Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 1st April 2006
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Each year, Mrs Dorothy Heaver very kindly offers a prize for the three Breeders who have the most dogs listed with their Prefix.
The winners this year are: Mrs C Knight (Carolus) with 28 listings, Mrs K M Coaker (Homerbrent) with 24 listings and Mrs D Irvine with 23 listings.
A * after the "Exam Date" denotes examined by a Cardiologist.
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Madame Kristen Of Delhaze Delhaze Cherokee Brave Delhaze Mademoiselle For Annatika B 22/05/92 14/08/98 G & J Macalpine
Maenan Morning Melody Ledesham Barnicle Raytrix Morning Glory B 18/03/90 09/09/95 * M Naylor
Magdala Shandy Alansmere Night Hawk Of Criscan Snowstorm Twinkling Star D 15/05/84 01/08/94 A.S Wood
Maibee Mcmillan Rytonion Brandy Snap At Hometown Maibee Mississippi D 23/11/89 28/04/98 K Yoxall
Malanis Black Cindy Malanis Black Gold Bransties Topsy B 02/08/92 24/03/99 E Cooper
Malanis Black Gold Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Beckinjay Witches Tricks D 27/12/90 26/06/96 E Cooper
Malanis Black Raver Sanickro Rave On Malanis Black Cindy D 26/06/98 13/03/04 * S.L Franks
Malanis Black Raver Avec Enerosar Sanickro Rave On Malanis Black Cindy D 26/06/98 12/11/04 S Franks & S Shaw
Malanis Miss Holly Asdran's Freddie Mercury Beckinjay Beguiled B 30/09/96 09/11/01 G Cooper
Malanis Sparkler Salador Columbo Beckinjay Beguiled B 12/04/93 14/10/00 E Cooper
Malanis Starlight Saldor Columbo Beckinjay Beguiled B 12/04/93 13/11/98 E Cooper
Maltricia Alma Mater Nevhill's Nashville Maltricia Happy Camper (neut) B 21/03/92 01/08/98 * A P Malton
Maltricia Drambuie (neut) Crisdig Marksman Kentene Cleopatra Of Maltricia D 28/05/84 26/11/97 A P Malton
Maltricia Happy Camper (neut) Granasil Seafarer Maltricia Shamrock (neut) B 06/01/87 18/09/96 A P Malton
Mareve  Indiana Dheripark Aodhan Bengrove Anarima At Mareve D 05/10/92 05/12/98 * M Carter
Marifran's Avril (neut) Loranka's Ambrosius Clairandres First Love At Marifran (neut B 12/04/94 22/07/01 * J Holland
Matel Basil Whyteplace Ragged Robin Satin Slipper D 15/06/84 26/09/95 A A Tate
Matel Fleur De Lys Whyteplace Apollo Woodstock Crackling Rose Of Matel B 09/11/89 15/05/95 C Willmott
Mayhill Ysatis At Petradia Marchog Macgregor Aylingmarne Heaven Scent B 08/05/91 23/10/96 P F Baverstock
Maynell Spring In Park Lane Of Waldor Sanickro Super Trooper Maynell Blithe Spirit B 10/08/94 18/10/02 G Jones & D Player
Mcarvell Reflection Cavaliegh Alexander Mcarvell Carbon Copy B 30/06/92 16/07/98 P Carvell
Meadholt Catherine Wheel Of Chandlers Yockley Red Fred Meadholt La Pasionaria B 05/11/89 30/05/95 E A Ruffell
Meadholt Emilia Merrylaine Made To Measure For Symra Meadholt Amaryllis B 18/06/85 30/05/95 F A Ruffell
Meadholt Forget Me Not Double First At Tayfern Meadholt Emilia B 27/10/88 30/05/95 F A Ruffell
Meadholt Millamant At Emsmere Meadholt Buccaneer Meadholt Forget Me Not B 09/06/90 02/07/96 B N Briggs
Meadholt Santos Yockley Red Fred Meadholt La Pasionaria D 09/05/91 15/10/96 J E Naylor
Meadowpark Royal Evasion For Newroyds Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Meadowpark Eva D 25/09/97 24/04/03 P.J Eyre
Merriquest I Have A Dream Dactra Tennessee Waltz At Edonhill Edonhill Peaches And Dreams At Merriques B 04/10/99 08/12/05 J J Gardiner & Dansage
Merriquest Mission Bells Mareve Indiana Birchmere Heidi Ann Of Merriquest B 13/06/97 29/12/03 J Gardiner & Dansage
