Southern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show – 7th April 2019
Best In Show – Ch Cavalli Beautiful Life (IKC) JW ShCM
Best Opposite Sex – Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth
Best Puppy – Ellemich Poeme
Best Veteran – Ch Harana Alfie Boe

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs Mr M Sedgwick (Pascavale)
Many thanks to the southern cavalier club for the invitation to judge this show, I enjoyed my day and thank you to the exhibitors for been supportive and sporting on my final placings. Thanks to my two stewards who kept things moving.
The dog entry itself was not huge, but looking at last year’s male entries it was no surprise, I think it’s very worrying for our breed having so few male dogs around, and I cannot see it getting better with time. Having said that I was pleased with my overall choices today.
On the plus side there were some nice dogs exhibited, and I was pleased with all my class winners, presentation overall was good, just a couple of good dogs today let down on poor coat presentation, temperaments were good.
The best in show was awarded today by the referee has we both thought our own dogs were worthy of this honour, and the lovely bitch went BIS and the dog RBIS, we both agreed that the Bitch puppy went BPIS, has she had maturity on the lovely puppy dog, and the Veteran Male going best Veteran in Show.
Dog CC McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth
Reserve CC Koster’s Ch Harana Alfie Boe
Best Puppy Dog Bloomfield’s Delhaze Reach For The Sky with Oaklake
Minor Puppy (8 Entries, 1 Absent)  
1st Bloomfield’s Delhaze Reach For The Sky with Oaklake
Just 6 months, such a lot to like about this baby, he has it all in the right places for one so young, head is pleasing with good ear set, large round dark eyes, arched neck going in to good shoulders, with a perfect topline and tail set, presents a lovely outline standing and keeping it all together on the move, presented and handled well, should have a bright future. BPD
2nd Hazeltine’s Juzandia Jowan
Another lovely puppy, just not has mature has one, but lots to like about him, loved is overall size and balance, nice head and eye, short back, promise of good coat and colour, good neck and shoulders, needs a bit more time but should mature nicely. Lots to like.
3rd Sedgbeer’s Rusmic Oh Boy
Res Parsons’ Peakdowns Marcopolo at Anjomil
VHC Kemp’s Capriconia Donatello
Puppy (4, 0)  
1st Lewis’ Carleeto Joe Cocker
Black/tan of ideal size, pretty in head and large dark eyes giving soft gentle exp, with good ear set, short back, would like a better neck and better lay of shoulder, shown in nice coat with tan rich tan markings, and moved well.
2nd Sedgbeer’s Russmic Timothy
Lovely type ruby shown in good coat with promise of good colour, Nice head type with large dark eyes, good neck and shoulders with good topline and tail set, would like a shorter back, and just needs to settle on the move, overall lots to like, should mature well.
3rd Watts’ Jamesbonny Master Lucas
Res Blackburn’s Bekenveldt Grand Finale
Junior (3, 1)  
1st Godwin’s Cavaliegh Eclipse
Heavily marked tri colour with rich tan markings in all the right places, typical head shape with large dark round eyes, well set ears and soft gentle exp, liked his overall balance with moderate bone, moved lovely in profile keeping his topline, presents a nice picture standing with his happy wagging tail, presented well.
2nd Cole’s Lilorchard Royal Russet
Blen pleasing in head shape with large dark eyes, nose pigment could be better. Would like a bit more substance over the loin, needs to drop in his frame a bit more, and settle down on the move. Would benefit from a little training.
Yearling (1, 1)  
Novice (5, 1)  
1st Bubb & Barrett’s Wandris Evanly Legacy JW
Well marked blen, with good neck and shoulders, pleasing head type with large dark round eyes and well set ears giving a soft gentle exp, keeping a good topline and tail carriage on the move, presents a good outline standing, with a super temp, in between coats today, pulled out to the last 4 today.
2nd Homes’ Leogem Ravel
Smaller in type than the winner, has a nice head type with large dark eyes and good pigment. For me I would like a better neck and shoulder and a little more bone, shown in good coat which was well marked.
3rd Lewis’ Carleeto Joe Cocker
Res Bucknell’ Glenbrows Question Mark
Special Graduate Blen (0, 0)


Special Graduate Tri (3, 1)  
1st Hughes’ Loranka’s Believe In Dreams
Very well marked tri colour, with rich tan in all the right places, head with lots to like, round dark eyes, ears set well plenty of fill in the muzzle. Good neck shoulders and rear angles, moved well keeping a good topline and tail carriage, just needs to grow some coat to complete the picture, lovely type. Presented well.
2nd Connor’s Gadeslain Perfect Gent
Tri with lots of coat that does not look the easiest to manage, pleasing head type with large dark eyes, ears well set and lots of bright tan, would like a better neck shoulder. Moving a little wide in front. Happy temp.
