Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 1st April 2006
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Each year, Mrs Dorothy Heaver very kindly offers a prize for the three Breeders who have the most dogs listed with their Prefix.
The winners this year are: Mrs C Knight (Carolus) with 28 listings, Mrs K M Coaker (Homerbrent) with 24 listings and Mrs D Irvine with 23 listings.
A * after the "Exam Date" denotes examined by a Cardiologist.
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Hammelsham Jamie Rytonion King Arther At Bonnyglen Hammelsham Pippa D 18/09/94 16/12/03 A A Speller
Harana All That Jazz At Camahieu Sorata Dunross Harana Makin Whoopee D 07/08/94 26/11/99 P S Paver
Harana Angel Eyes Of Estrid Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Harana Nutmeg B 17/05/89 04/03/95 * E W Mancey
Harana Caught Red Handed Harana Too Darn Hot Leelyn Louisa Harana B 03/06/99 15/07/04 D Maclaine
Harana New Flame At Greenabella Marelza Black Knight Harana Nutmeg B 11/01/92 25/04/97 P A Lewis
Harestreak Shadow Fantasy Farne Silver Shadow Of Mcgoogans Silk Fern Of Harestreak B 06/12/82 02/05/96 H M Smith
Harmony Mystic Magic Homerbrent Jaspar Tamsung Sadie B 18/09/91 07/07/97 C Ashford
Harrowbeer Henrietta Of Rubyfield Sorata Jonathan Harrowbeer Dark Dawn B 28/10/91 27/01/97 P R Boundy
Harrowbeer Queen Of Diamonds Homerbrent Comanche Harrowbeer Dark Dawn B 06/10/89 13/11/94 * P R Boundy
Harrowood Heavenly Maid Charmsbourne Bugs Bunny Of Airlie Harrowood Halloween Dream B 30/03/87 25/08/99 K Jarrett
Harrowood Humdinger Harrowood Kiss Of Heaven Homerbrent Jennifer Of Harrowood D 29/10/96 30/06/03 P Jarrett
Harrowood Just Heavenly Triodan Tartuffe Harrowood Charm B 25/05/98 06/09/03 * P Jarrett
Harrowood Kiss Of Heaven Harrowood The Wizard Harrowood Emily D 15/12/90 11/04/01 P Jarrett
Harrowood Tiny Tim Harrowood Heritage Homerbrent Madeline Of Harrowood D 26/01/89 06/12/99 P Jarrett
Harrowood Witch Hazel Russmic Jacob Of Harrowood Harrowood Black Opal B 06/01/91 30/11/98 P Jarrett
Hazelbury Dollybird Homerbrent Caradoc At Hazelbury Hazelbury Opal B 25/03/90 04/09/97 S & M Mynott
Heronbank Fascination Choya Double Scotch Heronbank Amethyst Angel's Affinity D 24/02/96 04/04/02 J Fairless
Heronsbridge Manzanilla Choya Double Scotch Charabia Chasseresse De Heronsbridge D 01/07/95 22/07/01 * C Randall
Highstead Dolly Highstead Prince Rupert Harestreak Sunfun B 12/03/91 28/09/97 M Brooker
Hilarny Bristol Bias Fontelania Luciano Hilarny Bristol Bustle D 17/05/93 04/03/00 * B Costello
Hillbreach Bonnie Jane Lewisisle Highland Lewis Rosepride Ebony Jane At Hillbreach B 30/08/96 12/02/03 B Reachill
Hillbreach Columbus Yorkland Mystical Dreamer At Moonstone Hillbreach Bonnie Jane D 02/11/99 14/02/05 B Reachill
Hillrows Little Miss Marvel Of Lavehnke Telvara Kavalkade Hillrows Annalise B 16/05/99 31/10/04 * J Hilliker
Hiscli Bombalurina Gayhalo Mephistopheles Pintoosa Elphin Star Of Hiscli B 14/10/92 07/05/98 S Ford
Hiscli Jennyanydots Gayhalo Mephistopheles Pintoosa Elphin Star Of Hiscli B 14/10/92 07/05/98 S Ford
Homaranne Beryl Homerbrent Jaspar Homaranne Platinum B 23/06/91 15/03/97 * D C Trevarthen
Homaranne Jonas At Braymill Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Homaranne Marcasite For Judyland D 08/08/91 05/12/98 * D A R Russell
