Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 18th January 2021
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the data is correct if you find any errors please notify the Club Secretary by email at so that the errors may be investigated.
When contacting the Secretary please include the following at the start of your email: KC Name of dog and KC Registration Number and the Event where dog was tested or approx. date of when dog was individually tested. If you wish to attach a copy of the certificate this will help in checking of any error.
Completed certificates should be sent direct to Mrs E Smith, 9 Elm Grove, Larbert, Stirlingshire, FK5 3LP, if not automatically sent on from a heart clinic.
A copy of the total list may be downloaded for printing by clicking on this link.
A – CD – LM – ST – Z
Dog’s Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Dactra Tennessee Waltz At Edonhill Quebire A Likely Lad For Edonhill Trirayne Enya Dog 15/03/1997 03/04/2002 J Gardiner & Dansage
Dakerima Cool Dude At Clentview Lyndabelle Country Boy Dakerima Pride Of The Potters Dog 21/11/1994 10/11/2000 M P Attwood
Dakota Vom Kaninchengarten by Aranel       22/07/2012 19/08/2017 Aldous & Smith
Dalvreck Carmel Of Charnwood Homaranne Carson Joy Of Homerbrent Bitch 11/01/1989 13/12/1995 S Scholes
Damaron Floradora Of Costara Costara Roderick Buckny Cinderella Of Damaron Bitch 23/07/1994 18/04/2001 M Workman
Damaron Grianan Charm Craigowl Chickory Of Damaron Stonepit Lady Lucinda Of Damaron Bitch 19/03/1985 01/06/1996 S S Cowie
Damaron Red Clover Of Costara Damaron Just William Dalvreck Sacred Spirit Of Damaron Bitch 27/01/1999 16/10/2010 M Workman
Damaron Tamarella At Itsadodal Goliave Sole Survivor By Damaron Chiffinch Pavlova Of Damaron Bitch 11/08/2002 16/10/2010 E Dodds
Dancross Debonair Of Deeriem Cinola Morgans Boy Of Deeriem Deeriem Moonfreya Dog 19/12/1987 08/11/1995 M Carter
Dandermel Egyptian Promise Downsbank Rouseau Dandermel Persian Promise Bitch 23/05/1999 23/02/2008 Cooper
Dandermel Je Ne Sais Quoi Triodan Tintoretto De Tanmerack Tanmerack Gloria Swanson Of Dandermel Dog 07/03/2005 23/10/2011 H & K Cooper
Dandermel Masquerade At Terstine Salere’s Tutti Fruitie Of Moonstone Tricianbri Indian Promise At Dandermel Dog 20/01/1994 02/03/2002 T & C O’Neill
Dandermel O’mally At Terstine Nikknax Star-trekking At Tanmerack Tregairn Maiden Of Dandermel Dog 18/10/1994 04/03/2000 T & C O’Neill
Danehaven Angels Girl Borderose Bonnie Lad Ruby’s Little Angel Bitch 11/05/2007 09/06/2013 R Yates
Dantonmela Rustic Rowland Rabymar Russian Boots Dantonmela Blazing Sunrise Dog 27/02/2007 01/03/2014 K Kynaston
Danya Desirable At Callyspride Pamedna Esperanza Danya’s Destiny Bitch 27/06/2004 26/09/2009 L Callaghan & L Todd
Danya’s Vodka Martini Granasil Zippergate Granasil Columbine Bitch 13/01/2002 27/09/2008 G Woodall
Daraste Lucy Locket Moonglow Venturer At Trirayne Giselle Of Johnasta At Daraste Bitch 08/07/1994 18/12/1999 P M Lewis
Daraste Ready For Love Milkeyn Sheer Magic Daraste Power Of Love Bitch 29/10/2003 24/09/2011 P Lewis
Darchave Darryl At Shenlyn Tregarron Black Flint Of Homerbrent Tosca Ruby Gem Dog 19/10/1986 13/01/1995 L A Irvine
Darozel Sarasota At Millricia Whitecroft Orlando Darozel Dallas Bitch 08/09/1994 13/07/2000 P & M Dawson
Davanel Amour Du Soir Evonola Mr Pickwick At Paulian Davanel Memoire Dog 30/05/1990 05/02/1997 D Smith
Davanel Memoire Knight Magic At Harana Wertune Black Buddleja Bitch 14/07/1988 05/03/1994 D Smith
Dawn Of April of Menota Ch Menota Boogie Woogie Menota Salsa Dancer Bitch 01/04/2012 30/11/2018 E & A Owens
Dazzle Razzle Gildasan Call My Bluff Adorable Addie Bitch 23/09/2005 27/02/2011 M J Browne
Deeriem Guitar Man Mareve Indiana Aldachell Secret Love Of Deeriem Dog 21/10/1993 26/01/2000 S Allerton
Deeriem Magic Moments Mareve Indiana Aldachell Secret Love Of Deeriem Bitch 21/10/1993 26/01/2000 S Allerton
Deeriem Moonfreya Cinola Super Tramp Of Deeriem Deeriem Moonclova Bitch 28/08/1983 28/05/1994 A E Crossley
Deeriem Tambourine Man Karabel Kavanagh Deeriem Moonlight Sonata Dog 12/06/2002 11/09/2008 S Allerton
Deeriem Tramps Legacy Linjato Ace Of Base Karabel Kristy Of Deeriem Dog 03/05/1997 24/09/2003 S Allerton
Delores Vom Kaninchengarten by Aranel     Bitch 22/07/2012 27/05/2018 Aldous & Smith
Degear Basil Degear Ivory Coast Degear Cornish Flower Dog 27/05/1993 12/03/2002 S Mezzone
Degear Swallow Tail Degear Ambrosius Degear Porcelain Dog 25/03/1997 18/08/2003 J M Steel
Delhaze Shoshana Of Annatika Spring Tide At Alansmere Delhaze Ebony Bitch 21/09/1991 10/11/1997 K Kelly
Delhaze Zofeya At Itsadodal Blairburn Bracken With Annatika Delhaze Ailsa Bitch 03/06/2009 17/10/2015 E Dodds
Deneve’s Lady Catherine Hedsor Trichopilia Berengaria’s Kiss Me Kate Of Deneve’s Bitch 19/04/1986 28/05/1994 C Godwin
Deranmar Ambrosius Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Deranmar Divinity Dog 01/01/1992 16/03/1997 A H Rennard
Deranmar Christopher Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Edonhill Rising Star For Deranmar Dog 28/07/2005 07/01/2011 Miss H J Perfect
Deranmar Divinity Salador Crismark Deranmar Delusion Bitch 28/11/1985 14/12/1994 A H Rennard
Deranmar Emily Dickinson Nevhill’s Nazareth Deranmar Sonnet Bitch 02/05/2000 09/06/2005 H Bartlett
Deranmar Frederica Deranmat Ambrosius Yewliss Charmian Of Deranmar Bitch 01/02/1993 22/07/2000 A H Rennard
Deranmar Gervase With Tonnew Mareve Indiana Keyingham Prudence Deranmar Dog 27/01/1996 09/02/2001 R & M Newton
Deranmar Lyric Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Deranmar Sonnet Bitch 14/02/1999 02/03/2008 A Rennard
Deranmar Michael Pascavale Enchanted Deranmar Lyric Dog 07/12/2002 15/11/2009 A Rennard
Deranmar Ophelia Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Deranmar Divinity Bitch 01/01/1992 16/03/1997 A Rennard
Deranmar Orlando Toraylac Joshua Deranmar Ophelia Dog 02/03/1994 06/03/1999 A H Rennard
Deranmar Richelieu Deranmar Raoul Deranmar Catriona Dog 03/05/1988 16/09/1994 A H Rennard
Deranmar Romance Deranmar Raoul Deranmar Divinity Bitch 12/11/1989 07/01/1997 A H Rennard
Deranmar Sonnet Johnasta Renaissance Deranmar Rhian Bitch 01/10/1994 28/06/2000 A H Rennard
Deranmar Verily Verily Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Deranmar Sonnet Bitch 23/03/1998 09/10/2003 A Rennard
Diwen Amber Prince At Snoobart Fontelania Burnt Toast Diwen Christmas Rose Of Suetam Dog 10/05/1988 07/11/1995 C S Monham-Brown
Diwen Angelique Of Rexeven Rossbonny Chin-up Beaulieu Belle Of Diwen Bitch 03/06/1989 26/06/1999 S Lambelle
Diwen Golden Dream Of Rexeven Fontelania Burnt Treacle Of Volney Diwen Golden Lady Bitch 10/06/1991 13/05/2002 G H Lambelle
Donrobby Gabriel Whyteplace Alonso Kathysgirls Hot Kookie at Donrobby   15/12/2013 24/02/2019 Mr & Mrs Durham
Donrobby Jeremiah Rossbonny Josh Donrobby Amaryllis Dog 22/07/1996 20/09/2002 J Durham
Donrobby Saint Paulia Donrobby Black Cherry Rheinvelt Celtic Diamond Bitch 28/04/1997 23/02/2003 E Coxwell
Dora Spenlow Of Deeriem Cinola Waterloo At Triodan Andusie Kiss Me Kate Of Wealdrose Bitch 12/08/1989 14/05/1999 K E Wright
Dornash Sorenstam Tasset Tiger Woods Dornash Make My Day Bitch 07/10/2005 27/11/2010 D Ashpole
Dortmund Delyla Harana Dortmund Take A Chance Harana Dortmund Ruby Star Bitch 24/11/2006 24/04/2016 L Koster
Dortmund Little Bo Peep N/k N/k Bitch 09/03/1991 09/03/1996 S Timms
Double First At Tayfern Hilarny The Don Hurleaze Nice To See You Dog 06/03/1987 20/01/1999 P M Stark
Dragonfly Daisy Deranmar Merryon At Edonhill December Lily Of The Manor Bitch 05/04/2008 01/03/2014 H M Wilding-Davies
Drewsankie Pandoras Girl From Celxo Granasil Black Jack Celxo Savanah Bitch 03/12/2002 04/03/2009 Mrs Sandra Singleton
Droleus Sheez Just Cruuzin At Tillymist Droleus That’s M’louis Christobelle Let’s Cher With Droleus Bitch 17/08/2005 19/11/2011 J & M Phillips
Droleus That’s M’boy Coedgwylum Hot Rod Pendro Delicious For Droleus Dog 13/06/1993 06/05/2000 S Jones
Droleus That’s M’susii Q For Tomnil Tomnil Cream Of The Stars At Droleus Wightisle She’s Magic At Droleus Bitch 25/02/2007 29/09/2012 Mrs J Tarlton
