Hazel & Eddie Edwards – Delhaze Cavaliers

This is on behalf of Darren, Ryan, Paul, Nicky, Mel, Suneina, Charlotte and Ella – sons, daughters in law and grand daughters of Hazel and Eddie Edwards.

Firstly let us say that the many comments from Mum and Dad’s friends have helped us as we struggle to come to terms with the loss of our parents/grandparents. They have also left us in awe at the sheer number of people that they touched with their kindness and passion for their beloved Cavaliers over so many decades.

The last eighteen months have been dreadful for our family, firstly with Dad’s diagnosis in summer 2020 and then Mum’s in December 2020. Darren and Ryan shared the responsibility of accompanying them to their appointments and treatment. When they couldn’t due to work commitments, Nicky, Charlotte and Ella stepped in. Paul and Mel, unable to travel from locked down Australia, played their part with regular phone and video calls. Suneina spent time talking to them when they needed someone to chat with. A genuine team effort in their time of need.

We are proud to say that Mum and Dad remained positive right up until the last days of their lives and were determined to do all they could to fight the awful diseases they had. They have always been role models to us and once again showed their fighting spirit and determination to combat adversity. We spent Christmas Day together at their house, and still managed to celebrate despite everything, which will always be a lovely memory for us all.

As we are sure you will know, Mum was unable to eat solid food for the last 12 months and had a feeding tube fitted to her tummy in June of this year – however, she refused to use it until 3 days before she passed away – Dad would carefully blend her food until it was smooth enough for her to swallow and would then sit with her as she ate to make sure she did not come to harm. This devotion was typical of our Dad.

Dad faced his disease with dignity – having to endure all day blood transfusions in hospital, weekly at first and then twice weekly near the end, yet he never complained. Painful bone marrow biopsies showed that his condition was worsening, but he still cared for Mum right up until the day before he was admitted to his final stay in hospital.

Sadly, their diseases were just too aggressive and they could not fight any longer – Mum passed away on 28th December and Dad just after midnight on New Year’s Eve. They were 74 and 77 respectively. We were thankful to be able to visit them in hospital in their final days and make sure they passed away peacefully with their family by their side.

Having been married for 54 years, it is comforting to know that neither of them will ever have to suffer being alone after so many years of togetherness. In many ways their love story is a beautiful one – teenage sweethearts in the sixties, raised three sons in the seventies and eighties who have gone on to find their own happiness and of course helped raise two lovely grandchildren, also now adults and finding their own way in this world.

We owe them such a lot and will miss them immensely. New Years Eve will now mean much more to us than ever before and we will for evermore raise a glass to Hazel and Eddie – may they rest in peace, together.

The Edwards Family
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