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Recovered Cavalier in Sussex

A number of missing stolen dogs have been found at a location in Sussex including a Blenheim Cavalier (with spot) – if you believe it could be yours please contact Sussex Police.
YEARBOOK VOL 57 – 2020
Subtitled "On Reflection"


ckcs clubWe have extended the deadline for the yearbook and the new deadline is 7th of April.

If you are thinking about putting an advert in but need help or don’t know where to start then you are more than welcome to contact Helen or Lorraine – it’s not too late! They can be contacted by email at or by phone on 01380 720660.

Click to go to the Yearbook page for full information. Advert closing date has been extended to 7th April 2021.
Cavaliers As Companions – April / May 2021

Does your Cavalier like classic or pop music? This month Denis & Tina look at Dogs and Music, warn us about increases in Dog theft, show us more connections of between old paintings, three book reviews plus much more. Click to read

The Kennel Club would like to wish all Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel enthusiasts a happy new year and thank breeders for continuing to support the Kennel Club Heart Scheme for the CKCS. We have now seen 365 dogs participate in the scheme and we hope to provide an analysis of the scheme results and progress by the spring, this will be sent to all breed clubs to share with members and will feature as part of the breed health and conservation plan for the breed.

We are pleased to confirm that the Kennel Club is offering a total of £13,000 in 2021 to subsidise heart scheme assessments for CKCS by supporting breed club sessions throughout 2021. For support and more information about subsidies available to breed clubs wishing to hold a session in 2021 we ask for breed club secretaries to please contact Fern McDonnell at the Kennel Club via

We urge breed clubs not to miss this opportunity and to get in touch as soon as possible to make arrangements for sessions to be held later in the year in a COVID secure way.

Read More NOTE Survey link corrected.


The following Club Shows have either been cancelled or postponed. See the Show Calendar for further information:
  • Northern CKCS Society — Champ Show — 16 May.
  • Eastern CKCS Society — Champ Show — 10 April.
  • Midland CKCS Club — Limited Show & AGM — 17 April.
  • South & West Wales CKCS Club — Open Show — 2 May.
  • West Of England CKCS Club — Open Show — 29 May.
  • Scottish CKCS Club — Open Show — 6 June.
  • 3 Cos Peke & Cav — Open Show — 13 June.
  • Humberside CKCS Club — Champ Show — 13 June
  • Northern CKCS Club — Champ Show — 1 August.
  • CKCS Club — Open Show — 14 August.
  • S & W W CKCS Club — Champ Show — 22 August.
"Over 5’s Clear Heart List" updated 18 January 2021

The Over 5’s Clear Heart list has been updated as at 18th January 2021.
Click to go to the listings.

Please note that the CKCS Heart Test Result forms should be sent to Mrs E Smith, 9 Elm Grove, Larbert, Stirlingshire, FK5 3LP for inclusion in the research database and for the production of the Over 5 Heart Listing.
7th August 2021

ckcs clubThe Club would like to advise Members and Exhibitors that the revised date for the Club Championship Show this year is 7 August and it will be held at Newark and Notts Showground (due to the KC building not being available) Covid and Government restrictions allowing of course. The Committee have taken the decision to cancel the Open Show scheduled for a week later (14 August).

From time to time events overtake us and we find ourselves searching for a way to help us out of a situation. The Benevolent Fund is there to help any Member to cope during a time of difficulty. You may need to kennel your dog if you have to go into hospital … or during a time when you feel you are being pulled in every direction due to family troubles.
Any one of the three Trustees will be pleased to discuss your situation and it may well be that we can help towards the problem financially by ensuring your dogs are properly cared for during that time. The Benevolent Fund does not pay veterinary fees, but may be able to help in other respects.
Please don’t hesitate to ask … all calls to us are totally confidential and no details are ever passed on.
Click for details of the Trustees and further info.
Looking For a Puppy? - CKCS Puppy Register

The Cavalier Club runs a register of puppies available from Club Members who can put details of puppies and older dogs they have for sale on the Cavalier Club Puppy Register.
The Club has recently introduced a slightly more formal system for placing a dog on its Register. A form now needs to be completed which can be downloaded from the Puppy Register Pages. The form includes details of any health certificates obtained for the parents, so that prospective puppy buyers can have more information before visiting a possible puppy.
If you wish to add your dogs to the Club’s Register, download the Puppy Register Form and send to The Co-ordinator.
Anyone looking to purchase a puppy is recommended to contact one of the Club Puppy Register Co-ordinators, Veronnica Hull, telephone 01268 727248 and Sylvia Lymer, telephone 01530 831929, for details of puppies available. - Puppy Register

When your puppies have been sold would you please advise the Puppy Register Co-Ordinator so that they may be removed from the lists.
Updated 01.06.11
Show Critiques

We endeavour to publish ALL Championship Show critiques on Cavaliers.
However if you are judging at a Cavalier Breed Club Limited or Open Show, we would love to have the results and your critique to publish for all to read. If you would like us to publish it just send it attached to an email to the Webmaster or by snail mail to Dave Norris.
Unlike some of the Dog Press, we do not edit any critique, what the Judge sends us is what appears.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club is registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 2018 as a Data Controller. Registration Number Z9120799
The Cavalier Club does not provide details of its members to any third party without the express agreement of that member.
Click to read the Clubs Privacy Policy Statement.
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Golden Oldies
Demonstrating that Cavaliers can be a long lived breed.
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The Cavalier Club Code Of Best Practice
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Cavalier Clubs Health Leaflet
A leaflet giving details of the three main health issues currently screened for in Cavaliers. – Download the Cavalier Clubs Health Leaflet
KC Health Test Finder
Search The Kennel Club for any health results for a dog which is registered at the Kennel Club.
KC Health Test Finder.
KC / BVA Chiari Malformation / Syringomyelia Scheme
Kennel Club & BVA official CM/SM Scheme

Download the Scheme Notes
MRI Test Centers
List of centers offering reduced rate MRI scans.
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A Guide to the Significance of Heart Murmurs in Cavaliers
So, you have done the right thing and taken your dog to a cardiologist for heart testing. What should you do now? – Read the answer
Kennel Club Heart Scheme for Cavaliers
Read about the scheme on the KC Website
Over Fives Heart Database
List of Cavaliers aged 5 and over who have a certificate from a cadiologist that shows the dog has a clear heart when checked for MVD
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Updated 18/01/21
CKCS Health Breeding Programme – EBV
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Kennel Club CC/DE DNA Results
Clear; Carrier; Affected
Kennel Club EF Test Results
Clear; Carrier; Affected
Kennel Club MRD Eye Pre 2020 Results –
KC MRD Open Register
Post Jan 2020 Results are found in the KC Health Test Finder
DNA From SM Clear Cavaliers Aged Over 5
Do you have a Cavalier that is over 5 and clear of SM?
Why not help research and submit a sample of your dog's DNA to the Researchers?
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The Syringomyelia Cavalier Collection Scheme
A plea to all owners with a cavalier that has SM confirmed by an MRI scan.
Click for the find out how you may help.

Updated 8 Feb 2011
30+ years of CKCS Health Initiatives
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