Drumhaye Passion Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Illusion Drumhaye Pagina Bitch 03/03/1995 28/07/2000 K M Coaker
Dunbara Annika Dunbara Kendri Tregairn Dinah Of Dunbara Bitch 10/05/1983 12/12/1994 B Mckenzie
Dunbara Echo Gorsedene Taurus Of Zacara Dunbara Delphi Bitch 01/11/1986 10/05/1999 D M Mckenzie
Dunbara Elounda Dunbara Yassou Dunbara Unity Bitch 12/05/1981 04/04/1995 D M Mckenzie
Dunbara Kritsa Harrowood Calypso Lad Dunbara Elounda Bitch 08/11/1985 05/04/1994 D M Mckenzie
Dunbara Nerissa Dunbara Theo Kamiria Of Dunbara Bitch 22/03/1990 17/07/1997 D M Mckenzie
Dusky Maiden At Granasil Granasil Ratzipuss Macomi Shaleen Bitch 01/05/1985 05/03/1994 J J Grant
Ebony Secret Ankris Black Pepper Puff At Shenlyn Red Ameryllis Bitch 05/08/1997 25/05/2004 H Clemments
Edonhill Blaze Away Deranmar Michael Edonhill Starlight Dog 30/10/2005 29/09/2012 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Edonhill Connie Fisher Merriquest Royal Velvet Edonhill Harmony Bitch 15/07/2006 29/09/2012 Miss J Gardiner & Miss J Dansage
Edonhill Dash Away Edonhill Blaze Away Merriquest Winter Mist Dog 26/06/2008 01/03/2014 Miss J Gardiner & Miss J Dansage
Edonhill Golden Thimble Hillacres Cotton On To Keyingham Edonhil Leading Lady Bitch 04/02/1993 19/01/1999 J Gardiner
Edonhill Harmony Harana Starman Harana Aspects Of Love At Merriquest Bitch 14/08/2003 21/08/2011 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Edonhill Lord Of The Ring Knight Magic At Harana Tickled Pink At Edonhill Dog 12/07/1990 14/04/1997 J Gardiner
Edonhill Miles Better Knight Magic At Harana Truly Bewitched At Edonhill Dog 16/05/1991 14/04/1997 J Gardiner
Edonhill Miss Miles Edonhill Miles Better Edonhill Iced Spice Bitch 10/03/1994 18/08/1999 J Gardiner
Edonhill My Fair Lady Knight Magic At Harana Tickled Pink At Edonhill Bitch 12/07/1990 31/03/2000 J Gardiner
Edonhill Oakey Doekee Merriquest Royal Velvet Edonhill Harmony Dog 15/07/2006 29/09/2012 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Edonhill Shadow Dancer Montcolly Duncan Callobrina Sunrise At Edonhill Bitch 14/03/2000 27/02/2006 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Edonhill Spot On Edonhill Going For Gold Edonhill Holly Berry Dog 11/12/1989 07/04/1997 J Gardiner
Edonhill Starlight Montcolly Crackerjack Merriquest I Have A Dream Bitch 23/03/2003 05/03/2011 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Edonhill There’s Magic About Merriquest Knight Magic At Harana Truly Bewitched At Edonhill Bitch 16/05/1991 14/04/1997 J Dansage
Egama Aria Of Costara Sorata Fissical Ballochmyle Zinnia Of Egama Bitch 14/02/1986 18/01/1995 M Workman
Eikandi Ebony Soul Star Rheinvelt Raved About with Jalesto Meijulita Lavander Lace with Eikandi Bitch 14/02/2006 07/04/2011 Cain & Morton
Eikandi Hot Jazz Lehdansa Red Hot Chilli Meijulita Lavander Lace Bitch 17/09/2004 26/09/2009 D Cain & G Morton
Eleina Miss Maple At Greenabella Ricksbury Playing Cool Eleana Winters Dawn Bitch 06/01/1989 05/07/1995 P A Lewis
Elizasholly Caras Pride Ricksbury Royal Escape Elizasholly Zerlinda Bitch 16/06/2005 12/06/2011 M E Beetham
Ellenaud Harry Potter Craigowl Crackpot At Arenkote Ellenaud Buffy Dog 04/06/2003 18/10/2008 E Renaud
Ellisiana Adonis Maibee Make Believe Ricksbury Venus To Ellisiana Dog 24/12/2010 09/04/2017 J & S Hindle
Ellisiana Shan Tung Ricksbury Royal Legend Fyrnrose French Silk With Ellisiana Bitch 06/12/2003 11/04/2009 J & S Hindle
Ellka’s Burberry Belle In Ellkadapama Flossybrook Touch Of Magic In Bowcara Michaela’s Angel From Ellkadapama Bitch 03/11/2004 08/01/2010 Mrs D P Snowden
Elmchurch Lady Be Good Telvara Kasanova Elmchurch Sweet Celandine Bitch 07/01/1990 27/02/2000 J Church
Elmchurch Miss Saigon Telvara Kasanova Elmchurch Sweet Celandine Bitch 07/01/1990 02/08/1995 M Austin
Elmchurch Showboat Telvara Kasanova Elmchurch Sweet Celandine Dog 07/01/1990 27/05/1995 S Koonyn
Elmchurch The Music Man Telvara Kasanova Elmchurch Sweet Celandine Dog 07/01/1990 13/03/1995 L Somerton
Elsapam Of Forest Town Cottismeer Bennie At Stonepit Alanskei Sandena Bitch 16/07/1986 31/12/1994 P K Fox
Emarik Honeysuckle Gem Pascavale Jamie Emarik Winter Jasmine Bitch 04/02/2007 08/05/2013 P Richens
Emarik Mayhem Kersmere Chaos Emarik Winter Jasmine Dog 03/05/2008 20/08/2014 P Richens
Emarik Winter Jasmine Deranmar Michael Emma Of Farrydale Bitch 07/09/2004 17/02/2016 P Richens
Emma Of Farrydale Deranmar Song Of Solomon Charnell Memphis Belle Bitch 28/11/1998 23/02/2005 P Richens
Emsmere Adorable Fontelania Capri Emsmere Minette Bitch 16/11/1986 23/01/1995 B N Briggs
Emsmere Alice At Queensham Meadholt Buccaneer Emsmere Minuet Bitch 29/12/1987 18/08/1995 S S Macleay
Emsmere Bellissima Alberto Of Kindrum Emsmere Tinsel Bitch 21/10/1990 02/07/1996 B Briggs
Emsmere Captain Meadholt Buccaneer Emsmere Miss Moppet Dog 19/01/1987 20/12/1994 B N Briggs
Emsmere Fanny Price At Queensham Emsmere Ambrose Emsmere Alice At Queensham Bitch 04/10/1990 13/08/1999 S Macleay
Emsmere Jet Of Crystaldean Emsmere Quickstep Emsmere Adorable Dog 22/07/1988 17/09/1997 E Dolamore
Emsmere Marble Meadholt Enchanter Emsmere Schnoodel Dog 20/11/1989 09/03/1998 D M Copps
Emsmere Parnella Lord Of The Dance At Chilsham Emsmere Prunella Bitch 12/10/1985 02/03/1994 B N Briggs
Emsmere Portia Jia Laertes Of Tonnew Emsmere Prunella Bitch 13/09/1982 02/03/1994 B N Briggs
Emsmere Pride And Joy Of Crystaldean Meadholt Enchanter Emsmere Alice At Queensham Dog 04/10/1989 17/01/1996 E Dolamore
Emsmere Royalist Alberto Of Kindrum Emsmere Tinsel Dog 21/10/1990 06/11/1995 B N Briggs
Emsmere Schnoodel Meadholt Buccaneer Emsmere Portia Bitch 07/01/1988 04/01/1995 B N Briggs
Emsmere Tinsel Meadholt Buccaneer Emsmere Minuet Bitch 29/12/1987 06/11/1995 P C Alliston
Enigmai Lady Adularia Echo Tayfern Ptarmigan Tillington Chacha At Enigmai Bitch 10/12/2008 21/02/2016 A & P Cassidy
Enigmai Lady Amber Selene Donrobby Hollywood Oakash Lady In Red Bitch 26/09/2002 28/10/2012 A & P Cassidy
Enigmai Lady Crystal Megara Dandermel Je Ne Sais Quoi Pacchbei’s Sheer Magic at Enigmai Bitch 10/01/2012 21/10/2018 A J & P Cassidy
Enigmai Lady Iolite Jocasta Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Enigmai Lady Amber Selene Bitch 26/09/2004 23/10/2011 A & P Cassidy
Enigmai Sir Sphalerite Fons Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Tillington Chacha At Enigmai Dog 20/02/2006 14/06/2011 A Annetts
Enigmai Sir Triphane Cadmus At Pacchibei Tayfern Tribute Enigmai Lady Iolite Jocasta Dog 18/06/2009 24/05/2015 J Webb
Estrid Theron Ricksbury Tommy Daraste Rebecca At Estrid Dog 18/10/1999 31/03/2006 E Mancey
Evandale Maestro Magic At Amauri Amauri Moonlight Maestro Evandale Last Waltz Dog 26/05/1995 12/12/2000 R & O Emery
Evansly Endeavour Ch Pascavale Bailey Juzandia Enchantment with Evansly Dog 12/06/2011 28/09/2019 M J D Evans
Eyecandy Betty Boo At Gabmaddi Chalmray Royal Sovereign Of Behabre Llessort Amber Bitch 26/03/2007 02/03/2013 S Maddy
Eyecandy Kora Chalmray Royal Sovereign Of Behabre Llessort Amber Bitch 13/07/2005 26/05/2011 Mrs L Kilcoyne
Eyeza Blithe Spirit Harana Chumley Eyeza Beez Neez Bitch 26/02/1992 16/03/1999 A Selg
Eyeza Coming Up Roses Volney More Shenanigans Eyeza Dora Duncan Bitch 14/10/1994 08/05/2000 S D Burgess
Eyeza Snug As A Bug At Pippbrook Volney More Shenanigans Eyeza Dora Duncan Bitch 14/10/1994 24/09/2000 J Burt
Faulklea Fire’n Ice Edonhill Blaze Away Quintrelle Crystal Georget At Faulklea Dog 25/02/2008 24/04/2016 S & T Conibere
Faulkvalley Just Allysium Of Charnavale Nevhill’s Navarra Faulkvalley Just Amazing Bitch 15/06/2007 28/09/2014 S Mangham
Featherfalls Hy Delight For Bellrise Underknoll Atonement For Pendralier Featherfalls Luna Blossom Bitch 12/10/2010 24/04/2016 S & T Conibere
Featherfalls Mr Debonair for Moonfall       20/04/2011 22/10/2017 V Jonnson
Felicity Fairy Cakes Wandris Show Boat Pleasant Surprise Bitch 06/09/2004 28/02/2011 Diana Stevens & Tim Kirby
Finjaro Back To Black Ch Aranel Cosmic Monwelabay Making Mahem Dog 06/02/2009 12/10/2017 R Newman
Fittlewood Snow King Hilarny The Don Fittlewood Jenny Dog 29/02/1988 09/03/1996 A Wood
Fittlewood The Boss At Wightisle Alberto Of Kindrum Ravensbeech Dawn Run To Fittlewood Dog 28/01/1992 02/03/2000 V Rance
