From the Acting Chairman:

If you weren’t there you missed a lovely event – with the charm and atmosphere of bygone years complete with the huge entry that Wendy Lhote (Woodville) had drawn for us. Following the very sad announcement that Wendy was too poorly to officiate the Club asked one of her closest Cavalier friends, FCI Judge, Roger Madec (de la Géode), if he would kindly take on the role. We did not realise how seriously ill Wendy had become and that our show would open with a minute’s silence in her memory.

Class PrizesOur new venue proved not to be the easiest to find but ticked a lot of boxes once we were in situ! Had the weather been a little more promising and not so breezy we would have been able to make use of the lovely grassy area and gazebos would have been in abundance! However, exhibitors arrived to find a kitchen in full swing (once Becky Wileman and her team had managed to get the caretaker to bring over some pots & pans!) and the ever welcoming smell of bacon rolls greeted you.

Our new Show Manager proved that she had all the requisite skills required to put on an event that was worthy of 5 stars! Helen Long had been working on the project for weeks – a union of Britain & France with the hall decked out in the colours of our Union Jack & the French Tricolore. Following the example of her predecessor, Lucy Koster, and her glitzy mini bottles, graphic designer Helen had put her artistic skills to the fore spraying her mini wine bottles and hanging Union Jack & Tricolore ribbon around their necks with delightful Cavalier keyrings to match! No ring rope here but beautiful bunting made by member, Carol Butler.

Kitchen DutiesA few of our Committee were unable to make it but those that had served previously were "seasoned old hands" when it came to kitchen duties and first to volunteer! I am sure that head chef Becky and sous chef Mandy were more than grateful for extra pairs of hands. First up to volunteer was poached from the Midland Club – Mea Askins who must have been all strawberried out by the time she had hulled generous portions for the 80+ partakers! Swiftly joined by Veronica Hull, Elaine Berwick and Lucy Koster (all with lots of previous Club kitchen experience!).

Helen & Mum, Lorraine had been busy in their kitchen at home making all the delicious lasagne – no ready meals here! I still have the distant memories of having done this for the Club but I didn’t also rope in Dad & boyfriend who were put on chutney & jam making duties for the bring & buy – all in decorated jars – lots of tlc! What a team! My portion of lasagne was so filling that I squeezed in a serving of strawberries and could not believe that I did not have room for any of Becky’s very tempting cakes later in the afternoon.

Gay Lowe, having collected the judge from the airport the day before and taking him to his hotel, headed over in the morning and brought him to the show. I am sure she was more than grateful to discover that Sylvia Lymer who was to look after our cardiologist for the day had already got cracking on the pricing up of all the wonderful bits & pieces on our bring & buy stall. So much fresh produce arrived by generosity of members that more tables had to be found. I have come to the conclusion that whilst Gay might not have got to see any of the Show she cheered up Ann Hall who had plonked herself down beside the bring & buy and then got into full swing with Gay "selling oil to the arabs". I believe a staggering £170 was taken! Personally I got tempted by delightful cupcakes packed 4 to a box and clearly should have bought more – absolutely mouthwatering, thank you Becky’s Bake Off Mum; eaten in the car on the way home (apologies to my Mum, they didn’t make it back).

Our ex-Chairman, Elaine, had left me the challenge of non-alcoholic punch – a glass for everyone with their lunch. I had never made a non-alcoholic punch and decided a few choices might be order of the day – must have been a reasonable hit – 120 plastic cups were consumed and several were re-filled at least 4 times!

I am not going to forget to mention the unsung heroes, Rachel Surman & Rob Dix – both of whom had been to the lock-up in Warwickshire earlier in the week to get out all the show paraphernalia and then were at the venue first to ensure that everything was ready to roll! David Sedgbeer having helped with the laying of mats was seconded to car park duty (thankfully it didn’t rain). We had discovered that we had a large overspill field car park but David did his best to get everyone in as tightly as he could on the hard standing.

We are grateful to Dave Norris volunteering to steward and our own Ricky who not only ably assisted Dave but provided much hilarity as he tried to explain the lunch options to our French friends which additionally included Coronation Chicken and for the vegetarians – Quiche. Pigeon Franglais at its best!

We were very pleased to have cardiologist, Dave Fisher present testing hearts on the day and ophthalmologist, John Goodyear, eye testing. Reports on findings will follow in due course.

Almost last but not least, our queen was in the "counting house, counting out the money" – thank you Deirdre for sorting floats in and out and tallying everything up – always more to do at the end as everyone presents all their little expense bits & pieces. Deirdre kindly took some of the show kit away with her as the next "show" event will be the Puppy of the Year, Veteran of the Year & Cavalier of the Year which she is going to Event Manage. This is another lovely spectator event and tickets are on sale now (from Deirdre) – check out the website for more information.

Finally, thank you to one & all for supporting the event by either entering or spectating and generously giving to our Raffle in aid of Cavalier Health and supporting our Bring & Buy.

The lucky principal winners were:
Best In Show – Craigowl Keep In Touch
Reserve Best In Show – Magic Charm’s Witchy Woman to Delhaze
Best Puppy – Jordanic Evanly Mist
Best Veteran – Garlouchi Just Magic of Charnavale JW

Principal Winners

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