
Veteran (7 Entries, 2 Absent) One of my favourite classes. I love the "Golden Oldies".
1st Maclaine’s Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino
Thrilled to have this lovely ruby boy make an appearance under me again. I judged him back in 2015 just as he was starting out on his meteoric rise to fame to become the Top Winning Ruby male in the breed. Back then I gave him the Res CC in some excellent competition. Now he is just starting out on his ‘second wind’ with his Veteran show career…and on this form I suspect he will have a ton more accolades heaped on him. He is looking just fabulous at 7 years…absolutely sparkling! Whilst it is an age old adage, in this case it is absolutely true, and like a fine wine he has just got better and better. He was carrying a wealth of richly coloured coat in wonderful condition. His head is so lovely, soft and melting...but what I love more than anything about this dog is to watch him move...he just floats round the ring with such a true easy elegance that makes it appear effortless. Still one of the loveliest whole-colour males in the ring at the moment…however, I suggest he watch out as he has a cracking young son who, given the right exposure and chances, could well be hot on his heels!! Best Veteran In Show
2nd Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW
What more can I add to all that has been already said about this boy? He has already claimed his place in the history books with his prepotency as a sire, producing many winning offspring including todays BIS winner, and has enjoyed a renaissance in the show ring with, in recent years, a fabulous Veteran career. He still presents a lovely outline, and was carrying a good coat. A dear little face with the softest expression. On the move however, he was showing his nearly 12 years of age and had to give way to the ‘youngster’ he came up against. He has more than earned his place in the ‘Cavalier’ Hall of Fame.
3rd Lewis’ Leelyn Michael Buble for Carleeto JW ShCM
Res Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Beaujolais JW
VHC Rhodes’ Calonlan Will I Am
Minor Puppy (11, 7) Whilst only 4 puppies were presented in this class, they were all of good quality and I will look forward to watching them all mature and develop over the coming year.
1st Parsons’ Emberlace Tullamore
Really lovely blen boy at the top end of the age range for this class. I wouldn’t like him to grow anymore, but having said that he was all in proportion. A really lovely rich colour with a wealth of well-marked coat for his age. Scored on outline, both standing and on the move. I suspect we will be hearing more of this boy as he matures. I shall watch his progress with interest
2nd Towse’s Miletree Roman
Another lovely blen who I have seen a few times and noted my appreciation. He is from a very similar mould to 1 but being a size smaller all through…and giving a little away on maturity. Has a really soft head, very typical of this affix, with the loveliest of eyes & expression. He didn’t seem to want to make the best of his attributes today, being a little careless behind on the move. I hope he gets his act together…he possesses bags of potential.
3rd Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Carbon
Res Firth’s Zelinca Black Storm
Puppy (10, 5)  
1st Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Douglas
Utterly captivating blen dog competing in his last puppy class here. Possesses the most fabulous breed type, almost flat topskull with well set ears correctly framing his face. Beautiful eyes which are one of the ‘trademarks’ of this kennel, large & dark giving such a soft gentle expression. Decent fill and shapely muzzle with just the right amount of tapering. He is so short and compact, but still has that elegance about him that is so eye-catching. He scores when watched on the move from behind, short little hocks powering him along, with no hint of ‘sashaying’ that seems to be creeping in here and there and at all times holding a strong topline, and carrying his gently waving tail correctly out behind him. I pulled him out into my last few to consider for top honours and wonder whether the occasion went to his head, as he was somewhat careless with his front on the last go round but he did make me smile. I dare say he will be this kennels next Champion and, I predict, a fairly easy one at that. Came up against the most exquisite little ruby girl in the Best Puppy challenge and everyone knows I’m a sucker for the redheads!! Best Puppy Dog
2nd Mangham’s Brymarden Touch Of Gold of Charnavale
A less mature blen took this well-deserved 2nd...not dissimilar in type sharing a fair amount of common ancestry. He was a nice size, well balanced in all departments. Nicely broken coat which was just going through the transition from puppy to adult. A dog showing good proportions all through which, with maturity, will make him an assured contender.
3rd Firth’s Keycav Arthur Miller
Res Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Royal Male
VHC Lee’s Kelrick Flashback
Junior (14, 8) A disappointing class with a high number of absentees.