Fittlewood The Builder Alberto Of Kindrum Ravensbeech Dawn Run To Fittlewood Dog 28/01/1992 06/03/1999 A S Wood
Florindale Evangeline Craigowl Chad Charnell Spring Song At Florindale Bitch 29/11/1993 30/03/1999 A S Gill
Florindale Greta Garbo Trirayne Dynamite Dennis At Whyteplace Florindale Betty Grable Bitch 14/10/1999 03/02/2007 M Bettis
Florindale Jethro Pascavale Jamie Florindale Wood Opal Dog 02/01/2008 20/10/2013 A S Gill
Florindale Merriment Cavaliegh Alexander Craigowl Kismet Of Florindale Bitch 24/01/1994 08/10/1999 A S Gill
Florindale Nutmeg Mcgoogans Eidolon Of Merecot Wolvershill Emmadale Of Florindale Bitch 31/08/1989 31/03/1999 A S Gill
Florindale Pansy Poppet Deranmar Raoul Craigowl Kismet Of Florindale Bitch 20/10/1991 26/02/1997 A S Gill
Florindale Wood Opal Beewye Lara’s Rufus Picardy’s Black Amethyst Bitch 05/04/2002 27/02/2011 A S Gill
Flossybrook Basil’s Boy Narayden Hot Chocolate In Flossybrook Flossybrook Anastasia Dog 10/03/2000 20/09/2006 C Davies
Flossybrook Touch Of Magic Flossybrook Sheer Magic Flossybrook Lady Grey Dog 03/03/2001 20/09/2006 C Davies
Forever Romance Of Whitecroft Poundroll Charisma Of Whitecroft Priorlodge Sheer Elegance Bitch 02/05/2002 03/03/2012 D Moulden
Fothergills’s Rebbeca Lillico Cool Duke Beaubold Mrs Monday Bitch 10/10/1989 16/04/1996 H Mcintosh
Fraoch Firecracker Kinloch Klansman Mistavon Miss Moon Light Bitch 04/06/1991 21/08/2000 D Phillips
Fraoch Firelover Telvara Kalvin Klein Alsubo Firefly At Fraoch Dog 22/03/1997 19/04/2005 D Mackintosh
Future King Miles Of Tegryn Small Patch Dog 21/08/1999 19/04/2005 D Mackintosh
Fyrnrose Secret Ambition Fyrnrose Lachie Fyrnrose Secret Love Bitch 22/01/2007 28/10/2012 Magee
Gabledene Graceland Of Myhope (neut) Northscale Dreadnought At Gabledene Gabledene Good Grace Bitch 10/09/1988 20/08/1995 C Sullivan
Gadeslain Gigi Dandermel Je Ne Sais Quoi Hillrows Magnolia For Gadeslain Bitch 21/02/2008 21/02/2016 K Connor
Gadeslain Mystic Emerald At Jazzmilla Montcolly Brian Gadeslain Mayan Princess Bitch 19/06/2006 21/08/2011 B Bollington
Gadeslain Mystic Knight Juzandia Red Hot Chilli Pepa Gadeslain Mayan Princess Dog 13/06/2005 20/10/2013 C Elton
Gadeslain Mystic Melody For Christobeth Juzandia Red Hot Chilli Pepa Gadeslain Mayan Princess Bitch 13/06/2005 21/08/2011 S Cole
Gadeslain Mystic Star Tamcinia Badgers Folly Gadeslain Mayan Princess Bitch 29/11/2003 23/02/2014 K Connor
Gadeslain Perfect Gent Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale Gadeslain Gigi Dog 24/08/2013 21/10/2018 K Connor
Gadeslain Rioja Campanards Tribute To Sorata (imp Swe) Gadeslain Mystic Star Bitch 22/05/2010 21/02/2016 K Connor
Gadeslain Sugar Candy for Kemble       20/02/2012 09/08/2017 J Taylor
Gangan Fidelio Trirayne Jasper Of Gangan Gangan Lady Millie Dog 21/06/1993 03/09/1998 A A Tate
Gangan Jacinth Trirayne Jasper Of Gangan Jengem Pearls Of Wisdom Of Gangan Bitch 10/05/1990 05/08/1998 A A Tate
Gangan Lady Millie Berengaria’s Solitaire Bresan Chimo Of Gangan Bitch 16/03/1987 03/11/1994 A A Tate
Gangan Lord Spot Berengaria’s Solitaire Bresan Chimo Of Gangan Dog 16/03/1987 26/07/1994 A A Tate
Gangan Michaela Moorglade Michaelmas With Tayfern Gangan Steffi Bitch 02/10/1991 03/12/1997 A A Tate
Garlouchi Oopsa Daisy Of Charnavale Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale Aranel Bootylicious Bitch 18/11/2009 26/09/2015 S Mangham
Gem Of A Lass For Eikandi Charterwood Whizz Faithful Jade Bitch 21/06/2002 15/07/2009 D Cain & G Morton
General Custer At Angelarc Lavren Bucks Fizz Richard’s Little Gem Dog 13/10/1990 30/12/1997 A & C Hayles
General Grumble By Gangan Moonglow Venturer At Trirayne Gangan Babbitty Bumble Dog 18/01/1994 24/05/1999 A & D Tate
Gentlefolk Sweet Mary Rose Narayden Red Echo Gentlefolk Night Fever Bitch 07/05/2013 12/03/2019 J M Thompson
Gentle Gabriella Of Aspencot Amantra Solid Gold Lady Ruby Ribbon Bitch 07/08/2008 28/09/2013 Ms Axford
Gentle Treacle Delight Gentlefolk Good As Gold Angel Swansea Rose   18/09/2014 17/12/2019 Mrs Carrington
Geronsart Amadis At Amauri Geronsart Tar Mac At Amauri Geronsart Intrigue Dog 22/07/1994 12/12/2000 R & O Emery
Geronsart Bertolino At Amauri Alberto Of Kindrum Geronsart Orange Blossom Dog 06/09/1995 12/12/2000 R & O Emery
Geronsart Hot Toddy At Sandbrae Downsbank Red Ranger Of Bardenji Geronsart Intrigue Dog 23/07/1989 09/08/1995 E Glen
Geronsart Night Light At Amauri Kindrum Cardinal Red Amantra Night Nurse Of Geronsart Dog 24/09/1987 25/04/1994 R & O Emery
Geronsart Night Orchid At Brasingamen Geronsart Night Light At Amauri Zouga Rapture Of Geronsart Bitch 03/10/1995 13/11/2000 C R Armitt
Geronsart Sunset At Touvas Myhope Fever Geronsart Nightie Nite Dog 25/09/1998 27/08/2005 B Vout
Geronsart Tar Mac At Amauri Geronsart Night Light At Amauri Zouga Rapture Of Geronsart Dog 16/08/1992 30/11/1999 R & O Emery
Geronsart Venetian Rose Of Brasingamen Ch Alberto Of Kindrum Geronsart Orange Blossom Bitch 29/08/1993 13/11/2000 C R Armitt
Geronsart Water Boy At Sandbrae Cinola Bo Jangles Geronsart Water Lily Dog 19/11/1990 20/11/1995 E Glen
Gillichris Golden Mystic The Bag Piper Of Coppertops Leelyn My Cherrie Bitch 14/10/1998 30/10/2005 M Day
Giselle Of Johnasta At Daraste Alberto Of Kindrum Sheilings Jiliana Of Johnasta Bitch 03/11/1988 02/02/1996 P M Lewis
Glenbrows Had To Be Me Glenbrows Not A Bad Lad Glenbows Sparkle & Shine Bitch 08/05/2014 24/07/2019 N M James
Glengilpin Candyman Charnwood Scandel Of Glengilde Dalvreck Carmel Of Charnwood Dog 03/08/1993 25/01/1999 S Scholes
Goldenwood Cleopatra Alberica Rochnoir Of Goldenwood Goldenwood Angel Delight Bitch 27/09/2005 01/07/2011 S Griffiths-Plummeridge
Goldenwood Peaches An Cream Rustic Kentish Rupert Of Goldenwood Moonshine Dream At Joyalm Bitch 27/02/2002 27/03/2010 Mrs L K Butter
Graith Cassandra Maibee Mcmillan Sapphire Of Graith Bitch 18/06/1993 03/07/1998 R Howell
Granasil Chocolate Soldier Harana Media Star Sorata Gilda Dog 01/09/1994 06/06/2001 J & J Grant
Granasil Dr Pepper Campanards Tribute To Sorata (imp Swe) Llessort Fay Dog 20/11/2006 09/06/2013 C E Kilcoyne
Granasil Iron Lady Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Granasil Milli Vanilli Bitch 18/10/1992 15/08/1998 j Grant
Granasil Kennedy Nevhill’s Roosevelt Granasil Little Dorrit Dog 15/08/2003 11/08/2009 Mrs J Grant
Granasil Merrik Harana Rockstar At Denstone Granasil Iron Lady Dog 13/07/1995 18/07/2001 J Grant
Granasil Milli Vanilli Sorata Dunross Dusky Maiden At Granasil Bitch 19/11/1989 04/11/1995 J Grant
Granasil Rosie Glow Harana Sinatra Granasil Ring Of Fire Bitch 21/03/2005 13/06/2010 Grant & Kilcoyne
Granasil Winter Magic Of Ecotyne Harana Sinatra Granasil Ring Of Fire Dog 21/03/2005 25/09/2010 M Weston & Johnson
Greenabella Annies Song Homerbrent Beach Boy Eleina Miss Maple Bitch 03/06/1990 17/10/1997 P A Lewis
Greenabella Knight Arabica Knight Magic At Harana Amantra Black Bertha Dog 06/08/1987 22/12/1997 P A Lewis
Greenabella Midnight Jade Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Amantra Black Bertha Bitch 23/07/1989 22/12/1997 P A Lewis
Greenabella Sabbra Cadabra Eneris Mr Nice Guy Of Darlsett Greenabella Midnight Jade Bitch 14/02/1993 10/07/1998 P A Lewis
Greenhow Gysella Craigowl Crackpot At Arenkote Greenhow Glissando Bitch 10/12/1997 31/03/2003 E Marshall
Gwentons Finlay With Verileas Deranmar Michael Gwentons Roseanna Dog 09/02/2005 19/11/2011 V Pack-Davison
Gwentons Sweet’n Saucy Nikknax Star-trekking At Tanmerack Harvests Dreamaker At Gwentons Bitch 01/10/1994 27/11/2000 G Baker
Gytona Freab Stonepit Rascal Daisys Crush Bitch 24/08/2014 03/02/2020 P Woolleson
Hammelsham Jamie Rytonion King Arther At Bonnyglen Hammelsham Pippa Dog 18/09/1994 16/12/2003 A A Speller
Hanaland Little Miss Moffet Kilbarchan’s Thomas Barrow Lady Dotty Symphony at Hanaland Bitch 03/11/2013 10/11/2018 S Collier
Harana Alfie Boe Downsbank Benedictine Harana Grace Kelly Dog 27/10/2010 05/03/2016 L Koster
Harana All That Jazz At Camahieu Sorata Dunross Harana Makin Whoopee Dog 07/08/1994 26/11/1999 P S Paver
Harana Angel Eyes Of Estrid Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Harana Nutmeg Bitch 17/05/1989 04/03/1995 E W Mancey
