Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 1st April 2006
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Each year, Mrs Dorothy Heaver very kindly offers a prize for the three Breeders who have the most dogs listed with their Prefix.
The winners this year are: Mrs C Knight (Carolus) with 28 listings, Mrs K M Coaker (Homerbrent) with 24 listings and Mrs D Irvine with 23 listings.
A * after the "Exam Date" denotes examined by a Cardiologist.
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Pagborne Flaming Star Alberto Of Kindrum Pagborne Scottish Flame B 20/01/94 20/03/03 P Osbourne
Pagborne Flash Flame Mareve Indiana Pagborne Flaming Star B 30/12/95 25/04/04 * P Osborne
Pagborne Lisa Marie Myhope Presley Joyful Emma Of Pagborne B 30/09/95 25/04/04 * P Osborne
Pagborne Royal Fantasy Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Pagborne Flaming Star B 24/10/96 04/04/03 P Osborne
Pagborne Scottish Flame Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Milkeyn Royal Flame Of Pagborne B 17/05/92 24/09/00 * P Osborne
Pamedna Beau James At Newroyd Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) D 30/05/91 06/02/97 P J Eyre
Pamedna Dee-lite Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) B 30/05/91 08/07/97 P K Fox
Pamedna Lady Karisma Ronnoc Meryll At Sukeara For Pamedna (ik Elsapam Of Forest Town B 28/11/89 08/07/97 P K Fox
Pamedna Lord Byron Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) D 01/12/92 25/03/98 P K Fox
Pantisa Gipsy Waltz Seaodeham Hammersmith Of Pantisa Pantisa Quick Step B 15/11/88 02/11/95 S Halsall
Pantisa Kirsty Pantisa Orinoco Pantisa Sukuki B 18/07/86 29/09/94 S Halsall
Paribue April Dream At Thyromas Boy Of Cilmaenguyn Cottismeer Torch Song B 16/04/91 28/02/97 L M Stringer
Parkcote Black Cherry Of Triciaville Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Pamojill Black Taffeta Of Parkcote B 27/10/97 05/03/05 * T.J House
Parkcote Lord Admiral Weadorr Mista Rigsby Sylarius Taffeta Of Parkcote D 02/03/89 25/09/96 J Wheldale
Parkcote Vagrant  Of Triciaville Lorphil Lladro Of Cotterlee Parkcote Merry Maiden D 30/08/96 18/11/03 T & L House
Parkwall Chanel Brasingamen Touch Of Class Parkwall Wizadora B 24/01/99 30/10/04 * J Owens
Parkwall Lewis Korraines Baywatch Parkwall Resolution D 28/10/95 25/01/04 * J Owens
Pascavale Louis Ch Tellvara Karbon Kopy Pascavale Lulu D 20/09/94 16/11/01 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Lulu Homerbrent Festival Pascavale Matinee Kiss B 02/05/92 16/11/01 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Matinee Kiss Craigowl Hoodunnit Silver Gemini Lady For Pascavale B 19/03/90 22/03/96 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Posh Pascavale Austin Pascavale Dolly B 19/06/98 25/09/04 * Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Rio Telvara Karbon Kopy Pascavale Lulu B 21/10/96 26/08/04 Levy & Sedgwick
Paulian Clover Leaf Indianna Maibee Lyncraeg Gift For Paulian B 16/09/93 14/12/99 I Sidgwick
Paulian Dylan Paulian Blackthorn Paulian Folksinger D 19/02/89 05/06/95 J Timbers
Paulian Juliet Whitecroft Orlando Paulian Clover Leaf B 05/08/97 21/11/02 I Sidgwick
Paulian Kittiwake Paulian Magpie Paulian Juliet B 23/09/00 04/03/06 * I Sidgwick
Paulian Royal Gem Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Paulian Clover Leaf B 17/06/95 21/11/02 I Sidgwick
Paulian Royal Love Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Paulian Clover Leaf B 17/06/95 17/12/01 A Thomas
Paulian Royal Union Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Paulian Clover Leaf B 17/06/95 17/02/04 L Gow
Pauroi Anastasia Cheriecroft Tri To Succeed At Tethersend Kimleejay Gemma For Pauroi B 26/11/98 02/06/04 P Roberts
Pauroi Ni Dan Of Zouga Kindrum Cardinal Red Pauroi Jemma B 06/06/84 13/10/95 G Green
Peakdowns Fantasia Lymrey Royal Reflection At Ricksbury Peakdowns Lone Lady B 14/03/94 20/11/01 C & B Turnbull
Peatland Daisy At Newroyd Toraylac Joshua Lillico Jersey Lilly B 19/12/92 07/06/00 P Eyre
Peatland Jazzmin At Lillico Charmsbourne Moonraker Peatland Clansy B 26/01/90 27/03/95 M A Brook
