If you have a cavalier that is over 11 years and would like to share the fact with everyone then why not let us have the details and we will proudly display them on our list? All you need to do is to provide us with the following information Pet Name, Registered Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Sex, Colour Owner's Name. (just the pet name will do if you do not have its registered name), If you have a photo then we would like to use that as well.
Do not worry if you do not have all the information we will still be pleased to display details of your dog.

Send the information to Dave Norris, 105 Oldmixon Road, Hutton, Weston Super Mare, Somerset BS24 9QA. Any format from paper copy to electronic will suffice. Or you can email the Webmaster with the information.
Note – The Age at Death is only displayed where notified and is given as a decimal to one place eg 12 years 11 months = 12.9
Where an * appears in the dog’s name, the affix has been witheld at the affix holder’s instruction.
There are 812 golden oldies in our list.
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The Dawson's Ellie Ellie
Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
Willowtump Bilbo Baggins x Willowtump Sutandy Nutmeg
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 7th December 2004

Owned by: Lucy Dawson
The Weisman,'s Bonnie Bonnie
Windham Royal Edition
Ch Bramble Ethan x Can Ch Bramble Royal Rascal
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 28th September 1999

Owned by: LuAnn Weisman,
The Cluderay's Lucy Lucy
Winefreds Bye Bye Love
Ch Sanickro Intuition x Thompsons Mothers Pride
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 13th February 2006

Owned by: Anne Cluderay
Sorry no photo Woodhouse Peppercorn
Woodhouse Peppercorn
Brydorstan Peter Piper x Jemima of Woodhouse
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 1st July 1989

Age at death: 13.5 years old.

Owned by: Flo Sinclair
The Hobbs's Karly Karly
Wynncliff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde
Wynncliff Black Diamond from Charterwood x Gotham Gala Lady for Wynncliff
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 30th August 2004

Owned by: Roxane Hobbs
The Cumming's Rab Rab
Wynsford Peterkin
Edonhill Miles Better x Wynsford Popsy Joy
Ruby Dog
Born: 24th May 1996

Age at death: 14.5 years old.

Owned by: Hazel Cumming
The Hindle's Megan Megan
Wyredell Little Squaw
Charlandra Crazy Horse x Narayden Cleopatra of Wyredell
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 8th August 1998

Age at death: 14.5 years old.

Owned by: Anna Hindle
The De Wilde  Volckerick's Xanthy Xanthy
Xanthy vom Sint-Amandshaus
Dakerima One Moment in Time x Rayka vom Sint-Amandshaus
Blenheim Dog
Born: 26th November 1998

Age at death: 12.6 years old.

Owned by: Sabine De Wilde Volckerick
Sorry no photo Yolanda
Zacara Yolanda
Dunbara Kendri x Dunbara Minette of Zacara
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 11th December 1984

Age at death: 13 years old.

Owned by: Frances McKenzie
The Evans (USA)'s Toffee Toffee
Zara Daisychain
Geronsart Amadis at Amauri x Sharrodlea Sweet Lilla Rose
Ruby Bitch
Born: 9th July 1998

Age at death: 12.3 years old.

Owned by: Karen Evans (USA)
The Morris's Honey Honey
-- x --
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 3rd March 2007

Owned by: Zahn and Neil Morris
The Morris's Revel Revel
-- x --
Blenheim Dog
Born: 8th February 2007

Owned by: Zahn and Neil Morris

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