Harana Aspects Of Love At Merriquest Harana Smokey Robinson Choya Tri To Start For Harana Bitch 29/04/2000 22/08/2006 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Harana Caught Red Handed Harana Too Darn Hot Leelyn Louisa Harana Bitch 03/06/1999 15/07/2004 D Maclaine
Harana Cilla Black Downsbank Benedictine Harana Grace Kelly Bitch 27/10/2010 24/04/2016 L Koster
Harana New Flame At Greenabella Marelza Black Knight Harana Nutmeg Bitch 11/01/1992 25/04/1997 P A Lewis
Harana Rebel Rebel Harana Starman Kabob Loves Adiva For Harana (imp Aus) Dog 19/07/2004 15/11/2009 Mrs J Kostek
Harestreak Shadow Fantasy Farne Silver Shadow Of Mcgoogans Silk Fern Of Harestreak Bitch 06/12/1982 02/05/1996 H M Smith
Harmony Mystic Magic Homerbrent Jaspar Tamsung Sadie Bitch 18/09/1991 07/07/1997 C Ashford
Harrowbeer Henrietta Of Rubyfield Sorata Jonathan Harrowbeer Dark Dawn Bitch 28/10/1991 27/01/1997 P R Boundy
Harrowbeer Queen Of Diamonds Homerbrent Comanche Harrowbeer Dark Dawn Bitch 06/10/1989 13/11/1994 P R Boundy
Harrowood Heavenly Maid Charmsbourne Bugs Bunny Of Airlie Harrowood Halloween Dream Bitch 30/03/1987 25/08/1999 Kirri Jarrett
Harrowood Humdinger Harrowood Kiss Of Heaven Homerbrent Jennifer Of Harrowood Dog 29/10/1996 30/06/2003 P Jarrett
Harrowood Just Heavenly Triodan Tartuffe Harrowood Charm Bitch 25/05/1998 06/09/2003 P Jarrett
Harrowood Kiss Of Heaven Harrowood The Wizard Harrowood Emily Dog 15/12/1990 11/04/2001 P Jarrett
Harrowood Tiny Tim Harrowood Heritage Homerbrent Madeline Of Harrowood Dog 26/01/1989 06/12/1999 P Jarrett
Harrowood Witch Hazel Russmic Jacob Of Harrowood Harrowood Black Opal Bitch 06/01/1991 30/11/1998 P Jarrett
Hazelbury Dollybird Homerbrent Caradoc At Hazelbury Hazelbury Opal Bitch 25/03/1990 04/09/1997 S & M Mynott
Headra’s Wedgewood JW       18/06/2011 09/08/2017 I A & M E Kendall
Hearthfriend Haute Couture Sanickro Intuition Hearthfriend Hi Jinks Dog 20/09/2005 09/10/2010 P Biddle
Hearthfriend Hello Charlie At Spotta Trishine Timothy Hearthfriend Home Alone Dog 15/11/2009 23/07/2015 S Potter
Heaven Missing An Angel Judyland Christianson Putty Penny Bitch 16/07/2005 28/10/2012 Magee
Heinkylief Highlander Of Regensian Dortmund Tristar Stonepit Sweet Sally Of Regensian Dog 10/11/1999 21/04/2006 M & H Knapper
Henry Manhattens Boy Swaish Manhattan At Airlie Nolana Chelsea Girl At Siridell Dog 01/08/2000 25/10/2006 I Randell
Heronbank Fascination Choya Double Scotch Heronbank Amethyst Angel’s Affinity Dog 24/02/1996 04/04/2002 J Fairless
Heronbank Little Cracker Heronbank Jazzy Jasper Of Bekehren Petalface Velvet Rosebud Of Heronbank Bitch 08/11/2006 12/09/2012 Andrew & Jan Coupland
Heronsbridge Manzanilla Choya Double Scotch Charabia Chasseresse De Heronsbridge Dog 01/07/1995 22/07/2001 C Randall
Highstead Dolly Highstead Prince Rupert Harestreak Sunfun Bitch 12/03/1991 28/09/1997 M Brooker
Hilarny Bristol Bias Fontelania Luciano Hilarny Bristol Bustle Dog 17/05/1993 04/03/2000 B Costello
Hillbreach Bonnie Jane Lewisisle Highland Lewis Rosepride Ebony Jane At Hillbreach Bitch 30/08/1996 12/02/2003 B Reachill
Hillbreach Columbus Yorkland Mystical Dreamer At Moonstone Hillbreach Bonnie Jane Dog 02/11/1999 14/02/2005 B Reachill
Hilremaya Isabella Clockpelters The Fusilier Craswind Lady Bella Jade Bitch 15/02/2013 10/11/2018 H Yates
Hillrows Little Miss Marvel Of Lavehnke Telvara Kavalkade Hillrows Annalise Bitch 16/05/1999 21/10/2007 J Beney
Hiscli Bombalurina Gayhalo Mephistopheles Pintoosa Elphin Star Of Hiscli Bitch 14/10/1992 07/05/1998 S Ford
Hiscli Jennyanydots Gayhalo Mephistopheles Pintoosa Elphin Star Of Hiscli Bitch 14/10/1992 07/05/1998 S Ford
Hollambrie Desdemona Ricksbury Royal Hero Hollambrie Petite Fleur Bitch 30/09/2004 25/09/2010 Mrs C R Jenkins
Hollambrie Pink Diamond Ch Aranel Genesis Ch Hollambrie Pink Sapphire Bitch 25/09/2012 28/09/2019 C Jenkins
Hollambrie Pink Panther Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Hollambrie Desdemona Dog 12/01/2007 24/05/2015 C Jenkins
Hollambrie Pink Sapphire Hollambrie Pink Panther Hollambrie Pink Lady Bitch 25/05/2008 08/06/2014 C Jenkins
Hollambrie Touch Of Pink Hollambrie Pink Panther Hollambrie Pink Lady Bitch 30/11/2009 24/05/2015 P Roberts
Homaranne Beryl Homerbrent Jaspar Homaranne Platinum Bitch 23/06/1991 15/03/1997 D C Trevarthen
Homaranne Jonas At Braymill Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Homaranne Marcasite For Judyland Dog 08/08/1991 05/12/1998 D A R Russell
Homberbrent Denzil Craigowl Dixon Homerbrent Fortunato Dog 14/04/1998 16/12/2003 K M Coaker
Homebrood Snow White Celxo Royal Scotsman Of Homebrood Homebrood Polly Pocket Bitch 28/03/1998 21/11/2003 P Biddle
Homerbrent Adela Choya Acclamation Homerbrent Juliette Bitch 03/01/1999 21/04/2004 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Adulation Choya Acclamation Homerbrent Juliette Bitch 03/01/1999 23/02/2004 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Bramble Homerbrent Omar Homerbrent Cleo Lane Of Attamara Dog 17/01/1998 10/01/2005 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Branscombe Kinevor Curtis Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Emily Dog 14/06/2007 28/09/2013 S M Lymer & Jones
Homerbrent Carkeel Homaranne Carson Homerbrent Easter Psalm Dog 02/11/1990 02/07/1996 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Chaffinch At Havenjays Homerbrent Charlatan Trioleg Felicity Of Homerbrent Dog 04/05/1991 06/11/1996 L A James
Homerbrent Charlatan Craigowl Hoodwink Homerbrent Carlena Of Milkeyn Dog 15/05/1988 20/06/2001 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Charlemagne Harrowood Homerbrent Charlatan Homaranne Jade Dog 18/08/1993 09/02/2005 P Jarrett
Homerbrent Cherelle Homerbrent Charlatan Homerbrent Samba Bitch 08/09/1996 16/12/2003 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Chintz Of Salegreen Homerbrent Charlatan Homerbrent Pencara Bitch 24/10/1990 12/02/1998 R Eustace
Homerbrent Easter Hymn Easter Parade Of Homerbrent Ronnoc Solitaire Of Homerbrent Bitch 01/11/1988 29/02/1996 S M Cobb
Homerbrent Eliana Homerbrent Expression Homerbrent Octavia Bitch 07/08/1998 05/07/2005 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Enchantress Homerbrent Expression Homerbrent Adulation Bitch 17/08/2000 29/10/2006 S Shrimpton
Homerbrent Expression Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent Calina Dog 30/08/1995 05/07/2005 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Florence Of Harrowood Homerbrent Festival Homerbrent Polcrena Bitch 27/05/1992 22/02/2000 P Jarrett
Homerbrent Fortunato Alberto Of Kindrum Homerbrent Fashion Bitch 26/11/1995 12/06/2002 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Humbug Of Nastane Homaranne Caption Nastane Shuga Of Homerbrent Bitch 08/01/1984 04/03/1995 A East
Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent James Bond Homerbrent Tradition Dog 27/12/1993 04/03/2006 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Isidora Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent Cherene Bitch 05/06/1995 20/06/2001 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Juliette Braddabrook Jubilee Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Camilla Bitch 22/03/1995 28/07/2000 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Octavia Homerbrent Obsession Zapangu Gawdy Bauble Of Homerbrent (imp) Bitch 05/02/1996 12/06/2002 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Palmer Craigowl Parker Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Ophelia Dog 19/01/1999 05/07/2005 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Red Gazelle Homerbrent Comanche Homerbrent Haida Bitch 15/06/1994 22/07/1999 K Hart
Homerbrent Reno Homerbrent Apache Homerbrent Iowa Bitch 06/04/1990 03/04/1998 W & R Pinto
Homerbrent Sharonda Volney Shenanigan Homerbrent Caelina Bitch 20/01/1998 16/12/2003 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Tradition Pageant Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Charissa Bitch 11/07/1991 23/12/2002 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Wanda Keyingham Branwell Homerbrent Belinda Bitch 25/01/2008 09/06/2018 M Kotani
Honeybet Happy Wanderer Salbrie Versace Choya Tri To Delight Honeybet Dog 25/01/2001 15/05/2008 N Bowring
