Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 1st April 2006
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Each year, Mrs Dorothy Heaver very kindly offers a prize for the three Breeders who have the most dogs listed with their Prefix.
The winners this year are: Mrs C Knight (Carolus) with 28 listings, Mrs K M Coaker (Homerbrent) with 24 listings and Mrs D Irvine with 23 listings.
A * after the "Exam Date" denotes examined by a Cardiologist.
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Tamarisk Rose Lucky Shoes Of Oxenpill And Amantra Roela Vanity Scarlet Rose B 27/02/88 13/06/95 M Rouholamin
Tamblerhu Isabella Of Cantrip Wolvershill Royal Ransome Of Lewisisle Karabel Chrystal Of Tamblerhu B 31/05/88 25/06/96 D & K Wright
Tameline All At Sea To Rershay Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Tameline Salsabil B 01/03/92 26/01/98 I M Shearer
Tamsung Sadie Vival Just In Time Alice May B 06/03/90 05/03/96 C Ashford
Tamyse Truly Fair Harana Chumley Tamyse Truly Scrumptious B 16/03/93 03/04/98 C Butler
Tamyse Truly Scrumptious Fontelania Capri Bizzie Miss Lizzie At Tamyse (neut) B 19/07/89 14/12/94 C Butler
Tanmerack Bellini Toraylac Joshua Tanmerack Edith Sitwell B 18/08/92 29/04/98 F Bunce
Tanmerack Botticelli Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Tanmerack Fantin-latour D 11/11/97 04/03/05 F Bunce
Tanmerack Caravaggio Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Tanmerack Bellini D 07/11/95 02/03/05 F Bunce
Tanmerack Cecilia Beaux Nevhill's Nashville Tanmerack Bellini B 15/09/84 20/08/95 * J Cornelius
Tanmerack Chardin Homerbrent Pentilly Tanmerack I'm No Angel D 01/01/91 27/03/00 * Nyby
Tanmerack Cicely Hey Mareve Indiana Betsy Trotwood Of Tanmerack B 29/09/96 13/02/02 F Bunce
Tanmerack Constable Homerbrent Festival Tanmerack I'm No Angel D 23/01/92 04/01/99 C Warwick
Tanmerack Edith Sitwell Nikknax Star-trekking At Tanmerack Tanmerack I'm No Angel B 16/11/89 09/09/96 F Bunce
Tanmerack Fantin-latour Toraylac Joshua Tanmerack Edith Sitwell B 18/08/92 11/06/99 F Bunce
Tanmerack Fragonard Homerbrent Pentilly Tanmerack I'm No Angel D 01/01/91 03/01/96 F Bunce
Tanmerack Greta Garbo Linjato Ace Of Base Tanmerack Fantin-latour B 05/09/99 11/01/05 F Bunce
Tanmerack Gustave Courbet Toraylac Joshua Tanmerack Edith Sitwell D 10/10/93 06/11/98 L Platt
Tanmerack I'm No Angel Wishwin Horatio Tanmerack Fallen Angel B 10/10/87 09/09/96 F Bunce
Tanmerack Ida Sitwell Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Tanmerack Vanessa Bell B 20/05/98 25/09/04 * J Ward
Tanmerack Ljubov Popova Linjato Ace Of Base Tanmerack Kokoschka B 25/10/98 25/09/04 * J A Ward
Tanmerack Vanessa Bell Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Tanmerack Fantin-latour B 22/08/96 17/07/02 F Bunce
Tansy Toodles Chilsham Sportsman Lionsjoy Black Velvet B 26/03/82 12/10/95 S D Large
Tara My Girl Caerwen Cachemire Of Moorfields Moorfields Mistabelle B 30/01/90 25/05/01 C Hilditch
Tarquogans Barossa Rose Of Sylarius Salador Corrigan Homerbrent Gala Of Tarquogans B 02/02/88 31/01/03 S Tomlinson
Tassimor Sarahs Suzette Of Amberay Whyteplace Champers Silkwood Breezon Bree At Tassimor B 16/07/88 23/11/94 S A Morgan
Tassimor Wordsworth (neut) Stonepit Moonlight At Whyteplace Whyteplace Betty Boop At Tassimor D 07/04/96 15/06/05 P Richens