1st Rhodes’ Calonlan Hendricks
The first thing that strikes you about this boy is his really rich chestnut colouring...which these days seems to be the exception rather than the norm. He is a decent young dog in a neat package, well off for bone & substance he shows a nice shapely outline when stacked. Moved ok, although did have a tendency to pace occasionally which rather ruined his outline going round, but when gaiting correctly was true & sound. His head is quite forward for a dog of his age, he has lovely eyes, and well set ears which he uses to advantage. He is a dog that will always be there or thereabouts.
2nd Bayliss’ Castlewytch Moon River
On first look thought this might be my class winner, but he was lacking in finish and furnishings today. A sweet head with lovely large eyes and good pigmentation. Decent neck, strong level topline and neat shape. When back in full condition can see him having a bright future.
3rd Coole’s Jolainey Blaze
Res Earl’s Earlrae Pickle Pepper
VHC Vaughan’s Diddlidors Starman
Yearling (8, 2) This was a really hard decision between these 2, being quite different in type but both possessing attributes I look for when judging.
1st Hegarty’s Chantismere Atlantic Sky
This boy has the most wonderful headpiece...well set ears that he uses constantly to enhance his outlook, at all times looking alert & interested. His eyes are gorgeous, large dark & round with a soft melting expression to lose yourself in. He scores on his neck & shoulders...really well laid and with a good strong upper arm providing lots of reach. He is maybe a tad long to give the ideal balance, but has nice strong rear angles which provide good drive. He can have a tendency to scurry on the move, and by the challenge seemed to have given up the ghost...and wouldn’t reproduce this class winning performance to take him any further.
2nd Kilcoyne’s Granasil Bourbon
I liked this ruby enormously. A really nice rich colour, not in the best of coats, but just in that tricky transition from puppy to adult. Well off for bone, and his movement was quietly self-assured. Today giving a little away on age and maturity to 1, has a nice head, but couldn’t quite match 1 in this department and that was the clincher...rubies are very much the ‘slow burners’ of the breed, and I would guess that this boy will be up with the best earning top honours in a year/18 months time.
3rd Parsons’ Peakdowns Marcopolo at Anjomil JW
Res Charkiewicz’s Little Guns Agness Angels
VHC Earl’s Earlrae Pickle Pepper
Novice (1, 0)  
1st Bartlett & Hitcham’s Gransil Garibaldi  at Korolevsky
Well gosh...this little chap really took me by surprise. Litter brother to 2nd in Junior, and probably has a little more maturity in hand at this juncture. Almost felt I was stepping back in time, and could have been looking at his father 5 years ago! Starting with his coat which is a rich ruby red absolutely gleaming with condition, it is just where I would expect it to be for a ruby of this age, but with all the promise of lots more to come. He has a pleasing head, largest of eyes, so dark they are almost black, but still retaining that soft, slightly playful expression that I’d hope to see in a dog of his age. Densest of nose pigment which was carried through to his lipline, has a nicely tapered muzzle and decent stop. Well bodied, with good strong muscle tone allowing for true, fluid movement and accurate foot fall with each step. When viewed side on, on the move, he has that wonderful elegant gait like his father, the CC winner and dare I say my own darling Alfie Boe, that I could watch all don’t have to string them up when they move like this! I just really liked this chap, and while he may not be anywhere near the finished article, or carrying as much coat or glamour as some of the other class winners, there is a lot to be said for them simply appealing and I was thrilled to award him the Res CC.
Special Graduate Blen or Tri (7, 2) Another rather disappointing class.
1st Watts’ Jamesbonny Master Lucus
Richly coloured blen in good coat which was well presented and of a good texture. I particularly liked this dog on the stack, giving a really pleasing outline, being short & compact with good proportions all through. He is of a useful size, with enough bone and substance without being coarse. Moved steadily & true, being at one with his handler and presenting a pleasing picture at all times.
2nd Hughes’ Loranka’s Imagine
A nicely made blen that was quite new to me. Don’t know whether he has had quite the exposure of his kennel mates, but seemed a little in awe of his surrounding and felt he wasn’t giving the best of himself. That said, what I found was a well-balanced dog, carrying a decent coat which, as always, was impeccably presented. An attractive head, with all the hall marks of this famous kennel, would like to see him again when he has maybe been out and about a bit more.