Honeybet Harmony Salbrie Versace Choya Tri To Delight Honeybet Bitch 25/01/2001 13/04/2006 S Mynott
Honeybet Headliner ** Le Monde ** Fait Bien At Honeybet Dog 15/06/1995 08/04/2003 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Hermione Salador Celtic Magician Honeybet Hi-de-lite Bitch 11/10/2002 21/10/2007 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Hot Gossip Honeybet Jus De La Cassis Hazelbury Dollybird Bitch 14/11/1994 07/01/2003 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Magic Trick Honeybet Magic Touch Honeybet Hot N Sassy   13/11/2012 10/11/2018 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Hot Shoe Shuffle Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Honeybet Hot’n Spicey Bitch 05/10/2001 27/02/2011 S Mynott
Honeybet Hot Spring Honeybet By Design Honeybet Hot’n Spicey Bitch 06/10/2004 27/02/2011 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Hot’n Spicey ** Honeybet Ensemble Honeybet Hot Gossip Bitch 13/04/1998 11/04/2006 S Mynott
Honeybet Hot N Tender Ch Pascavale Jamie Honeybet Hot Spring Bitch 13/06/2012 10/11/2018 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Jus De La Cassis Hilarny Rely On Robin ** La Cassis Dog 09/07/1993 20/01/1999 S A Mynott
Honeybet Just Magic     Bitch 01/07/2005 29/05/2016 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Magic Touch Judyland Touch Of Magic Honeybet Magical Mystery Dog 16/09/2008 05/10/2013 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Soft Shoe Shuffle Honeybet My Way Honeybet Hot Shoe Shuffle Bitch 25/05/2007 05/10/2013 S & M Mynott
Hurleaze Christmas Charm Mareve Indiana Hurleaze Charmed I’m Sure Bitch 25/12/1994 14/08/2001 D Hurley
Hurleaze Truly Royal At Stavonga Mareve Indiana Hurleaze Yours Truly Bitch 12/08/1995 25/02/2001 M Hogan
Immensee Carmen Tehranita Masquerade Aquitaine Sweet Violet Bitch 15/03/1989 28/09/2001 D M Lancaster
Immensee Columbine Tehranita Masquerade Aquitaine Sweet Violet Bitch 15/03/1989 23/12/1994 D M Lancaster
Immensee Ortello Charterwood Chester Pagar Sarlow Dog 21/11/1995 11/12/2001 B E Taylor
Incasmere Dream On Ricksbury Royal Edition Of Crystaldean Mylacre Dear Pippa Of Incasmere Bitch 03/05/2003 26/10/2008 C Frost
Indianna Maibee Homaranne Polruan Maibee A Christmas Rose Dog 21/07/1988 09/04/1996 S Waters
Inscoll Jemima’s Dannii At Tusculana Inscoll Jasper Carrot Gabledene Jemima At Inscoll Bitch 03/01/1991 22/08/1999 S R Robinson
Ispahan Vespers Russmic Superstition Saleres Roxanne At Ispahan Bitch 06/11/1990 25/07/1996 E C King-smith
Ithacrob Crystalherald At Cliscrob Telvara Kasanova Rejoice Of Homerbrent At Ithacrob Dog 24/02/1990 22/11/1995 K & C Robinson
Ithacrob Diademsash At Cliscrob Ch Hilarny The Don Ithacrob Sashaze Bitch 20/11/1992 02/03/1998 C B Robinson
Ithacrob Silkybar At Cliscrob Deranmar Raoul Ithacrob Silkyhaze Dog 17/12/1989 16/01/1995 S Ithurralde
Ivetsey Friesia Amantra Rolling Stone Ivetsey Ruth Bitch 26/07/1989 06/03/1999 L I Bilton
Izzharree Perfect Eclipse Maibee Picture Perfect Izzharree Amber Amor Amor Dog 25/08/2010 17/10/2015 L M Halbert
Jack The Lad Hurleaze Boy Oh Boy Hurleaze As You Like It Dog 21/04/1986 21/07/1996 B Richards
Jacrianna Miss Moneypenny Maibee Montrose Julchrisgor Just Joy Jacrianna Bitch 07/11/2007 17/11/2012 Mr And Mrs Portingale
Jadechar Olympia of Bellflows Spindlepoint Nelson of Jadechar Jadechar Cinderella Bitch 28/02/2012 21/10/2017 G Blair
Jalesto Dont Stop Me Now Rheinvelt Raved About With Jalesto Culverhill Saffron With Jalesto Bitch 25/05/2005 06/10/2012 S North & North
Jalesto Love Of My Life Rheinvelt Raved About With Jalesto Culverhill Saffron With Jalesto Bitch 24/06/2006 28/09/2013 S & S North
Jalesto Now Im Here Rheinvelt Raved About With Jalesto Culverhill Saffron With Jalesto Dog 25/05/2005 28/09/2013 Mrs S North & Ms S North
Jalesto’s Innuendo Granasil Winter Flame Jalesto Love Of My Life Bitch 30/05/2008 28/09/2013 S & S North
Jansara Finale Homerbrent Festival Cinola Finesse Of Jansara Bitch 14/08/1991 25/11/1996 M J Powell
Jansara Moondust Cinola Paper Moon Of Jansara Jansara Topsy-turvy Bitch 02/10/1990 28/02/1996 J James
Jansara Moonlighting Cinola Paper Moon Of Jansara Jansara Topsy-turvy Bitch 02/10/1990 14/03/1997 J James
Janthows Trulli Frentzen With Cridensa Culverhill Pick Pocket Crystaldawn’s Sensation At Janthow Dog 25/09/2000 17/10/2006 G R Knapp & D M Blackie
Jaroma Black Velvet Granasil Black Jack Stelroes Seraph Bitch 22/02/1998 27/11/2003 J A Robins
Jazzmilla Fair Of Face Darozel De Montoya At Christobeth Crystaldawn’s Jasmine At Jazzmilla Bitch 02/01/2006 21/08/2011 B E Billington
Jeilohn Lily of Patras Jeilohn Conneach Jeilohn Sapphire Bitch 30/08/2011 15/10/2016 F Beswick
Jeilohn Myrna     Bitch 19/01/2010 09/08/2017 E Gaskell
Jemimahs Swan Song Brydorstan Peter Piper Jemima Of Woodhouse Bitch 17/03/1992 22/12/2003 F Sinclair
Jengem Double Dare Dan Dare Of Charlottetown Jengem Minuscule Mary (neut) Dog 25/04/1992 22/02/1998 K Westwood
Jengem Floreta Charlottetown Court Jester Jengem Wise And Wonderful Bitch 30/05/1999 16/10/2004 E Jeffery & J Wright
Jengem Minuscule Mary (neut) Astraddle Innue ’n’ Does Jengem Love Me Do Bitch 15/11/1986 15/03/1997 K Westwood
Jengem Patience At Siridell The Jones Boy At Charlottetown Jengem Tenacity Bitch 11/08/1995 09/11/2000 I Randell
Jengem Pearls Of Wisdom Of Gangan Maxholt Another Tale Jengem Mother Of Pearl Bitch 24/06/1984 18/09/1996 A A Tate
Jengem Rose Campion Double First At Tayfern Jengem Tenacity Bitch 19/04/1991 29/07/2004 J Rate
Jengem Sonatina Charlottetown Court Jester Jengem Wise And Wonderful Bitch 30/05/1999 26/02/2006 K Westwood
Jengem Tenacity (neut) Salador Connors Jengem Audacity Bitch 21/11/1988 21/06/1996 K Westwood
Jengem Vexation The Jones Boy At Charlottetown Jengem Tenacity (neut) Bitch 11/08/1995 25/02/2001 K Westwood
Jengem Vivacity Jengem Double Dare Jengem Tenacity (neut) Bitch 27/03/1993 23/01/2006 K Westwood
Jengem Wise And Wonderful Dan Dare Of Charlottetown Jengem Vivacity Bitch 25/07/1995 02/03/2008 K Westwood
Jennyjess Rubie Carrington Billy A lot To Love(AFI) Jenyjess's Ebony Megirl Bitch 12/08/2012 11/10/2018 A Carrrington
Jentrio Annie’s Gift Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Simply Loppy At Jentrio Bitch 25/12/2002 26/10/2008 J Puttock
Jentrio Elation Dot’ty Dot Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Simply Loppy At Jentrio Bitch 25/12/2002 26/10/2008 J J Puttock
Jetauric Alice Salegreen Herb Robert Alansmere One More Love At Jetauric Bitch 25/05/2001 07/03/2008 B Sherring
Jetauric Daisy Bill Cody At Charnell Jetauric Alice Bitch 06/08/2003 19/05/2009 B Sherring
Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Double First At Tayfern Matel Yellow Rose Of Texas At Jezano Dog 02/07/1996 26/09/2003 P M Stark
Jinjan Cotton Candy Mareve Indiana Johnasta Dolcis Avec Jinjan Bitch 11/05/1999 12/05/2004 J Waller
Jinjan Jumpin’ Jack Flash Charnell Billy Bob Johnasta Dolcis Avec Jinjan Dog 10/08/2000 04/01/2006 J Waller
Johnasta Blossom Trail Homerbrent Festival Johnasta Holly Blossom Bitch 29/10/1992 05/12/1997 D W Williams
Johnasta Dance’n Doll Keyingham Christian Kinvaar Who’s The Floozie Of Johnasta Bitch 09/11/2006 02/03/2013 S J Williams
Johnasta Gin Rummy Johnasta Domino Lymrey Day Dream Of Johnasta Bitch 04/01/1991 10/01/1997 P I Garner
Johnasta Gin Sling Johnasta Giovani Johnasta Gin Rummy Bitch 29/06/1995 11/10/2000 P I Garner
Johnasta Holly Blossom Johnasta Rocka Fella Sheilings Hollyberry Of Johnasta Bitch 01/05/1988 12/04/1995 D W Williams
Johnasta Rose Crystal At Kinvaar Brymarden Montana Kinvaar Knowing Johnasta Bitch 11/06/2008 19/10/2013 D Kerr
Jolainey Miss Millie Wandris Entertainer Jolainey Just A Poppet Bitch 07/11/2005 06/05/2012 D Coole
Jolainey Naughty But Nice Maibee Montrose Jolainey Miss Millie Bitch 14/08/2009 24/04/2016 D Coole
Jolainey Taylor Made Maibee Montrose Jolainey Miss Millie Bitch 26/09/2007 16/11/2013 D Coole
Jolainey Tigerlilly Wandris Entertainer Jolainey Just A Poppet Bitch 07/11/2005 21/08/2011 D Coole
Jordanic Borderer Darlsett       06/05/2009 09/04/2017 J Spark
Joyofdell Highland Monarch Of Lewisisle Lewisisle Highland Lewis Felicia Hot Ginger Dog 11/07/1994 22/11/2002 M Morrison