Merriquest Storm Petrel Sir Bozzi Boots At Edonhill Birchmere Heidi Ann Of Merriquest B 28/04/93 12/06/98 J Dansage
Merriveen Ginger Spice At Ronmal Chantiz Alboreto Lanola Sweet Surrender To Ronmal B 29/07/97 06/10/03 M Mathews
Mignonette For Chasmin Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus B 17/11/93 29/10/01 W Wightman
** Bonne Amie Wainlodes Lucky Jim At Bournsideway Salbrie For You At ** B 14/09/86 15/08/96 N J Miller
** Bouncing Baby Amantra Prodigal Son Of Beliska Bellfield Princess B 26/01/82 19/12/94
** Fait Bien At Honeybet Maibee Manhatton At Hometown ** La Parisienne B 21/09/92 03/12/97 S A Mynott
** Honeybet Ensemble ** Le Monde ** Fait Bien At Honeybet D 15/06/95 22/10/01 — & M Mynott
** La Cassis Gayhalo The Magician Salbrie For You At ** B 01/10/90 17/06/98 S & M Mynott
** La Finalite Gayhalo The Magician Salbrie For You At ** B 01/10/90 24/10/00
** La Fraise Gayhalo The Sorcerer Salbrie For You At ** B 02/04/88 31/12/94
** La Miel Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** ** La Fraise B 04/04/94 24/10/00
** La Mirage Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** ** La Finalite B 06/06/94 25/09/00
** La Peche Wainlodes Lucky Jim At Bournsideway Salbrie For You At ** B 14/09/86 24/11/97
** Le Monde Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** ** La Fraise D 18/03/91 24/10/00
** Le Voleur Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** ** La Fraise D 25/02/92 24/10/00
** Mister Softee Speakeasy Snuggler Of Veresta Veresta Melody At ** D 15/01/83 08/01/96
Mirenka Tweedle Dee Volney Black Shellac Combway Heidi Survivor Of Mirenka B 21/12/87 18/05/95 D J Ball
Misty Brown Eyes Drumroon's Mr Bee Almond Of Saddlescombe B 19/12/90 28/08/97 P M Mcculloch
Mitzi Joy Phylmars Knave Of Spades Blackavar Lady Linnet Of Spindlepoint B 11/06/92 14/03/98 * A & J Beattie
Montcolly Georgiana ** Le Monde Phloxcarn Hillside Bracken At Montcolly B 20/07/93 15/08/99 * M Pipkin
Montcolly Just Sarah Phloxcarn Masquerade At Lillijay Montcolly Miss Smith B 21/04/96 07/12/02 * G Orton
Montrose Royal Highlander Of Lewisisle Lewisisle Highland Lewis Black Rose D 14/04/94 27/11/01 M Morrison
Moonbeam Dancer Roydwood Rash Decision Rossbonny Captain's Charm B 04/06/88 24/05/96 L Bailey
Moonstone Symphony Salere's Little Richard Avoncastle Magic Shadow At Moonstone D 14/09/89 22/02/97 M Kirkham
Moonvale Diminuendo Astraddle Cause N A'riot Moonvale Last Butnot Least B 19/04/88 11/10/97 S Brooks
Moonvale Hokus Pokus Rossbonny Good Tri Of Oaklake Moonvale Diminuendo B 20/06/93 08/09/98 S Brooks
Moonvale Pepper Mint For Tilalee Aldersbrook Billy Boy At Shenlyn Moonvale Catherine B 24/01/97 27/01/04 T Whittaker
Moorfields Beatrice Of Chacombe Casata Moonlight Of Chacombe Moorfields Eugenie B 23/04/93 26/10/98 D Schilizzi
Moorfields Moiselle Sukev Scott Free Of Barsac Caerwen Chanelle Of Moorfields B 11/09/89 24/01/96 R & H Lamont
Moorfields Mure Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Moorfields Moiselle D 09/05/91 26/02/97 R & H Lamont
Moorfields Muscadet Sukev Scott Free Of Barsac Caerwen Chanelle Of Moorfields D 11/09/89 24/01/96 R Lamont
Moorglade Michaelmas With Tayfern Double First At Tayfern Moorglade Morning Glory D 13/06/90 20/12/96 P M Stark
Mylacre Moonduster Vival Running Flush Mobella Mirella D 28/12/91 22/02/97 P&N Waters
Mylova Lucille Tonnew Tabbs Malvia Of Parana B 23/01/92 02/10/98 M R Roe

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