3rd Bloomfield’s Delhaze Reach For The Sky with Oaklake JW
Res Homes’ Leogem Ravel
VHC Hawkins’ Pendralier Phenomenal
Special Graduate B/T or Ruby (4, 1)  
1st Bartlett & Hitcham’s Gransil Garibaldi  at Korolevsky
(See Novice)
2nd Spall & Clark’s Korraines Peaky Blinder at Llapsttam
B&T with a huge, somewhat unruly coat that is rather a distraction to what might be underneath. Once you do get hands on, he is a nice neat shape, with short level back and good tail set. His head is still developing and maybe doesn’t have that lovely open expression I like, but he has it all there to come. Could be a little stilted on the move, but felt he maybe just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it today.
3rd Mattock’s Pamedna George Harrison at Leybourne
Post Graduate (8, 2)  
1st Kynaston’s

Gransil Vontrap JW ShCM
A profusely coated B&T who I enjoyed judging. He is a sweet boy with lots to like…having that ‘look at me’ attitude which draws your eye instantly. Has a lovely head, soft gentle expression, nicely filled foreface with gently tapering muzzle. Adequate neck, on decent shoulders…neat level topline, with good tail set and topline. Made a really attractive picture, topped off by a free easy gait being completely in tune with his handler who showed him to advantage.

2nd Sedgbeer’s Russmic Timothy
This little dog just wasn’t playing ball, being a smaller package all over, he has many similar attributes as the B&T but just didn’t have the showmanship that ultimately won the day. Richly coloured coat, of which there was plenty, nicely presented and in good condition. I loved his head, again sadly he didn’t make the most of its attractive features being the lovely large dark eyes, well set ears carrying good fringing and dense nose pigmentation. One I would like to see on grass in the warm sunshine as I feel he might be a bit happier in those circumstances.
3rd Hughes’ Loranka’s Believe In Dreams
Res Saxton’s Lynmily Pride And Joy for Marlrose
VHC Tarlton’s Sonella Heavenly Cream to Tomnil
Mid Limit (9, 2)  
1st Rees’ Embeth Wishmaker
This gorgeous blen dog has one of the most correct, and attractive heads I’ve judged. He has the loveliest of eyes which are large & dark with black halos to match his super dense pigment. Nicely filled under the eye, with a well tapered lipline and just right length of muzzle. His ears are correctly set, and frame his face perfectly when used. A neat, nicely balanced body with good bone and fabulous condition all go to making him a really hard to ignore show man. Finally he is carrying a wonderful wealth of well-marked coat which had not got a hair out of place. I pulled him in for further consideration in the challenge, but sadly on the last few go rounds he got just a little careless with his tail. One I feel with ordinary luck should make the top flight.
2nd Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Kyle
A heavier jacketed blen of lovely rich colour whom I was hoping I would get the chance to judge as I have long admired him from the ringside. Stronger in head than the norm from this kennel, it is still an attractive prospect, but maybe not exhibiting quite such a soft expression. Decent neck on well laid shoulders, strong level topline, extends to his well set and carried tail. In good coat which again was well presented, moving ok..if nit-picking maybe could be a little more purposeful behind.
3rd Mynott’s Honeybet Heads Up
Res Charkiewicz’s Little Guns Agness Angels
VHC Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack JW ShCM
Limit (8, 3)  
1st Towse’s Miletree Joseph
Another lovely exhibit from this kennel, with a head so typical of his ancestry. Soft expression with good pigment all through. Could see he was just coming back into condition with a lighter marked coat of good colour & texture. Nice size, with good angles, plenty of bone, good spring of rib and heaps of muscle tone. Maybe a little longer in loin, but didn’t look unbalanced and presented an attractive outline both standing and on the move.
2nd Guvercin’s Verheyen Foxx at Glebeheath
Richly coloured blen whose presentation was exemplary. Carrying a wealth of coat, I thought he might have been my class winner on first go round. He really scores on his outline, and is so well schooled he never puts a foot wrong. For me, his head just didn’t appeal as much as 1, but one that, on this form can never be overlooked.
3rd Smith’s Beaudale Storm In A Teacup
Res Davies’ Salegreen Brecon
VHC Vaughan’s Diddlidors Far Far Away
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (4, 3)  
1st Hawkins’ Pendralier Phenomenal
A young dog standing alone in this class. Nicely marked coat of a rich chestnut just coming back into condition. Very much going through that ‘teenage’ stage being a bit ‘long & lanky’, but has plenty of bone & substance to provide an attractive picture when it all comes together.
