If you have a cavalier that is over 11 years and would like to share the fact with everyone then why not let us have the details and we will proudly display them on our list? All you need to do is to provide us with the following information Pet Name, Registered Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Sex, Colour Owner's Name. (just the pet name will do if you do not have its registered name), If you have a photo then we would like to use that as well.
Do not worry if you do not have all the information we will still be pleased to display details of your dog.

Send the information to Dave Norris, 105 Oldmixon Road, Hutton, Weston Super Mare, Somerset BS24 9QA. Any format from paper copy to electronic will suffice. Or you can email the Webmaster with the information.
Note – The Age at Death is only displayed where notified and is given as a decimal to one place eg 12 years 11 months = 12.9
Where an * appears in the dog’s name, the affix has been witheld at the affix holder’s instruction.
There are 812 golden oldies in our list.
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Sorry no photo
Scomoco Black Diamond
Scomoco Mischief x Helensley Aramantha
Black & Tan Bitch

Age at death: 12 years old.

Owned by: Mrs Poole
The Hammond's Missy Missy
Sea Jade Royalist
Kimlea Busby x Lili Bateau
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 26th April 2000

Age at death: 13.2 years old.

Owned by: Julie Hammond
The Astrup's Happy Happy
Seawievs Be Happy
Norw Ch Leading Youngster x Roxangens Roxanne
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 2nd November 1989

Age at death: 12.2 years old.

Owned by: Trond Nicolay Astrup
The Mayston's Lewis Lewis
Shalot Lancelot
Tayfern Tarot x Shalot Lady of the Forrest
Blenheim Dog
Born: 15th October 1999

Age at death: 12 years old.

Owned by: Pam Mayston
Sorry no photo Jester
Sharonaz Beau Gest avec Jinjan
Merrylaine Made To Measure x Pixyline Amethyst of Sharonaz
Born: 30th August 1988

Age at death: 15 years old.

Owned by: Janet Waller
The Wheeler's Melody Melody
Sharonaz Melody for Drumhaye
Ellisiana Rain Dance x Sharonaz Serenade
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 13th December 1997

Age at death: 13.8 years old.

Owned by: Mrs Heather Wheeler
The Clarkson's Lily Lily
Sharrodlea Lillibette
Geronsart Bertolino at Amauri x Hillyacres Henrietta
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 24th February 1998

Age at death: 15 years old.

Owned by: Karen & Adrian Clarkson
The Daley's Becky Becky
Shelley's Lady Rebecca
Maibee Michigan at Elchar x Tubbily's Demeter
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 16th January 1996

Age at death: 15.3 years old.

Owned by: June Daley
Sorry no photo Sherry
Sunninghill Bellman x Maudie of Ffynnonwen
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 15th November 1978

Age at death: 18.6 years old.

Owned by: Mr & Mrs Levett
The Stanbridge's Siani Siani
- x -
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 4th July 1999

Age at death: 11.5 years old.

Owned by: Sarah Stanbridge
Sorry no photo
Silken Dalliance
Ch Homerbrent Carson x Homerbrent Easter Hymn
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 15th July 1991

Age at death: 12 years old.

Owned by: Mrs S M Cobb
Sorry no photo Nicky
Simetra Dominic at Margareith
Nevhills Nashville x Deranmar Artimis at Keyingham
Born: 1st July 1996

Owned by: Mrs Linda Hadwin
The Godwin's Gypsy Gypsy
Simpatico Pure Genius
Turretbank Solomon x Simpatico Genesis for Tashmit
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 4th July 2002

Age at death: 15.9 years old.

Owned by: Carol Godwin
Sorry no photo Maisie
Sooky Lou at Quintrelle
Snoopy Lou Valleytaw x Miss Pansy
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 27th September 1992

Age at death: 11.8 years old.

Owned by: Lesley & Steve Hirstwood
The Bowyer's Holly Holly
Sorata Bonnie Tyler at Simpatico
Marisk Quest on Air x Sorata My Obsession
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 31st May 2003

Owned by: Emma Bowyer
The Gray's Maria Maria
Sorata Debonair
Sorata Quigley x Sorata Modesty Blaise
Ruby Bitch
Born: 2nd November 1995

Age at death: 14.7 years old.

Owned by: Pat & Trevor Gray
Sorry no photo
Sorata Henrietta
Chaldreen Copperfield x Sorata Isabella
Ruby Bitch
Born: 26th March 1980

Age at death: 12.6 years old.

Owned by: Fleek & Bet Hargreaves
Sorry no photo
Sorata Highland Mist
Ch Sorata Isaac x Myhope Gypsy
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 27th May 1982

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Fleek & Bet Hargreaves
Sorry no photo Mollie
South Hill Mollie Magee
Amantra Sail the Boat x Magic Moments of Redthea
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 28th May 1996

Owned by: Karen Schnorrenberg (USA)
The Gowing's Sasha Sasha
Southfork Nelly
Tammy's Little Miss x Loughshinnys Evening Star
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 10th October 1996

Age at death: 16.3 years old.

Owned by: Pauline Gowing

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