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Mrs C. Anne Eckersley (Chadwick) [USA] – Dog Judge
My first Cavalier, purchased in UK, was no Show dog but she was a wonderful ambassador for the breed. She introduced me to Obedience and I have competed and enjoyed Agility as well.
In 1982, after a very long wait, I finally found my first Show quality Tricolour bitch, CKCSC & Canadian Ch Maxholt Special Secret of Chadwick aka ‘Chelsea’, who became the top winning bitch in the USA at CKCS Club Specialties at that time. She was a once in a lifetime dog, who never put a foot wrong. CKCSC Ch Chadwick Calamity Jane aka ‘CJ’ was an important bitch for me as she produced gold in every litter and appears in the background of most of the Chadwicks of today. She passed away a few months shy of her 16th birthday.
It became apparent early on that health and temperament were as important as beauty and conformation since many of a breeder’s offspring are sold as family companions.
Thus I embarked upon a health-check protocol for the parents of my litters, clearing them by a cardiologist, ophthalmologist and by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for hip dysplasia and patella luxation – a protocol that I continue with today. My goal is to produce temperamentally sound, healthy, happy an beautiful Cavaliers.
I have shown my dogs in a variety of different vanues all over the USA, Canada and even in The Netherlands where I showed at the World Show in both Conformation and Agility. Soon after the breed was accepted into AKC, CKCSC & AKC Ch Chadwick Miss Moneypenny won Best Opposite Sex at the famous Westminster Dog Show in New York City. Amongst the winners, not only was Moneypenny the only female, I was also the only person to have owned, bred and handled my own dog that year.
Fast forward to recent Westminster Shows in 2014, CKCSC & AKC Ch Chadwick Leura JW finished her Championship at Westminster and she became one of the Top Winning Cavaliers in CKCSC, having finished her CKCSC Championship in 2014 at only 10 months of age. Today we have her half sister and brother vying for top honors – CKCSC & AKC Bronze Ch Chadwick Sentimental Journey JW and her brother CKCSC & AKC Grand Ch Chadwick Jet Setter at Hudsonview JW – both of whom won Puppy of the Year and BOS POTY and at 2018 Westminster Show, both won Best Opposite Sex and select dog respectively. It is every breeder’s dream to have a Champion bitch that produces so well and that would be the mother of the aforementioned dogs – CKCSC & AKC Grand Ch Chadwick Embrace JW.
In 1996 I purchased my first Tibetan Spaniel, a breed I had admired for many years before that when I visited a Tibetan and Cavalier breeder in Scotland. These dogs appealed to me with their wash and wear coat and extremely long healthy life.
I became a CKCSC judge in 1984 and an AKC judge in 2005. I have judged Cavaliers at Championship Shows in the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, France as well as AKC All Breed and Specialty Shows. I have organised and given Seminars on various aspects of the Cavalier breed and wrote a workbook for Cavaliers of the Northeast’s Breeder/Judges Symposium.
I was honoured to be the President of the CKCSC from 1998–2001 and was nominated for that position again in 2015 – a position I continue to hold today. I have sat on many many Committees over the years and been Show Chair for several National Specialties and Regional Shows. The congenial atmosphere that is so apparent at our CKCSC, USA Club functions must be cherished and preserved in the future.
Thank you for inviting me to judge your Annual Club Show. I am looking forward to my assignment.

Lynda Goodgame (Glynco) – Bitch Judge
My first Cavalier, arrived in 1973. Following that I became friends with Sheelagh Somerscales of the Weaveley affix and soon bought a Blenheim dog from her; that’s when I started showing. I learnt a lot from Sheelagh and was fortunate to be ringside with some of the true greats of our breed; Di Fry, Molly Coaker and Susan Burgess to name a few and spent time just listening and learning from them.
I started judging at local Exemption Shows and was then invited to judge Open Shows. At that time the entries were far higher than now and I was Lucky enough to judge some lovely dogs at that level. In 2003 I judged my first Championship Show and since then I awarded CCs a further 5 times and I have also judged abroad on a few occasions.
I would like to thank the CKCS Club for their support and feel truly honoured in being invited to judge the Club Show. I am very much looking forward to the day.


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