Open (11, 4)  
1st Levy & Sedgwick’s Ch Pascavale Haiden
This dog completed a trio of beautiful blens shown by this kennel today who have to be applauded and admired for time and again turning out typy exhibits that can usually be immediately identified as "Pascavale"! I must admit, this isn’t the dog I thought might have come out on top on the day and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked him. But when you actually break him down piece by piece there really isn’t much not to like – he probably is as near to the standard, in this day & age, as one is likely to get...the complete package! His head is pretty textbook dark eyes – yes, maybe they could be a tad bigger for my ideal, but they are correctly placed in a balanced face that does allow for a kind expression. His neck is gracefully arched and set on well laid shoulders. His body is neat and compact, with a firm and level topline, with just the right amount of loin. Good angulated rear, with a well-muscled thigh allow for an easy driving gait that helps him to cover the ground pretty effortlessly. Maybe not one of todays modern day ‘glamour pusses’ he has enough coat of good colours and condition to complete the picture. He appears to have really calm, easy demeanour which all adds up to that indefinable something you can’t quite put your finger on it but you can’t help being drawn to it time and again. A dog I feel could easily write himself into the record books, he didn’t put a foot wrong and I couldn’t deny him, it was actually a real pleasure to award him, the CC and with my co-judges full agreement a well deserved BIS
2nd Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx
Another dog that if I’m honest surprised the heck out of me. I have to say, I feel he has one of the best outlines in the ring at the moment...every piece slots & blends into the next seamlessly, giving such a super elegance and flow. He retains that fabulous outline on the move, powering around the ring with reach and drive in abundance, and with the added bonus of a perfectly set tail carried out behind him on the continuous line of his spine...shades of the wonderful Ch Craigowl Billy Elliott! He has plenty of coat, with rich tans markings in all the right places offset against the raven black. I can see why he has had such a successful career and only for a couple of "if onlys" is probably unlucky not to bear the coveted Ch before his name.
3rd Smith’s Ch Beaudale Here We  Go Again
Res Moonen’s King For A Day Of An Excellent Choice NJK ’18 JW ’18 W’18 W’19
VHC Lovel’s Ch Pascavale Hudson at Lovetrac

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Bitches Mr R Sansom (Byermoor)
It was a great honour to be invited to judge at this most prestigious show. Under the extreme circumstances the committee must be commended, the show was very relaxed and had wonderful atmosphere. I would like to thank everyone who came and supported the show, I was delighted to have Lucy Koster as my co judge and we were in full agreement on all the major awards. Let’s hope we all meet up later in the year and in the meantime STAY SAFE.
Bitch CC Long’s Ch Arroline Eclipse JW
Reserve Bitch CC Hogan’s Stavonga Wendy’s Song JW
Best Puppy Bitch Hegarty’s Chantismere Roise
Veteran (14 Entries, 8 Absent)  
1st Whitman & Tarabad’s Denham Over The Moon (Imp USA)
A black & tan of 7 years so just a baby in this class, I liked her for size, well balanced head with lovely eyes and pigment, well set ears framed a pretty picture, she is excellent in neck and front, good bone and body, short coupled, good topline, moved very well keeping a lovely outline, in very good coat of correct texture.
2nd Rees’ Ch Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
A worthy bitch at 10 years, again I liked her for size and shape, she has a well balanced head, eyes ok, still maintaining good body and bone, covers the ground well in profile and true out and back, in good coat and excellent condition all through.
3rd Owen’s Narayden Diva Fever at Hansowens
Res Tarlton’s Triodan Tsara to Tomnil
VHC Turner’s Shalot Indian Queen
Minor Puppy (22, 10) Some lovely puppies here all at various stages as they should be.
1st Hegarty’s Chantismere Roise
What a little gem, a delicious Ruby of an ideal size, if not a little on the chubby side! She has such a lovely balanced head, super eyes and pigment, excellent neck and front that was well boned, good spring of rib and a sound topline, neat quarters and well set tail, quality coat that was rich in colour, on the move she was so impressive absolutely true out and back, in profile she looked lovely with her tail straight off the back, to top this she had a charming personality, I’m sure she could have a comfortable future. Best puppy bitch and with the nod from my co- judge Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Craig’s Emberlace Amelia at Aldachell
What a pretty 7 mth Blenheim, she has the most endearing head piece, lovely balance and fabulous eyes, firm neck and excellent bone, she has a lovely front and good quarters, and moved very well out and back, she has a lovely body and a quality coat that was rich in colour, her rib is well sprung, in profile she just needs to settle in topline, but a quality puppy. Hot on her heals was her litter sister.