Homberbrent Denzil Craigowl Dixon Homerbrent Fortunato D 14/04/98 16/12/03 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Adela Choya Acclamation Homerbrent Juliette B 03/01/99 21/04/04 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Adulation Choya Acclamation Homerbrent Juliette B 03/01/99 23/02/04 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Bramble Homerbrent Omar Homerbrent Cleo Lane Of Attamara D 17/01/98 10/01/05 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Carkeel Homaranne Carson Homerbrent Easter Psalm D 02/11/90 02/07/96 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Chaffinch At Havenjays Homerbrent Charlatan Trioleg Felicity Of Homerbrent D 04/05/91 06/11/96 L A James
Homerbrent Charlatan Craigowl Hoodwink Homerbrent Carlena Of Milkeyn D 15/05/88 20/06/01 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Charlemagne Harrowood Homerbrent Charlatan Homaranne Jade D 18/08/93 09/02/05 P Jarrett
Homerbrent Cherelle Homerbrent Charlatan Homerbrent Samba B 08/09/96 16/12/03 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Chintz Of Salegreen Homerbrent Charlatan Homerbrent Pencara B 24/10/90 12/02/98 R Eustace
Homerbrent Easter Hymn Easter Parade Of Homerbrent Ronnoc Solitaire Of Homerbrent B 01/11/88 29/02/96 S M Cobb
Homerbrent Eliana Homerbrent Expression Homerbrent Octavia B 07/08/98 05/07/05 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Expression Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent Calina D 30/08/95 05/07/05 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Florence Of Harrowood Homerbrent Festival Homerbrent Polcrena B 27/05/92 22/02/00 P Jarrett
Homerbrent Fortunato Alberto Of Kindrum Homerbrent Fashion B 26/11/95 12/06/02 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Humbug Of Nastane Homaranne Caption Nastane Shuga Of Homerbrent B 08/01/84 04/03/95 * A East
Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent James Bond Homerbrent Tradition D 27/12/93 04/03/06 * K M Coaker
Homerbrent Isidora Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent Cherene B 05/06/95 20/06/01 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Juliette Braddabrook Jubilee Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Camilla B 22/03/95 28/07/00 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Octavia Homerbrent Obsession Zapangu Gawdy Bauble Of Homerbrent (imp) B 05/02/96 12/06/02 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Palmer Craigowl Parker Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Ophelia D 19/01/99 05/07/05 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Red Gazelle Homerbrent Comanche Homerbrent Haida B 15/06/94 22/07/99 K Hart
Homerbrent Reno Homerbrent Apache Homerbrent Iowa B 06/04/90 03/04/98 W & R Pinto
Homerbrent Sharonda Volney Shenanigan Homerbrent Caelina B 20/01/98 16/12/03 K M Coaker
Homerbrent Tradition Pageant Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Charissa B 11/07/91 23/12/02 K M Coaker
Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** Indianna Maibee Hometown Queen Of Clover D 12/09/89 20/08/95 *
Honeybet Headliner ** Le Monde ** Fait Bien At Honeybet D 15/06/95 08/04/03 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Hot Gossip Honeybet Jus De La Cassis Hazelbury Dollybird B 14/11/94 07/01/03 S & M Mynott
Honeybet Hot'n Spicey ** Honeybet Ensemble Honeybet Hot Gossip B 13/04/98 20/04/05 S Mynott
Honeybet Jus De La Cassis Hilarny Rely On Robin ** La Cassis D 09/07/93 20/01/99 S A Mynott
Hurleaze Christmas Charm Mareve Indiana Hurleaze Charmed I'm Sure B 25/12/94 14/08/01 D Hurley
Hurleaze Truly Royal At Stavonga Mareve Indiana Hurleaze Yours Truly B 12/08/95 25/02/01 * M Hogan

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