Special Graduate B/T (4, 2)  
1st Rennard’s Deranmar Endeavour
B/T masculine head type with large dark eyes, well set ears, plenty of rick tan markings, fairly sound on the move with good topline and tail carriage, good neck shoulder placement, would like a shorter back to complete the picture, shown in good coat and condition.
2nd Kowalski’s Harelledream Warrior
Loved the type of this b/t, has a lovely head and soft gentle exp, large dark eyes framed with well set ears, presents a nice outline moving, just lacking the confidence of the winner today.
3rd Lewis’ Carleeto Star Dust
Special Graduate Ruby (1, 0)


1st Morrison’s Lewisisle Highland Bracken
Ruby of masculine type, large dark eyes with well set ears, a little deep in stop, would like a shorter back and a bit more length of leg, shown in good well presented coat, moving close in rear and well in front, happy temp.
Veteran (5, 0)  
1st Koster’s Ch Harana Alfie Boe
This was a lovely class of veterans splitting hairs between all 3. but this b/t just shone today, my notes say he looked in fabulous condition, lovely head and eye, well placed ears gentle soft exp, in lovely coat and condition, just flows around the ring with ease, with that proud head carriage, and perfect topline, looking great for his age and will still trouble the best, happy to award him the RCC.
2nd Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW
Well marked blen, a favourite of mine, perfect size and shape with soft gentle exp, moves well in all directions, just lost out today with a sore eye, and looking a bit tired.
3rd Godwin’s Ch Cavaliegh Jacob
Res Sharman’s Wandris Beyond Belief
VHC Morrison’s Lewisisle Highland Hamish ShCM
Post Graduate (6, 0)  
1st Taylor’s Mastercut Jack Frost from Taybar
Lots to like about this well marked Blenheim dog, he has a very nice head type with large dark exp eyes and perfect ear set, his well marked coat was presented well, and moved well in all directions, nice dog to go over on the table, when standing just tended to tuck up a bit which spoiled his outline, but lots to like.
2nd Davies’ Salegreen Brecon
Blen with one of the nicest heads today, large dark eyes, well placed ear set giving that soft melting exp, he has a short back and is a ideal size. Today he lost out carrying too much weight across his shoulders, and tended to be a bit rolly on the move.
3rd Ford’s Salegreen Periwinkle to Hiscli
Res Hutchin’s Frondil's Office Ed
VHC Blackburn’s Trirayne Pashawari with Bekenveldt
Limit (10, 3)  
1st McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth
My star of the day, well marked blen who was presented in tip top condition, he has a lovely head and eye, soft gentle exp, good neck and shoulders and presents the outline I look for when standing, coat is well marked of good texture and colour, moves well in all directions with a happily wagging tail, size is good and just carrying the right amount of weight, Super temp who showed well and put down in sparkling condition. Was happy to award him the CC and RBIS by the referee.
2nd Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx
B/T who looked great today, ideal size and looks a picture standing, has a nice head with large eyes, good ear set, short back with good front and rear angels. perfect topline and tail set, Rich tan on a gleaming coat, just wish he would settle down on the move, tended to race which completely threw his front out, sure is day will come, shown in good coat and condition.
3rd Hughes’ Loranka’s Glory Days
Res Bubb’s Jordanic Evanly Touch Wandris JW
VHC Koster’s Harana Dean Martin
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (0, 0)


Open (3, 0)  
1st Sedgbeer’s Ch Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
Well marked blen of ideal size and so well balanced, lovely dog to go over on the table with all fitting in the right places, very nice head shape with large dark eyes, good pigment, short back with good neck and rear angles, moved well in all directions, Just not looking his best today which lost him the top spot.
2nd Maclaine & Smejkal’s Czech Ch Nickolas Minowara (imp Cz)
B/T of good size, pleasing in head and eye, good neck shoulder and keeping a good topline on the move with good tail carriage, shown in good coat.
3rd Bloomfield’s Delhaze Skyfall with Oaklake
Champion (0. 0)  

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Bitches Mrs M Wiggins (Whyteplace)
My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the bitches at their Championship Show in memory of a wonderful lady, Mrs Jane Bowdler, who was the daughter of Amice Pitt. {Widely regarded as the founder of the breed}. Thanks also to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge many top quality exhibits. I was spoilt for choice in many classes. Unfortunately the weather was not very spring-like and the venue was rather cold. It was fitting to judge this show at the end of my judging career as I have had a close association with this club for many years. The icing on the cake was to have found in my CC winner a bitch that, in my opinion, epitomizes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Bitch CC Miller & Ryan’s Ch Cavalli Beautiful Life (IKC) JW ShCM
Reserve CC Parsons’ Emberlace Primrose
Best Puppy Bitch Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Poeme
Minor Puppy (9 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Poeme
8½ months blenheim with the promise of a bright future. Well-broken, rich chestnut markings and a straight silky coat. Sweet head with the softest expression, broad flat skull and correct ear placement. Well-spaced large dark eyes and gently cushioned muzzle. Laid back shoulders thus excellent head carriage and good reach of neck leading into absolutely straight topline and correct tail set. Plenty of drive on the move presenting a great outline. A happy and confident showgirl, skilfully handled. One to watch. Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Edwards’ Delhaze Devil Woman
6 months. Another promising blenheim baby. Clear cut chestnut markings. Pleasing head with correct properties. Good conformation. Moved and showed so well for her first outing.