Pebblecombe Willow Walnut Willowtump Hector Zellawitch Psalm D 17/02/93 20/04/98 J Warren
Pebblecombe Willow Witch Willowtump Hector Zellawitch Psalm B 12/11/91 04/09/02 K Bartlett
Penelope Janbarr Alberto Of Kindrum Sheilings Jiliana Of Johnasta B 03/11/88 27/05/97 J Eyre
Pennygown Botham Lochbuie Domingo Pennygown Brogan D 16/04/92 18/11/99 S Maclaine
Pennygown Centurion Mareve Indiana Pennygown Sparkler D 18/08/96 08/02/06 S Maclaine
Pennygown Jude-ky Jorgealin Ryan O'loranka Pennygown Bird Of A Feather D 14/09/95 10/12/01 J R Gorbold
Pennygown Magnusson Deeriem Magnus Pennygown Cordon Bleu D 30/07/89 08/06/95 S Maclaine
Pennygown Pagan Lewin Of Sorata Foliebearjere At Pennygown D 01/10/90 18/11/99 S Maclaine
Pennygown Penmarric Homerbrent Expression Pennygown Jana-ky D 01/06/99 20/10/04 S Maclaine
Pennygown Sparkler Pennygown Magnusson Pennygown Inverness D 16/09/92 06/07/98 S Maclaine
Petradia Abucus Double First At Tayfern Pertradia Emmagem B 19/02/94 24/08/99 P & D Baverstock
Phanewood Dora Bella Deranmar Philip Larkin Tanmerack Virginia Woolf Of Phanewood B 15/03/99 04/11/05 J Shackle
Phloxcarn Gypsy Rose At Nastane Salador Casanova Phloxcarn Precious Gem B 03/12/91 15/03/97 * A East
Picardy's Anna Maria Alberto Of Kindrum Salador Calonwen B 15/12/92 24/02/02 * M Baldwin
Picardy's Black Amethyst Juzandia Rock On Tommy Picardy's Merle B 27/11/97 14/01/05 A Gill
Picardy's Black Jade At Pippbrook Juzandia Rock On Tommy Picardy's Merle B 03/01/97 23/02/03 * J Burt
Picardy's Colonel Calverley At Olphin Fontelania Burnt Treacle Of Volney Picardy's Pineapple Poll D 14/08/90 30/01/99 B Phillpot
Picardy's Corbin Johnasta Valentino Downsbank Magic Touch D 25/03/94 24/07/00 B Evans
Picardy's Luck Dragon Pamedna Fan-tc Picardy's Anna Maria D 25/01/99 23/06/04 B Evans
Pintoosa Cairistiona Lewisisle Highland Kyle Vizair Catballou Shaded Red At Pintoosa B 13/11/91 21/03/02 M J Bettis
Pintoosa Cyprien Star Vizair The Magic Dragon Pintoosa Way To The Stars (neut) D 02/11/92 20/08/98 Mckinney
Pintoosa Gilded Shadow Pennygown Pagan Vizair Catballou Shaded Red At Pintoosa B 26/10/93 03/04/01 D L Heaver
Pintoosa Rustic Shadow Vizair The Magic Dragon Pintoosa Gilded Shadow D 01/12/96 24/03/06 D L Heaver
Pintoosa Tigerseye Star Vizair The Magic Dragon Pintoosa Way To The Stars (neut) D 02/11/92 23/02/98 M G Zamont
Pintoosa Way To The Stars (neut) Maibee A Hallmark Pintoosa Wandering Star B 08/01/89 06/10/99 D L Heaver
Pippbrook Popcorn Piperbrook Theobald Poppet Of Pippbrook D 22/04/90 28/02/99 * J Burt
Pleasant Breeze Pindens Original Oloroso Kingby Black Dawn B 21/01/90 30/04/96 B M Bennett
Pom'pei Pol'lie Sim'ply Aldersbrook Billy Boy At Shenlyn Simply Loppy B 11/01/99 18/03/05 J Puhock
Poppywood Wych'n'hour Chantiz Alboeto Deranmar Libby In Poppywood D 17/09/99 15/03/05 S M Wilkinson
Poundcourt Perro's Perrita Poundcourt Marcelino Poundcourt Xingu B 01/06/90 09/03/96 * J Hedderwick
Poundcourt Xaxuxa Telvara Karbon Kopy Poundcourt Perro's Perrita B 09/09/94 08/10/99 I Hedderwick
Poundroll Ffatall Charm Poundroll Ffattal Attraction Broganzor Bossy Boots At Poundroll B 20/05/99 01/10/04 Pundford & Rolins
Poundroll Orange Blossom Whitecroft Roman Moon Walnut Spot At Poundroll B 17/10/94 10/12/03 S Poundford & P  Rollins
Poundroll Sweet Clementine Aldachell Dream Lover Poundroll Orange Blossom B 05/05/98 09/01/06 Poundford & Rollins
Poundroll Sweet Clementine Aldachell Dream Lover Poundroll Orange Blossom B 05/05/98 01/10/03 Rollins & Poundford
Prestonville 'aris Tweed Of Anncourt (im Prestonville Its Clasic Braganzar Elvyra D 30/10/93 15/05/00 * A Paloheimo
Pretender To The Throne Of Grenrain Maibee Royal Revenge Maibee Matilda D 15/08/96 13/09/01 Newson
Pretty Miss Mary Of Cherrywood Grassmere Clyde Bonnie Of Telscombe B 10/07/89 11/03/99 S A Lambie
Princess Crystalbelle Sancreed Brandy Rose Petal Of Sancreed B 07/09/83 10/10/94 M.A Mazzeo
Priors Patience The Croupier Of Johnasta Cornish Rose B 13/07/92 04/08/97 P I Garner

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