Judyland Unexpected Judyland Armarni Judyland Crystal Image At Rossbonny Dog 10/03/2002 25/09/2010 M A Brierley-smith
Julchrisgor Angel Delight Charnell Monterey Julchrisgor Irresistable Bitch 27/04/2011 24/04/2016 M L Hawkins
Julchrisgor Just Joy Jacrianna Amantra Independence Bright Angel Eyes Bitch 27/04/2004 25/10/2009 Mr P & Mrs J Portingale
Juniper Firefly Lucky Shoes Of Oxenpill And Amantra Roela Vanity Scarlet Rose Bitch 27/02/1988 10/06/1999 M Rouholamin
Just Magic Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Illusion Mollerina Moon Dog 27/11/1994 30/10/2004 M P Attwood
Just The Ticket At Tonnew Tonnew Teddington Leogem Destiny Bitch 04/09/1989 09/02/2001 M Newton
Juzandia Betsy Trotwood By Evansly Aranel Bombastic Juzandia Enchantment With Evansly Bitch 18/11/2006 26/02/2012 M J D Evans
Juzandia Enchantment With Evansly Pascavale Enchanted Juzandia Purrfection Bitch 22/05/2004 25/10/2009 J D Evans
Juzandia Likely Lad Maibee Montrose Juzandia Sugar Babe Dog 29/08/2007 01/03/2014 J Hazeltine & R Jaramillo
Juzandia Omega Of Matsy Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Juzandia Simply Red Bitch 04/12/1991 12/08/2003 E M Winton
Juzandia Pride Of Maisie Juzandia Cotton Eye Joe Juzandia Hayzie Mayzie Bitch 27/05/1997 12/09/2003 T Whittaker
Juzandia Rockin’ Robyn Of Tuppenlil Harana Rockstar At Denstone Juzandia New Flame At Suchfun Bitch 30/07/1994 23/09/1999 M Ford
Kadoogels Bon Bonniere Johnasta Rudolf My Own Kizzy Kadoogel Bitch 22/01/1991 15/03/1997 E Kitson
Kadoogels Cappuccino (neut) Salador Celtino Kadoogels Bon Bonniere Dog 15/08/1997 01/03/2003 E Kitson
Kadoogels Carte Noir Salador Celtino Kadoogels Bon Bonniere Bitch 15/08/1997 08/03/2003 E Kitson
Kadoogels Christmas Eve Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador My Own Kizzy Kadoogel Bitch 24/12/1989 09/03/1996 E Kitson
Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi Maibee Montrose Kaidee My Angel Bitch 24/07/2008 01/03/2014 C & L Tarabad
Kaladon California Dream For Ambuina Sloane Ranger Of Crillmere Kaladon Triple Tri Bitch 07/01/1996 07/12/2002 J Dubka
Karabel Kamille Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Karabel Kiritess Bitch 15/05/1995 05/07/2000 J Blunt
Karabel Katrina Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Karabel Kiritess Bitch 15/05/1995 05/07/2000 J Blunt
Karaime Charmer at Simpatico Aranel Genesis Rebhann Hankie Pankie Dog 29/10/2013 07/10/2019 C Godwin
Karen’s Kutey Taz Of Cams Betty Blaenffos Bitch 29/06/2003 27/09/2008 K Lamont
Kastehelmi Miss Molly Telvara Kosta Del Mar Kastehelmi Snowdrop Bitch 18/10/2004 26/02/2012 E R Coxwell
Kastehelmi Snowdrop Telvara Karbon Kopy Suncrest Someone Special Bitch 09/05/1998 25/02/2007 E Coxwell
Kathelsie’s Geddiebear At Vonnyisle Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale Arroline’s Snow Ice Queen At Kathelsie Dog 30/04/2011 13/05/2016 S Clarke
Kathysgirls Calliope Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Roseings Emma Bitch 14/09/2004 06/02/2010 K Hargest
Kathysgirls Kalypso       21/11/2012 28/04/2018 K Hargest
Kavacay Spring Pearl Chantiz Indiana Spring Kavacay Mystical Pearl Bitch 10/04/1998 20/04/2005 L Robertson
Kavenka Minnie The Minx Maibee Montrose Kavenka Sugar And Spice Bitch 16/09/2003 16/10/2010 A Bates
Kavenka Mischief Maker Maibee Montrose Kavenka Sugar And Spice Dog 16/09/2003 18/10/2008 A Bates
Kazzascavs Fruitti Jessica Cavhouse Starrynight Boy Of Priorlodge Sunny Allendale Moonlight Bitch 25/06/2008 01/03/2014 J Holmes & D Leston
Keelham Jamie At Lillico Lillico Like Basie Keelham Roxanne Dog 09/12/1989 28/03/1996 M A Brook
Kellorian Head Over Heels Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian Kellorian Theadora Dog 09/01/2007 01/03/2014 L Biggs
Kellorian One Step Beyond Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian Kellorian Theadora Dog 09/01/2007 28/10/2012 J Lock
Kemble Charisma Rabymar Apollo Florindale Touch Of Black For Kemble Bitch 15/03/2006 19/08/2012 J Taylor
Kemstra Tiffin At Simpatico Ch Hilarny The Don Kemstra Kerry Bitch 18/07/1989 12/01/2000 C Godwin
Kenar Rusticana Caerwen Cachemire Of Moorfields Moorfields Mistabelle Bitch 28/08/1990 12/05/1999 C Hilditch
Kendeci Good Luck Charm Lesmortis Pickle Cutielady Candyfloss Lass Bitch 13/06/2010 26/11/2015 L Holton
Kenmilfore Gem At Trehys Lehdansa Red Hot Chilli Rose Of Barnsley Bitch 26/07/2004 04/12/2011 K Edwards
Kenmillix First Lady Red Flame Hot Precious White Diamond Bitch 06/02/2006 05/03/2011 M & D Gallagher
Kentee Lady Sara Crimson Clover Of Glenvar Bonnie May Bitch 30/09/1993 25/06/1999 R Smith
Kentredecia Ramonna Siriusmanor Marley TardeanBetsy Mo Bitch 29/09/2013 24/02/2019 D Andrews
Kersmere Bluebell At Emarik Keyingham Matthias Cavaliegh Lavender At Kersmere Bitch 29/01/2006 17/04/2013 P Richens
Keyingham Branwell Maibee Montrose Keyingham Fidgeon Dog 24/08/2002 05/09/2009 M Park
Keyingham Fidgeon Nevhill’s Nazareth Keyingham Rowena Bitch 18/03/1999 17/11/2005 M Park
Keyingham Genevra Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Keyingham Rowena Bitch 15/11/1995 30/03/2004 M E Park
Keyingham Philanthe Nevhill’s Nazareth Keyingham Rowena Bitch 19/04/1998 16/06/2007 M Park
Keyingham Rowena Nevhills Nashville Deanmar Artemis At Keyingham Bitch 29/08/1993 05/12/2001 M Park
Keyingham Sinead Nevhill’s Nazareth Keyingham Rowena Bitch 18/03/1999 21/04/2004 M Park
Khatibi Anna Prentice For Rahmzi Frondil Feonix Khatibi Pistol Dawn Bitch 01/04/2006 06/10/2012 G Skinner
Khatibi Eamon High Tasset Tiger Woods Khatibi Boadicea Dog 04/04/2005 10/06/2012 C & L Tarabad
Khatibi Gladys All Over At Rahmzi Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Khatibi Boadicea Bitch 09/02/2004 06/03/2010 Gillian Skinnet
Khatibi Heidi Desireable At Beaconsfyde Rahmzi Augustus Bonema Miss Leading Lady At Khatibi Bitch 22/07/2008 24/10/2015 R Hobbs
Khatibi Lemon Ada Khatibi Juan For The Road (re-import) Khatibi Libby Rated By Pataleys Bitch 05/01/2010 04/01/2015 C & L Tarabad
Khatibi Nick Is In A Twist Charterwood Dragoon Khatibi Edie Does It Dog 11/03/2009 28/09/2014 W S Parker
Khatibi Peter Bread For Alrewic Khatibi Nick Is In A Twist Clockpelters Emmylou Dog 23/07/2010 05/03/2016 R & A Hedger
Khatibi Ready Teddy Go To Beaconsfylde AKC/Can Ch Khatibi Eamon HighJW SHCM Rosie Rhubarb For Khatibi Dog 07/11/2008 24/10/2017 R Hobbs
Khatibi Tiger Tim At Alrewic Tasset Tiger Woods Khatibi Boadicea Dog 04/04/2005 13/06/2010 R G & A Hedger
Kibitzer Kordelia Wandris Gin Rummy Of Mcgoogans Redhill Little Bo-peep Bitch 26/09/1989 16/03/1996 M Conroy
Kilbarchan Amber Of Lynwarren Charterwood Realm At Kilbarchan Kilbarchan’s Adrianna Bitch 15/08/2000 18/11/2008 T Gould
Kilbarchan Its An Illusion At Charterwood Homerbrent Illusion Kilbarchan’s Queenie Dog 25/11/2001 24/10/2007 J L Philpott
Kilbarchan's Snowdrop at Carolus       22/10/2010 28/05/2017 W L & C P Knight
Kimleejay Fire Master Crescendo Casanova Flickers Flame Of Bonnyglen Dog 01/11/1989 04/03/1995 S D Bloomfield
Kingham’s Head Lad Tanmerack Fragonard Sunspot Samantha For Drumhaye Dog 19/01/1993 10/03/1999 E A Kidney
Kingsmare Kate Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale Kingsmare Aimee Bitch 06/04/2011 22/02/2019 K Waddington
Kinvaar Knowing Johnasta Sanickro Intuition Johnasta Freemans Floozie Of Kinvaar Bitch 05/09/2003 27/09/2008 S J Williams
Kinvaar La Cascada Lanola Siesta at Maibee Johnasta Rose Crystal at Kinvaar Bitch 20/04/2012 21/10/2017 D Kerr
Kinvaar Mystere Sanickro Intuition Johnasta Freemans Floozie Of Kinvaar Dog 14/12/2001 16/07/2008 N K Hughes
Kinvaar Son Of A Gun Kinvarr Mile High Club Suesitna Santa Lucia at Kinvaar Dog 02/06/2012 21/10/2017 D Kerr
Kinvaar Summer Lovin Angel's Pride Benjamn Button Johnasta Rose Crystal at Kinvaar Bitch 20/04/2012 25/10/2018 D Kerr
Kinvaar Theodora at Calaten Kinvaar Mile High Club Lymrey Hi Society In Kinvaar Bitch 21/06/2011 15/10/2016 E Drennan
Koko Silhouette Juzandia Puff Daddy Cazzamar Catori Dog 25/05/2012 13/08/2020 H Jeffries
Kokopelli Karolina Moon At Frosteeze Jansara Hope And Glory Briarlands Morning Dew Of Kokopelli Bitch 18/12/2001 06/02/2009 L Frost