3rd Hogan’s Stavonga Wendy’s Song
Res Hazeltine’s Juzandia Elowen
VHC Hall’s Peakdowns Cilla
Puppy (5, 1)  
1st Homes’ Kiss The Stars vom Kaninchengarten By Leogem (imp Deu)
10½ months fairly heavily marked tricolour with wide white collar to accentuate her good reach of neck. Coming into nice coat of correct texture. Pretty head with bright tan markings. Well made front and rear. A happy, well presented, showgirl who moved with drive.
2nd King-Smith’s Ispahan Oh You Pretty Thing
9 months ruby. Super coat colouring and condition. Pleasing head with broad flat skull and dark eyes. Neat cobby body, well boned, good angulation, topline and tail carriage. Moved soundly.
3rd Bartlett & Hitcham’s Korolevsky Antonina
Res Rutt’s Glenbrows Dance With Me
Junior (7, 0)  
1st Long’s Arroline Eclipse JW
Nicely marked tricolour. Prettily feathered coat in sparkling condition with rich tan markings. Appealing head with tapered muzzle of correct length. Well set long ears. Super angulation front and rear. Excellent reach of neck. Lots of ring presence and well-handled. Looked great on the move.
2nd Mangham’s Charnavale Perfect Angel
Richly coloured blenheim with attractive markings. Good head. Well bodied and ideal size. Nice lay of shoulders and crested neck. Excellent turn of stifle. Showed well and happily.
3rd Taylor’s Vonnyisle Portia at Taybar
Res Connor’s Gadeslain Anise
VHC Rayner’s Trirayne Kristina
Yearling (4, 1)  
1st Hazeltine’s Juzandia Morwenna
Beautifully marked blenheim with rich colouring. Pleasing head, correctly proportioned with large dark expressive eyes. Nice spring of ribs. Short coupled, level topline. Good tail set and carriage. Excellent conformation. Showed and handled well.
2nd Lines’ Pascavale Gianna
Blenheim of the richest colouring; nicely marked. Pretty head with long ear feathering. Lovely neck and shoulders. Eager to please her handler. Wonderful to see the owner’s delight on gaining her place.
3rd Tyler’s Deranmar Orianna with Janthow
Novice (7, 1)  
1st Bubb’s Wandris Evanly Memory
More heavily marked blenheim. Attractive head with large dark well-spaced eyes; correct length of cushioned muzzle; flat skull. Nice bone. Good conformation throughout and moved with drive maintaining level topline.
2nd Lines’ Pascavale Gianna
(See Yearling)
3rd Homes’ Leogem Myrtle
Res Willis’ Penelope Of Ninfia Charm
VHC Konoike’s Ainrose Apple Cinnamon
Special Graduate Blen (6, 1)  
1st Lovel’s Lovetrac Boogie Wonderland
Captivating blenheim with rich chestnut markings. Stunning head with a melting expression framed by long well-set luxuriously feathered ears. Perfect size. Short coupled and good spring of ribs; neat front. A happy balanced girl who moved with drive from her well let down hocks. Considered her for the RCC.
2nd Miller & Ryan Cavallibrook Celtic Kiss
Blenheim with well-broken markings of good colour. Gentle expression. Excelled in conformation. One of the best movers of the day. Powered around the ring. Unlucky to meet 1.
3rd King-Smith’s Ispahan Sister Midnight
Res Loades’ Rosirius Bluebell
VHC Willis’ Penelope Of Ninfia Charm
Special Graduate Tri (7, 0)  
1st Atkins’ Lacerta Rising Star
Nicely marked tricolour in full well-presented coat. Pleasing head with dark eyes. Good topline and tail-set. Happy disposition. Showed well.
2nd Hughes’ Loranka’s Heavenly Secret
Well-marked tricolour with pretty head. Built in smaller mould. Neat and compact. Not too happy today.
3rd Bartlett’s Trirayne Edge Of Heaven at Korolevsky
Res Hill’s Georgewade Olympia
VHC Bell’s Chistabella Only You
Special Graduate B/T (5, 0)  
1st Maclaine’s Lochbuie Taken For Granted
Gleaming silky coated B/T. Lovely head and expression. Softly cushioned tapered muzzle; flat skull; bright tan markings. Well-bodied and correct amount of bone. Showed well maintaining good topline on the move.