Tayfern Fire Fly At Fraoch Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Tayfern Tanith B 21/04/98 05/11/03 D Phillips
Tayfern Pie In The Sky Double First At Tayfern Cast A Spell Over Tayfern B 12/11/95 30/04/04 P Stark
Tayfern Shushila Of Tuppenlil Double First At Tayfern Tayfern Abracadabra B 17/02/88 10/01/00 M.A. Ford
Tayfern Tanith Homerbrent Festival Tayfern Talismaid B 09/10/91 16/12/97 P M Stark
Tayfern Tarot Homerbrent Festival Tayfern Talismaid D 09/10/91 16/12/97 P M Stark
Tayfern Tintagel Double First At Tayfern Tayfern Tallynda D 17/06/89 16/12/97 P M Stark
Tayfern Tosca Homerbrent Festival Tayfern Talismaid B 09/10/91 12/04/99 P M Stark
Taynorm Portia Homaranne Carson Crieda Lydia B 30/11/89 19/08/97 N Bentley
Tehranita Caprice Immensee Mac Immensee Carmen B 23/04/94 20/09/00 D Lancaster
Telvara Boogie Woogie Homaranne Caption Amantra Boogie Wonderland Of Telvara B 16/09/83 06/12/99 V Hull
Telvara Karbon Kopy Telvara Krysterson Telvara Simply Sarah D 07/06/92 24/01/00 V Hull
Telvara Kasanova Homerbrent Carnival Telvara Krystal Kascade D 26/09/87 10/12/96 V Hull
Telvara Top Hat Telvara Kasanova Telvara Madam Mimi D 14/02/89 13/12/99 V Hull
Telvara Trouble Shooter Telvara Krysterson Morning Magic At Telvara D 22/08/92 21/09/99 V Hull
The Lady In Black At Chilsham Fontelania Dancing Brave Chilsham Moonshine At Tricianbri B 02/01/90 04/11/96 B A Purkis
Tia Of Zouga Wildgrove Black Tulip Peneople Flirt B 19/06/82 14/11/96 G Green
Ticket To Ride For Tonnew Kemstra Benjamin Tonnew Ticktacktoe B 22/09/95 09/02/01 M Newton
Tilalee Good Luck Charm Shenlyn September Sexton Moonvale Pepper Mint B 25/08/98 10/11/04 T Whittaker
Tilalee Wysoke Revenge Shenlyn September Sexton Moonvale Pepper Mint B 25/08/98 10/11/04 T Whittaker
Timsar Able Edward Whitecroft Orlando Timsar Wild Thyme D 25/09/91 16/11/97 * A Jones
Timsar Legacy Homerbrent Charletan Peatland Dear Abbi At Timsar B 24/05/92 06/09/03 * A Jones
Timsar Miss Chief Linjato Ace Of Base Timsar Miss Jocasta B 04/08/00 03/12/05 * Jacobs
Timsar Miss Fortune Linjato Ace Of Base Timsar Miss Jocasta B 04/08/00 30/03/06 A Jones
Timsar Miss Jocasta Toraylac Joshua Timsar Miss Tamsin B 16/12/96 13/03/04 * A Jones
Tiny Tot Charlie Of Xyzairius Oscar Sweetheart Charlie Girl Of Cheam B 30/09/90 30/04/97 S Mullery
Toltuff Lady Amantra Applause Princess Crystalbelle B 20/12/87 17/10/98 M A Mazzeo
Tomnil Cream  Of The Glen Caralean The Laird Tomnil Creme Fresh D 27/09/99 05/03/05 * J Tarlton
Tomnil Creme D'anna Mareve Indiana Tomnil Creme Fresh B 09/09/98 11/09/05 * J Tarlton
Tomnil Creme Fresh Telvara Kasanova Dheripark Realta De Or For Tomnil B 29/04/97 07/05/02 J Tarlton
Tomnil Indi Cream Mareve Indiana Tomnil Creme Fresh B 09/09/98 11/12/03 J Tarlton
Tonnew Teamaker Jia Laertes Of Tonnew Tonnew Teesmaid B 10/01/87 15/11/99 M Newton
Tonnew Tombola Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Just The Ticket At Tonnew D 11/01/92 06/10/98 R & M Newton
Tonnewydd Magic Wizard At Sancana Fontelania Dancing Brave Tonnewydd Too Hot To Handle D 16/04/93 13/08/98 E D Williams
Toraylac Crystabelle Toraylac Joshua Harana Christa Of Toraylac B 20/02/93 07/03/01 Ms Ackroyd Gibson
Toraylac Incarvillea Toraylac Rooney Rivers Toraylac Eleanor B 27/01/99 25/04/04 * K Li