3rd Towse’s Emberlace Sophia at Miletree
Res Hughes’ Loranka’s Secret Potion
VHC Turnbull’s Peakdowns Angelica
Puppy (12, 4)  
1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Sassitude
Sassitude with Attitude! A delightful puppy of just 9 mth, such a pretty face, well balanced head, with lovely eyes and ear set, scores in neck with a well boned front, well ribbed with good depth and fill of body, very true out and back, well marked quality coat, she looked really good going around and a comfortable winner, I’m sure she will do well.
2nd Moonen’s Dutch Design Of  An  Excellent Choice
At 6 mth she looked a little raw next to 1, however, she is a lovely size and has the most pretty head, lovely eyes and pigment, excellent neck and front, lovely bone, excellent topline, good tail set, I liked her markings and shows promise to have a great coat, sound steady mover, I really liked her.
3rd Moonen’s Untamed Love Of An Excellent Choice
Res Lee’s Kelrick One Kiss
VHC Franks’ Cathmead Cheridah
Junior (20, 9)  
1st Waters & Bryson’s Sweetbriar Soprano JW
At 14 mth this richly marked Blenheim is developing well, her head is starting now to fill, she has lovely eyes and pigment, excellent neck and topline, she has good bone and very true in front and equally as good behind, her tail comes straight of the back, her blanket markings are rich and coming in well, looks an absolute picture in profile movement.
2nd Rhodes’ Calonlan Bombay Sapphire
This 16 mth Blenheim was on a smaller frame to 1, very nice shaped head with excellent eyes and pigment, good ears set well, liked her neck and front, short well ribbed body, firm topline and tail set, she covered the ground well, in good coat that was rich in colour.
3rd Watts’ Jamesbonny Rosebud
Res Franks’ Cathmead The Fairy Queen
VHC Corner’s Kelrick Black Velvet Band at Delaby
Yearling (14, 5) Excellent class first 3 could all have won the CC today!
1st Long’s Ch Arroline Eclipse JW
23 mth blanket marked Tri-colour. She has a lovely head with excellent eyes, well set ears, enough fill to give a soft expression, firm neck and well boned, true in front, she is good in rib and carries a good topline, her coat is in lovely condition, she is so attentive to her owner and gives 100% so you can’t help your eyes being attracted to her, her movement is very good in front and has great carriage, she could be better over the croup and more positive behind, however I thought her a typical cavalier with the temperament and love of life the breed should have! Quite a few years ago I gave her Ch mother a CC, and today I was delighted to award her a well deserved CC & RBIS.
2nd Hogan’s Stavonga Wendy’s Song JW
Hot on the heels to 1, was this lovely Blenheim, she is so correct in head and has the most lovely eyes and expression, excellent neck and very good in front, short back, well sprung ribs and good body condition, clean croup and firm quarters, well marked coat that just needs a little more finish, she moves very true in front, keeps a good topline, and firm behind. I’m sure she’s going to the top. RCC
3rd Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Poeme
Res Moonen’s Mamma Mia Of An Excellent Choice NJK ’19 BJS ’19
VHC Lister’s Castlewytch Amaris Moon to Cachevell
Novice (12, 7)  
1st Rhodes’ Calonlan Bloom
Litter sister to 2nd in junior and very much the same mould, very pretty head with pleasing eyes and good pigment, liked her size and substance, very good front and topline, coat coming well, very true out and back.
2nd Homes’ Kiss The Stars Vom Kaninchengarten by Leogem (Imp DEU)
Tri-colour of 19 mth, I found her a very good size, such a pretty head, lovely eyes and pigment, well filled muzzle, strong bone and a good body, promise of a good coat, she has tidy quarters, a very pleasing shape, today she was very unsettled and not giving her best on the move.
3rd Mynott’s Honeybet Hot N’ Naughty
Res Corner’s Kelrick Black Velvet Band at Delaby
VHC Turner’s Shalot Esther
Special Graduate Blen or Tri (7, 3)  
1st Homes’ Leogem Myrtle
A Blenheim of 2 yrs who scored on size, very pleasing in head type, lovely eyes, liked her neck and topline, true in front with good bone, well bodied and firm quarters, moved very well especially in profile, lacked coat today.