2nd Bartlett & Hitcham’s Korolevsky Lilya
Another B/T with straight silky coat. Appealing head with well-spaced dark eyes. Good conformation and movement.
3rd Lewis’ Carleeto Satine
Res Turner’s Shalot Indian Queen
VHC Morrison’s Lewisisle Highland Betsy
Special Graduate Ruby (3, 0)  
1st Koster’s Harana Nora Jones
Eye-catching feminine ruby with pretty head; good pigment; flat skull with well-hung leathers. Excelled in conformation and movement.
2nd Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Amber Lynne JW
Richly coloured ruby. Excellent coat condition. Good head; cobby body and nice bone. Showed well.
3rd Tyler’s Deranmar Orianna with Janthow
Veteran (7, 0)  
1st Connor’s Gadeslain Mystic Star
Could not deny this 15½ year B/T her place. A great achievement to reach this age and still move effortlessly around the ring. Plus she had a full coat in good condition. A credit to her owner.
2nd Stark’s Tayfern Lark Ascending
9½ year tricolour who most certainly did not look her age. In good attractively marked coat. Pretty head with bright tan markings. Neat compact body. Showed well and happily.
3rd Bartlett’s Sorata Sophie Anne for Korolevsky
Res Loades’ Rosirius Clover
VHC Turner’s Shalot Indian Queen
Post Graduate (8, 3)  
1st Hughes’ Loranka’s So Scrumptious
Aptly named blenheim. Very well-marked and rich chestnut colouring. Delightful head. Well-bodied and compact. Moved with drive keeping her faultless outline. Presentation excellent as always from this exhibitor.
2nd Godwin’s Cavaliegh Jenna
Nicely marked blenheim. Gorgeous head with well-spaced dark eyes, cushioned muzzle and excellent pigment. Long ears set correctly. Good conformation. Moved soundly.
3rd Jones’ Boatswain Azure at Droleus (imp Ita)
Res Bartlett & Hitcham’s Korolevsky Lilya
VHC Connor’s Gadeslain Mai Tai
Limit (18, 5)  
1st Parsons’ Emberlace Primrose
Delightful blenheim headed this strong class. Well-marked long flowing coat of good colour. Beautiful head with soft expression, cushioned lips and huge dark eyes. Broad flat skull. Fully feathered really long ears. Perfect angulation with excellent lay of shoulders and good reach of neck. Head carried well at all times. Positive movement maintaining her lovely profile. RCC.
2nd Berwick & Koster’s Harana Peggy Lee Merrylaine
Ultra-feminine ruby with richly coloured coat in tip-top condition. Sweetest head. Good spring of ribs and correct amount of bone. Straight front legs. Happy and well-balanced on the move with faultless topline and tail carriage.
3rd McMurray’s Cinderaic Are You For Me at Merryoth
Res Long’s Arroline Euphoria JW
VHC Rennard’s Deranmar Evensong
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (5, 1)  
1st Hughes’ Loranka’s Beautiful Moments
Full-coated tricolour in sparkling condition. Ideal size. Attractive head with full cushioned muzzle of correct length, nice eyes, rich tan markings. Good angulation front and rear. Showed and moved very well.
2nd Homes’ Leogem Aliona
Nicely marked blenheim. Appealing head. Small and compact. Superb neck and shoulders. Graceful and well-balanced on the move.
3rd Vella’s Cinderaic Taboo
Res Turner’s Shalot Indian Queen
Open (4, 1)  
1st Whitman & Tarabad’s Denham Over The Moon (imp USA)
B/T in good coat with rich tan makings. Lovely head, correctly proportioned; well-set ears; pleasing expression. Well-constructed throughout. Excellent temperament. Movement sound and true.
2nd Bartlett’s Trirayne Edge Of Heaven at Korolevsky
Nicely marked tricolour. Pretty head with dark expressive eyes. Good spring of rib and reach of neck. Lovely temperament. Moved well.
3rd Morrison’s Lewisisle Highland Betsy
Champion (1)  
1st Miller & Ryan’s Ch Cavalli Beautiful Life (IKC) JW ShCM
Fell in love with this outstanding blenheim girl. She had everything that I was looking for. To quote the breed standard she was "active, graceful and well-balanced with gentle expression…gay, friendly". Her enchanting head also conformed to the desired standard. Her eyes were large dark and lustrous and her pigment jet black. She had well-set long ears. A true, perfectly proportioned, toy spaniel. Beautifully marked coat of rich colour. Prettily feathered. Front and rear angulation, topline and tailset all superb. Her movement was faultless. She floated around the ring moving effortlessly with gently wagging tail. Never once did she falter. Expertly presented and handled to emphasize her great qualities. A well-deserved CC and on the referee’s decision BIS.

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