Toraylac Jonas Toraylac Joshua Toraylac Crystabelle D 13/05/98 13/05/04 * E Forsberg Johansson
Toraylac Joshua Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Toraylac Mystical Music Maker D 22/09/89 05/04/96 C Ackroyd
Toraylac Rosanagh For Kimlea Harana Chumley Toraylac Kathleen B 15/11/90 06/04/98 D & L Atkinson
Touvas Bohemian Dancer Telvara Top Hat Dancing Bonnie Lass B 17/10/91 12/02/97 B M Vout
Touvas Disco Dancer Geronsart Night Errant At Touvas Touvas Bohemian Dancer B 11/01/96 30/03/01 S Levitt
Tregarron Black Star Dubourg Emperor Augustus Of Chrisandawn Tregarron Burning Love B 17/03/97 28/02/05 B Dowd
Tregarron Dixie Homerbrent Illusion Tregarron Memories D 14/01/98 28/02/05 B Dowd
Tregarron Maui Tregarron It's Now Or Never (neut) Tregarron Celtic Madrigal (neut) B 18/03/93 20/04/99 C Hernaman Wood
Tregarron My Happiness At Matel Cinola Paper Moon Of Jansara Tregarron Captive Dream (neut) B 15/03/91 24/04/96 C Willmott
Tregarron Rock-a-hula Baby Chrisandawn Berties Guy Fox At Dubourg Tregarron Honolulu B 13/01/98 28/02/05 B Dowd
Trickley Tsarine Golden Olympic Boy At Trickley Trickley Solitaire B 23/01/92 13/04/99 P B Terry
Triodan Tartuffe Alberto Of Kindrum Juzandia Toccata At Triodan D 17/08/91 29/11/96 T Culshaw
Triodan Thumbsup Triodan Tidalwave Triodan Tomsfool B 17/10/95 21/05/01 T Culshaw
Triodan Tomsfool Cinola Waterloo At Triodan Triodan Tenderness B 03/09/90 29/11/96 C Culshaw
Ttenneb Renegade Dheripark Aodhan Toraylac Spring Harmony Of Ttenneb D 03/09/97 21/09/04 C Bennett
Ttitian Two Thousand Pennygown Pagan Ttitian Thimble (imp Nld) D 02/09/00 07/02/06 P Addley
Tubbily's Achates Alberto Of Kindrum Lorphil Lysella D 04/02/92 28/05/99 R Smith
Tubbily's Cicero Rheinvelt Rock About Lorphil Lysella D 18/01/94 28/05/99 R Smith
Tumill Wood Wind Salador Celtic Eagle Tumill Rhapsody B 16/01/92 01/08/98 * L Curry
Tumill Xanthe Salador Celtic Eagle Tumill Rhapsody B 07/12/92 01/08/98 * L Curry
Tuppenlil Happy-go-lucky Keirlian Limited Edition Fontelania Dancing Flame Of Tuppenlil B 04/11/94 03/04/01 * M A Ford
Tuppenlil Jessie Toraylac Joshua Tuppenlil Sophistication B 10/08/95 05/06/02 M A Ford
Tuppenlil Kim Harana Rockstar At Denstone Tuppenlil Highlight B 23/03/96 31/01/03 M A Ford
Tuppenlil Leila Harana Calvin Klein Tuppenlil Highlight B 11/10/96 05/06/02 M A Ford
Turretbank After Dark Leelyn Touch Of Class At Turretbank Oldwalls Coco At Turretbank B 20/06/89 19/07/96 K Sloan
Turretbank Tartan Teddy At Rucazan Salador Celtino Turretbank Rose Gold D 15/04/97 07/12/02 * A Royce
Turretbank Toot Sweet Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Turretbank Rainbow Dust B 21/02/99 10/01/05 * K Sloan
Tusculana Casares Leogem Lothario Geronsart Cotton Queen At Tusculana B 17/10/97 22/08/05 K Robinson
Tusculana Ceconi Leogem Lothario Geronsart Cotton Queen At Tusculana D 17/10/97 06/01/03 K W Robinson
Tusculana Roco Craigowl Dixon Tusculana Casares D 17/08/99 27/07/05 * K Robinson
Twoacres Cabochon Ruby Downsbank Red Ranger Of Bardenji Twoacres Clover B 05/02/91 01/09/99 J E Coates
Twoacres Clover Casata Country Boy Pondenvale Allie At Twoacres B 05/05/86 17/10/95 J E Coates
Twoacres Countess Lillico Like Basie Twoacres Clover B 17/03/93 01/09/99 J Coates

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