Korendil Take A Lokk At Me Now Telvara Kourt Knave Telvara Precious Pippa   19/11/2008 11/08/2018 L Ralph
Korolevsky Anna Akhmatova Wandris Dance Master Deranmar Edwina For Korolevsky Bitch 15/03/2003 10/04/2010 H Bartlett
Korolevsky Iosif Ricksbury Royal Escape Korolevsky Zhviozhdochka Dog 16/09/2007  09/04/2017 A B Walker
Korolevsky Ludovic With Pepyswood Wandris Entertainer Korolevsky Natalya Dog 23/09/2006 26/02/2012 D Thomas & H Bartlett
Korolevsky Natalya Wandris Show Boat Deranmar Edwina For Korolevsky Bitch 15/12/2001 29/10/2010 H Bartlett
Korolevsky Zhviozhdochka Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Korolevsky Natalya Bitch 30/11/2004 29/10/2010 Bartlett
Korraine Lili Korraines Pasadena Korraines Lacy Bitch 18/03/2010 07/06/2015 L N Crozier
Korraines Drunken Duncan Tregarron Cornish Calando Of Korraines Korraines Hello Dolly Dog 31/07/1991 12/01/1998 Andrews & Markie
Korraines Over The Moon Timsar Mister Moonlighter Korraines Rebecca Dog 14/05/2008 01/03/2014 Mrs L R Crozier
Kringleholme Encore ShCM Ricksbury Royal Escape Kringleholme Cheery Dog 23/02/2005  09/04/2017 A B Walker
Kymin Endamol Jordanic Lucca Kymin Vellum Bitch 16/12/2005 06/05/2012 S Parr
Kymin Vellum Coedgwylum Hot Shot Cornlands Maryrose At Kymin Bitch 05/09/2002 26/03/2008 S Parr
Lady Fifi Trixabelle Leelyn Ce-jay Princess Rose Of Barnoaks Bitch 21/04/1992 21/08/1997 J A Newman
Lady Holly Of Tarbock Rhybank Goldsmith Princess Lady Jane Bitch 25/12/1991 13/01/1997 L Murphy
Lady Mimosa Champneys Thompsons Choise Lady Phoenix Bitch 22/06/2007 12/08/2014 J Ongley
Lahere Asa Sugalite Tayfern Ptarmigan Christleton Daphne Of Pascho Dog 17/01/2002 27/02/2011 Crouch
Lahere Callula Tayfern Ptarmigan Christleton Daphne Of Pascho Bitch 17/01/2002 25/02/2007 Crouch
Lahere Loki Discovery Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Lahere Callula Dog 05/08/2005 27/02/2011 J Crouch
Langley Lassie Of Diwen Amantra Captain’s Mate Of Rossbonny Diwen Sweet Capri Bitch 08/10/1985 27/07/1998 B Newman
Lancombe Angus Lancombe Franklin Jacrianna Carless Whisper at Lancombe Dog 20/08/2014 07/02/2020 M Jones
Lankcombe Bracken Whyteplace Champers Lady Of Lankcombe Bitch 22/10/1991 09/04/2002 D Vickery
Lanola Constant Craving Toraylac Joshua Amantra Fool To Love Of Lanola Bitch 23/08/1993 02/11/1999 S R Goodwin
Lanola Love In A Mist Keyingham Christian Amantra Love On The Rocks Bitch 05/12/1998 13/02/2004 S R Goodwin
Lanola Move Over Darling Kinvaar Obsession Lanola Royal Jubilee Bitch 24/12/2005 05/03/2011 S R Goodwin
Lansahra Crab Apple Triline Perry Tumble Combe Of Lansahra Dog 02/11/1991 18/11/1998 J V Meadows
Ledesham Edelweiss Sunninghill Ming Ledesham Caprice Bitch 18/03/1984 17/03/1995 V Collins
Leelyn Black Jack Of Crystaldean Leelyn Black Pepper Leelyn Rubina Dog 04/08/1990 13/01/1997 E Dolamore
Leelyn Black Jessie Of Astralea Leelyns Chagarl Leelyns Burnt Embers Bitch 22/01/1991 08/08/1996 V Widdicombe
Leelyn Clover Campanards Tribute To Sorata (imp Swe) Leelyn Rough Diamond Bitch 13/05/2009 24/04/2016 C & J Lewis
Leelyn Kisses For Me Leelyn Dixie Land Leelyn Shelane Bitch 22/03/1998 24/02/2004 T Ellis
Leelyn Lady In Lace At Becanna Leelyn Black Pepper Leelyn Rubina Bitch 04/08/1990 05/03/2005 L E Hill
Leelyn Michael Buble     Dog 17/10/2012 28/04/2018 C & J Lewis
Leelyn Midnight Moon Of Bonnembek Charmsbourne Moonraker Leelyn Nifico Bitch 25/06/1987 03/02/1995 J J C Mccarthy
Leelyn Rhea For Linmicol Leelyn Rock And Roll Leelyn Black Berry Blue Bitch 23/04/1998 12/06/2003 L Collier
Leflur Desperate Dan Indiana Jones Leflur Christmas Rose Dog 02/12/2003 03/02/2014 Curtis
Leflur Olympic Star Luckyjewel Prince Rupert Leflur Mistletoe And Wine Bitch 07/08/2008 03/02/2014 A K Fuller
Leflur Roly Mo Indiana Jones Leflur Morning Glory Dog 14/11/2004 28/05/2010 Mrs Kerry Kilbourn
Legend Of The Lost Mitzi At Franley Lyrenstan Eclipse Of Trirayne Top Of The Mitz Bitch 31/07/1998 28/09/2003 F M Sturley
Lehcar Harry Kascar Delhaze Star Trooper Robreglou Rose Sophia Lehcar Dog 19/11/1997 23/04/2004 L Barber
Lehcar Spring Yarilo Alberto Of Kindrum Robreglou Rose Sophia Lehcar Dog 14/02/1994 03/11/2000 L Barber
Lehcar To Lady Titania Yorkland Mystical Dreamer At Moonstone Salere’s Eartha Kitt To Lehcar Bitch 01/04/1995 23/04/2004 L Barber
Leogem Fedele Leogem Silas Marner Leogem Traditional Miss Bitch 20/05/1991 30/05/1997 D & T Homes
Leogem Lady Of Tradition Homaranne Cardew Of Triodan Leogem Traditional Miss Bitch 03/04/1989 07/06/1999 D & T Homes
Leogem Leonara Milkeyn Matchmaker Leogem Tamarisk Bitch 23/06/1986 28/05/1997 D & T Homes
Leogem Limerick At Mareve Mareve Indiana Leogem Lady Of Tradition Dog 16/09/1994 01/08/2000 M Carter & Walker
Leogem Lothario Mareve Indiana Leogem Lady Of Tradition Dog 16/09/1994 01/11/2001 D & T Homes
Leogem Lyndyana With Mareve Mareve Indiana Leogem Meralindy Bitch 27/02/1994 12/07/2001 M Carter
Leogem Minuet Miletree Nijinsky Leogem Pavane Bitch 23/08/2004 06/03/2010 Mr D & Mrs T Homes
Leogem Silas Marner Craigowl Replica Leogem Amelia Dog 16/04/1990 27/01/2000 D & T Homes
Leogem Toccata Mareve Indiana Leogem Lady Of Tradition Bitch 03/06/1996 29/08/2001 D & T Homes
Leogem Traditional Miss Tonnew Teddington Leogem Tamarisk Bitch 12/10/1983 03/04/1996 D & T Homes
Leotroy Rupert Bear at Overstorm Trirayne Chest Of Drawers Among Leotroy Leotroy Caramel Dog 04/01/2013 18/01/2018 T Webber
Lewiscarol Black Lady Master Marius At Admirari Donrobby Butterfly Orchid By Lewiscarol Bitch 02/11/2006 13/10/2012 Mrs C A Juniper
Lewiscarol Lady Of The Lake Malanis Mystic Moment For Tingewood Lewiscarol Black Lady Bitch 04/10/2008 21/02/2016 Mrs C A Juniper
Lewisisle Highland Arrian Lewisisle Highland Rob Roy Lewisisle Highland Skye Dog 08/01/1997 22/11/2002 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Blubell Chandlers Jacobus Lewisisle Highland Clover Bitch 18/07/1994 27/11/2001 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Bruce Lewisisle Highland Rob Roy Lewisisle Highland Clover Dog 26/06/1996 27/11/2001 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Clover Lewisisle Highland Kyle Lewisisle Highland Pride Bitch 18/12/1990 22/11/2002 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Command Lewisisle Highland Kyle Lewisisle Highland Tweed Dog 08/08/1989 24/08/1996 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Conon Joyofdell Highland Monarch Of Lewisisle Lewisisle Highland Melody Dog 08/05/1998 29/11/2004 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Cromlus Joyofdell Highland Monarch Of Lewisisle Lewisisle Highland Melody Bitch 08/05/1998 18/02/2005 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Grace Vizair The Sundown Kid Lewisisle Highland Skye Bitch 09/10/1994 27/11/2000 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Hamish ShCM     Dog 08/07/2010 07/09/2017 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Islay Of Trishmarie Lewisisle Highland Kyle Lewisisle Highland Tweed Bitch 08/08/1989 28/11/1994 H D Chate
Lewisisle Highland Jemima Svena Trail Blaze Lewisisle Highland Lexie Bitch 14/01/2013 29/08/20184 J Dart
Lewisisle Highland Lewis Knight Magic At Harana Lewisisle Highland Thistle Dog 11/01/1988 10/06/1999 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Melody Lewisisle Highland Lewis Lewisisle Highland Tweed Bitch 05/01/1992 24/11/1998 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Mhara Lewisisle Highland Rob Roy Lewisisle Highland Skye Bitch 08/01/1997 27/11/2003 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Munro Lewisisle Highland Lewis Lewisisle Highland Grace Dog 24/12/1997 27/11/2003 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Pride Wolvershill Royal Ransome Of Lewisisle Jeanadas Black Tansy Of Lewisisle Bitch 08/02/1987 04/08/1994 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Rob Roy Vizaire Crowned Albert Too Lewisisle Highland Melody Dog 30/01/1995 27/11/2001 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Skye Lewisisle Highland Lewis Lewisisle Highland Fern Bitch 15/07/1990 29/08/1996 M Morrison
Lewisisle Highland Valour Lewisisle Highland Lewis Lewisisle Highland Fern Dog 15/07/1990 24/11/1998 M Morrison