2nd Waters & Bryson’s Sweetbriar Sorbet
Another good Blenheim on a bigger frame to 1, a very good shaped head with lovely eyes, she has lovely bone and a good front, kept her topline well, she looked really good in profile, and in good coat and condition.
3rd Chapman’s Kinvaar Raindrops On Roses at Daltonian
Res Mangham’s Charnavale Perfect Angel
Special Graduate B/T or Ruby (12, 4)  
1st Owen’s Hansowens Rising Star
A 2 year B/T, she is so pretty in head, lovely eyes and ears, she has an excellent neck, good front and bone, her body is well developed and covered with a lovely conditioned coat, she moved really well, being a tad long when standing she slacked in topline, otherwise a lovely bitch.
2nd Lewis’ Carleeto Satine
Another B/T of 2 yr on a smaller frame to 1, she was very pleasing in head type with lovely eyes, liked her neck and topline, she has good bone and body condition, firm in quarters, she was a very exuberant mover, not the coat texture of 1.
3rd Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi The Queen’s Peach
Res King-Smith’s Ispahan Oh You Pretty Thing
VHC Faber’s Svena Summer Solstice
Post Graduate (6, 3)  
1st Oxman’s Diva Deluxe Of An Excellent Choice for Ulverscroft (Imp NLD)
A very pretty Blenheim with lovely head type, lovely eyes and ears, good pigment, very good neck and front, liked her bone and body condition, good quarters, I would have liked her a tad shorter, in good coat and moved out well, nice bitch.
2nd Parsons’ Castlewytch Moonlight at Anjomil JW
Again a Blenheim, stronger in head but with lovely eyes, firm in neck and topline, well developed quarters, liked her bone and body condition, moved well out and back in profile was a little proud of her tail.
3rd Faber’s Svena Summer Solstice
Mid Limit (5, 2)  
1st Sedgbeer’s Russmic Jasmine Rose
Very pretty Ruby of a lovely size, such a lovely head, good eyes and pigment, good bone and body shape, enough neck and good in front, she keeps a good topline, and firm behind, she moved well, out and back and going well in profile, rich colour but lacking in coat today.
2nd Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Amber Lynne JW
Another Ruby of a good size, more coated than 1, I thought her very pleasing in head and eye with well set ears, good neck and scored in front action, well ribbed and good quarters, she moved very well keeping a clean outline.
3rd Charkiewicz’s Natalka Love Me
Limit (10, 5)  
1st Chapman & ireland’s Ellemich Crème De La Crème
A new one to me and ticked a lot of boxes, 2 years old Blenheim of an ideal size, such a pretty head, lovely eyes and pigment, well set and used ears, enough neck and particularly good in front, well ribbed and covered in a good coat, neat quarters and good set tail, I liked her a lot.
2nd Craig’s Aldachell Zoe Ze
Another Blenheim on a bigger frame than 1, very pleasing head, good eyes and pigment, excellent neck and front, good bone and body, in good coat, moved well out and back she held a good topline, not as compact as 1.
3rd Owen’s Hansowens Rising Star
Res Spall & Clark’s Llapsttams Hot Legs
VHC Charkiewicz’s Natalka Love Me
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (9, 6)  
1st Rennard’s Deranmar Evensong
A mature B/T who is a good size, I was very taken with her correct head, she has lovely eyes and pigment, well set ears, scored in neck and front, good bone and body, she covered the ground well, clean mover and kept a good shape.
2nd Lovel’s Ch Lovetrac Boogie Wonderland
Very pretty Blenheim with super eyes, built on a smaller frame than 1, short back and good ribs, holding a good topline, today she was very unsettled, but still a quality bitch.
3rd Owen’s Hansowens Ebony Star
Open (7, 4)  
1st Hazeltine’s Ch Juzandia Morwenna
A Blenheim of 2 years, I loved her size, such a neat package, enough neck, excellent bone and scored in front, short back, well ribbed and very good behind, she moved really well and looked good in profile, needs more finish to her coat, I admit it’s not the type of head I like, but she has lovely eyes and well set ears.
2nd Hughes’ Loranka’s Beautiiful Moments
2 year old tri-colour very different to 1, she has a lovely head with very good eyes and ears, excellent neck and topline, in fabulous coat, and very good body condition, she looks a picture standing, just a little unsettled on the move.
3rd Malkina’s Change My Life Elensis – The Royal Choice

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