If you have a cavalier that is over 11 years and would like to share the fact with everyone then why not let us have the details and we will proudly display them on our list? All you need to do is to provide us with the following information Pet Name, Registered Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Sex, Colour Owner's Name. (just the pet name will do if you do not have its registered name), If you have a photo then we would like to use that as well.
Do not worry if you do not have all the information we will still be pleased to display details of your dog.

Send the information to Dave Norris, 105 Oldmixon Road, Hutton, Weston Super Mare, Somerset BS24 9QA. Any format from paper copy to electronic will suffice. Or you can email the Webmaster with the information.
Note – The Age at Death is only displayed where notified and is given as a decimal to one place eg 12 years 11 months = 12.9
Where an * appears in the dog’s name, the affix has been witheld at the affix holder’s instruction.
There are 804 golden oldies in our list.
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The Swann's Bertidan Jowilang Bertidan Jowilang
Ellacroft Benjamin Britten
- x -
Blenheim Dog
Born: 9th September 1996

Owned by: Mary, Peter & Julia Swann
Sorry no photo
Elsanel Jack’s Jill
Ch Maxholt Jack In The Box x Satsuma Tamashanta
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 26th August 1982

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Mr & Mrs J A Boughton
Sorry no photo AKC Ch Elvenhome Keep Going ROM
Elvenhome Keep Going ROM AKC Ch
AU/NZ Ch Prestonville Blackmoor x Elvenhome Keepsake
Blenheim Dog
Born: 17th September 1997

Owned by: David & Stephanie Abraham (America)
The Lampard's Ellie Ellie
Elvira Haughty Lady
- x -
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 15th May 1992

Age at death: 19 years old.

Owned by: Ann Lampard
The Cassidy's Amber Amber
Enigmai Lady Amber Selene
Donrobby Hollywood x Oakash Lady In Red at Enigmai
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 26th September 2002

Owned by: Tony & Trish Cassidy
The Cassidy's Lucy Lucy
Enigmai Lady Iolite Jocasta
Jezano On Silent Wings to Tayfern x Enigmai Lady Amber Selene
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 26th September 2004

Owned by: Tony & Trish Cassidy
The Wright's Emma Emma
Evandale Indianna Rose
Evandale Apache x Evendale Missisippi
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 11th July 1996

Age at death: 15.5 years old.

Owned by: Judith Wright
The Wright's Amy Amy
Evandale Oprah
Evandale Apache x Evandale Missisippi
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 11th July 1996

Age at death: 15.3 years old.

Owned by: Judith Wright
Sorry no photo Harriet
Evansly Melody Maker
Chilsham Shropshire Lad at Glendun x Juzandia Welsh Surprise at Evansly
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 4th February 1995

Owned by: Miss M J D Evans
Sorry no photo Molly
Everything Nice at Johnjo
Johnjo Samuri Warrior x Sheilain Sintay
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 13th December 1996

Age at death: 14.5 years old.

Owned by: John & Barbara Tranter
Sorry no photo
Eyeza Crisdig Pip (Ch)
Crisdig Jasper x Vairire Venetia of Crisdig
Blenheim Dog
Born: 4th December 1964

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Mrs L F Jupp
Sorry no photo Faha Shinging Frost at Frondil
Faha Shinging Frost at Frondil
Cinola Bo Jangles x Faha Second Love
Blenheim Dog
Born: 30th November 1991

Age at death: 12.3 years old.

Owned by: Dilys Jackson
The Thompson (Australia)'s Crystal Crystal
Feildmark Buttersnap
Ch Elvenhome Charivari x Elvenhome Buttermilk
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 23rd October 1996

Owned by: Claire & Mick Thompson (Australia)
Sorry no photo Rachael
Feltridge Rachael
Aust Ch Tanmerack Bingham x Aust Ch Feltridge No Regrets
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 10th August 2000

Owned by: Diana Felton (Australia)
Sorry no photo Fennyfare Violet Elizabeth at Cinderlace
Fennyfare Violet Elizabeth at Cinderlace
Ch Moonglow Venturer at Trirayne x Fennyfare String of Pearls
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 29th May 1994

Owned by: Andy & Tracey Vella
The Cresswell's Jamie Jamie
Finchfield Jamie
Homaranne Jonas at Braymill x Sweet Blessings of Finchfield
Tricolour Dog
Born: 29th October 1997

Age at death: 14.3 years old.

Owned by: Paula Cresswell
The Davies's Basil Basil
Flossybrook Basil's Boy for Bowcara
Narayden Hot Chocolate in Flossybrook x Flossybrook Anastasia
Ruby Dog
Born: 10th March 2000

Owned by: Miss Carol Davies
Sorry no photo
Flurbeck Gypsy for Bonniroy
Charterwood Persuasion at Bevelmount x Bevelmount Bunny Girl
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 8th March 1988

Age at death: 12.9 years old.

Owned by: Mrs G Speight
Sorry no photo Maggie
Foxhill Rethea Magic Image
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 20th August 1995

Owned by: Lynn Lake (USA)
The Phillips's Gucci Gucci
Fraoch Firefairy
Telvara Kalvin Klein x Alsubo Firefly at Fraoch
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 22nd March 1997

Age at death: 16.1 years old.

Owned by: Dee Phillips

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