Lillico Fitzella Lillico Like Basie Charlotte West-lillico Bitch 04/06/1988 27/03/1995 M A Brook
Lillico Lady Day Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Lillico Fitzella Bitch 19/10/1990 20/03/1996 M A Brook
Lillico Moonlight Serenade Of Spindlepoi Timsar Able Edward Lillico Lady Day Bitch 23/11/1995 03/06/2003 E Waddington
Lillico Peggilee Whitecroft Roman Moon Lillico Fitzella Bitch 26/11/1992 23/09/1999 J Blamires
Lillico Rock-a-bye Basie Lillico Like Basie Peatland Jazzmin At Lillico Bitch 12/11/1993 11/06/1999 M A Brook
Lillypin Mimosa For Ryanmil Harana Starman Lillypin Lucky Lady Bitch 22/06/2005 19/08/2012 Marilyn J Pipkin
Lillypin White Russian For Cridensa Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope Make Mine Lady Luck Bitch 09/10/2003 06/02/2010 C Knapp & D Blackie
Linjato My Destiny At Simpatico Linjato Ace Of Base Linjato Chantelle Bitch 27/12/1995 17/01/2003 C Godwin
Linvid Last Rose Knight Magic At Harana Linvid Red Rose Bitch 17/05/1990 02/08/1996 M A Donaldson
Little Miss At Carolus Carolus The Jazz Singer Clockpelters Clover Bitch 04/02/2005 02/03/2013 W, C & J Knight
Llessort Fay Granasil Black Jack Granasil Katie Louise Jayne Bitch 28/01/2004 13/06/2010 Grant& Kilcoyne
Llustant Conqueress Craigowl Ryton Llustant Paper Rose Bitch 13/10/2007 02/12/2012 Mr & Mrs Hurst
Llustant Paper Back Writer Craigowl Billy Elliot Llustant Paper Chase Dog 10/07/2007 02/12/2012 Mr & Mrs Hurst
Llustant Paper Rose Ricksbury Tommy Llustant Paper Lace Bitch 07/10/2000 04/12/2011 Mr & Mrs Hurst & Mrs Wake
Lochbuie Cappuccino     Dog 26/07/2012 19/08/2017 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Christina Kevlorel Dynamo Of Lochbuie Lochbuie Make Mine Music Bitch 16/07/1992 17/09/1997 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Crumpet Pascavale Jamie Lochbuie Geordie   05/05/2012 27/05/2018 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Ewan Lyncraeg Dream Angus Lochbuie Geordie Dog 26/08/2009 24/05/2015 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Geordie Maibee Montrose Lochbuie Abelia Bitch 21/09/2005 28/09/2013 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Make Mine Music Lochbuie The Big Apple Lochbuie Folk Music Bitch 22/06/1987 17/09/1997 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Nellie Gwynn Honeybet My Way Ripley Bee At Lochbuie Bitch 05/04/2007 10/06/2012 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Reddy For Anything Lochbuie Ewan Lochbuie Nellie Gwynn Bitch 26/07/2013 10/11/2018 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Reggae Lochbuie The Big Apple Lochbuie Folk Music Dog 26/05/1989 06/07/1998 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Song For Guy Aldersbrook The Jacobite Lochbuie Folksong Dog 13/11/1992 18/11/1999 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Sticky Fingered Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope Harana Caught Red Handed Bitch 07/04/2004 26/09/2009 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Taken As Red Lochbuie Ewan Lochbuie Nellie Gwynn   24/07/2011 27/05/2018 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Teazle At Lyncraeg Lyncraeg Dream Angus Lochbuie Geordie Bitch 26/08/2009 21/10/2017 L Gow
Lochbuie The Eyes Have It Pascavale Phoenix Lochbuie Eyecatcher Bitch 17/09/2008 08/06/2014 D Maclaine
Lochbuie Tiffin 05/05/2012 28/05/2017 D Maclaine
Loranka’s Celebration Peakdowns Fasanation Loranka Loranka’s Love Sensation Dog 20/09/1999 26/01/2005 L Hughes
Loranka’s Draig Goch Loranka’s Dance Party Loranka’s Starstruck Dog 26/09/2004 06/03/2013 F Sistern
Loranka’s Dreamed-a-dream Peakdowns Fasanation Loranka Loranka’s Dream A Dream Dog 04/09/2002 26/08/2008 L Hughes
Loranka’s Star Surprise Harana Starman Loranka’s Starstruck Bitch 27/01/2003 21/08/2011 L Hughes
Loranka’s Stardom Maratori Moodyblue’s Loranka Loranka’s Spice Dog 16/05/2005 13/06/2010 Hughes And Gamble
Lorphil Little Sydney     Dog 13/12/2010 24/03/2018 J & P Carmichael
Lorphil Lucianna Linjato Ace Of Base Asmena Airs’n Graces Bitch 27/09/1998 28/01/2007 S Mowatt
Lorphil Luck Be A Lady Paulian Blackthorn Lorphil Liaison Bitch 01/10/1988 16/11/1997 E Darcey
Lorphil Ludo Lorphil Lladro Of Cotterlee Tubbily’s Berenices Dog 26/02/1995 19/09/2001 M Burnhult
Lorphil Matinee Kiss       13/12/2010 09/04/2017 M Richardson
Lottie Fontelania Dancing Brave Dapier Lady Be Good For Tamyse Bitch 07/07/1990 14/09/1997 J Quinn
Love Bug Homerbrent Spencer At Kilbarchan Kilbarchan Raine Dog 29/03/2005 11/05/2010 Mrs A Brown
Lovetrac Mark Of An Angel       07/11/2010 27/05/2018 P Lovel
Lovetrac Scrumdiddly       04/11/2012 27/05/2018 P Lovel
Lowena Gentle Velvet Toraylac Crystason Lowena Paper Lace Bitch 27/04/1995 17/09/2002 T & J Pinto
Lowena Indigo Ice Lowena Reminiscing Lowena Paper Lace Bitch 12/12/1995 24/04/2001 T & J Pinto
Lowena Jennifer Eccles Homerbrent Festival Hillyacres Angel Face At Lowena Bitch 15/08/1991 22/10/1996 W A Pinto
Lowena Paper Lace Homerbrent Charlatan Lowena And All That Jazz Bitch 24/03/1993 16/09/2002 T & J Pinto
Lowena Reminiscing Telvara Kasanova Lowena Jennifer Eccles Dog 26/07/1993 31/08/2001 W Pinto
Lowena Wild Cherry Sorata Dunross Lowena Hazy Shade Of Winter Bitch 12/04/1994 14/05/1999 W & R Pinto
Lucinda Vee Of Pebblecombe Simon Veeback Lucy Lockett Of Coombe Bitch 23/08/1988 09/09/1994 K Bartlett
Lucky Dominoes Moonvale Domino At Shenlyn Liric Copper Penny Bitch 29/12/1989 19/05/1997 H Clements
Lulu Bella At Whitecroft Whitecroft Roman Moon April Sweet Pea Bitch 29/01/1993 19/05/1999 D J Moulden
Luphenex Let Me Entetain You Ch Wandris Entertainer JW Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex Bitch 28/06/2010 19/05/2017 L Dawson
Luzaine’s Velvet Touch Leelyn Pepperoo At Aylingmarne Kesaca Araminta Bitch 07/01/1900 27/02/1997 J Cragg
Lymcotes Angel Delight At Queensham Salere’s Mickey Most Of Crystaldean Lymcotes Royal Dulcie Bitch 15/12/1994 11/07/2001 S Macleay
Lymrey Cabernet With Kestrelflite Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Ricksbury Shiraz Dog 28/09/1996 02/10/2001 S Levitt
Lymrey Day Dreams Dare To Dream At Crillmere Lymrey Hi Hopes Bitch 03/09/2009 10/11/2018 Lymer & Scheidt
Lymrey Felicity Brymarden Montana Volney Chardonnay Bitch 07/06/2009 28/09/2014 S Lymer & J Scheidt
Lymrey Georgio Ricksbury Tommy Lymrey Jennifer Dog 21/08/1998 26/09/2009 S Lymer
Lymrey Hi Jinks Lymrey Roger Lymrey Royal Velvet Bitch 03/11/2002 26/09/2009 S Lymer & J Scheidt
Lymrey Jennifer Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Ricksbury Shiraz Bitch 28/09/1996 26/10/2006 S Lymer
Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Emsmere Royalist Lymrey Top Of The Pops Dog 16/01/1993 28/04/1998 B Rix & K Berry
Lymrey Royal Romance Emsmere Royalist Ricksbury Royal Visit To Lymrey Bitch 17/12/1996 20/02/2002 S Lymer
Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Emsmere Royalist Lymrey Top Of The Pops Dog 16/01/1993 19/12/1999 B Rix & K Berry
Lymrey Royal Velvet Lymrey Aramis Ricksbury Royal Visit To Lymrey Bitch 26/02/1998 26/10/2006 S M Lymer
Lymrey Starlight Express Volney Shenanigan Lymrey Top Of The Pops Bitch 06/08/1995 23/04/2001 S M Lymer
Lymrey Top Of The Pops Cinola Motown Of Sukev Lymrey Rambling Rose Bitch 04/11/1988 23/09/1994 S M Lymer
Lyncraeg Daydream Miletree Dream On Paulian Royal Union Dog 19/08/2001 03/03/2007 L Gow
Lyncraeg Dream Angus Keyingham Zacharias Rothes Silver Belle At Lyncraeg Dog 24/12/2004 16/10/2010 L Gow
Lyncraeg Gift For Paulian Barsac Silver Lining Of Lyncraeg Lyncraeg Limited Edition Bitch 17/04/1992 01/12/1997 I Sidgwick
Lyncraeg Glengoyne at Kestrelflite Lyncraeg Dream Angus Spindlepoint Cassiopeia at Lyncraeg Dog 01/10/2012 21/10/2017 S Levitt
Lyncraeg Higgledy-piggledy Lorphil Love Potion Paulian Royal Union Bitch 20/12/1999 01/08/2005 L Gow
Lyncraeg Hosanna Keyingham Zacharias Rothes Silver Belle At Lyncraeg Bitch 24/12/2004 16/10/2010 L Gow
Lyncraeg Starlight Barsac Silver Lining Of Lyncraeg Lyncraeg Limited Edition Dog 17/04/1992 19/09/1997 J Timbers
Lynordan Gypsy Rose Delhaze Springforth Delhaze Indian Queen For Lynordan Bitch 28/10/1993 26/09/1999 J E Ireland

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