April Fools’ Day 2015 was to prove to be a red letter day in the Craigowl household. That was the day the litter containing Craigowl Touché, Craigowl Out of Reach, Craigowl Out of Touch and Craigowl Keep in Touch arrived. Their registered names were chosen as a tribute to their mother "Untouchable".

They made life fun right from the start and we enjoyed their unsinkable personalities all summer long. With most litters they tend to sort themselves out as the weeks pass and you can normally start to see and earmark the ones that do not fill the eye as much and look for loving family homes. The 5th one in the litter was a heavily marked boy and as we had already experienced how much harder it is to succeed with solidly marked particolours we decided he would be the first to leave the nest. Our thinking still was that eventually one or two or three of the others would offer themselves up for placing. Time passed and we would change our minds constantly as to who shone the brightest that week! Friends who were experienced breeders and successful exhibitors didn’t help, as when they visited they found it as near impossible as we did to separate them. They lived in the kitchen and with the older dogs had free access to the garden where they ran and played from morning until night, sleeping when they were tired out. It was great fun to watch them being gladiators. Oddly ‘Out of Touch’ and ‘Keep in Touch’ played rough and tumble together and ‘Touché’ always sought out ‘Out of Reach’. Their personalities were engaging and we spent hours watching them at play to see not only how they were constructed and moved but their natural posture. It was a summer spent creating great memories. When the day dawned that they were old enough to be entered at their first show we still had all four. Crazy perhaps but we entered them all at the Scottish Cavalier Club Ch show in October 2015.....they were 6 months old. They all won that day and were much admired. From then on they just went from strength to strength. ‘Touché’ and her brother ‘Out of Touch’ went Best Puppy in Show and Best Opposite Puppy in show at the CKCSC Ch show in March 2016 and Gordon and I were super proud to be in the ring at the same time competing with the brother and sister act. On the day it was "ladies first" and ‘Touché’ got the nod for Best Puppy in Show from judges Michael Levy (Pascavale) and Veronica Hull (Telvara).

All four continued to win at every level. They took turns at being Best Puppy at the Regional Cavalier Club shows and at All Breed Ch shows were rarely out of the cards. These successful outings saw three out of the four gain their Junior Warrants. ‘Keep in Touch’ missed out as she would occasionally be left home whilst her precocious sister ‘Touché’ stole the show but we always felt she was deserving and that her day would come. For a short while they became the A team and the B team with ‘Touché’ and ‘Out of Touch’ maturing and blossoming ahead of their siblings. Before they were two years old this pair had gained their Championship titles and made us realise that here was the proof that we weren’t insane and were totally justified in keeping at least two for showing! After ‘Touché’ and ‘Out of Touch’ reached the upper house they took a back seat whilst we concentrated on the other two. It wasn’t too long before ‘Out of Reach’ joined them and made Champion. Oh my goodness ..... suddenly we were on equal footing with the world famous Crisdig, Salador and Ricksbury who in the past had also made up three from the one litter. A faint notion started to enter our dreams ..... could we make this four! ‘Keep in Touch’ bloomed at exactly the right time and took her first CC in May this year, the second followed in July then just the other week at WKC she won her third, gaining her crown and writing us into the History books ..... the first UK breeders to make up 4 littermates. It feels good! To date aged 2 years, they have amassed 13 CCs and 4 RCCs.

The mating in February 2015 stemmed from my high opinion of their sire ‘Ripley’ when I judged him in the USA at the CKCSC USA Top Twenty event in 2013 which he won for his delighted owners/breeders Paula Ayers and Brenda Martz. He came to "holiday" with Lucy Koster (Harana) in Autumn 2014 as like me Lucy had been impressed by his qualities when she had judged. Under her management he very quickly won his UK title and went onto be Top Cavalier Stud dog in 2016 before returning home to Georgia. The opportunity to use him whilst here was irresistible and I persuaded Gordon to take mum Fallon for mating. In all the years we have been breeding Cavaliers, Gordon has never used a stud dog without seeing him first. This time he took my word that ‘Ripley’ was the one. The best "trust me" ever!

So what does it take to breed a litter of four champions? Time, patience, determination, devotion, a strong nerve, acceptance of disappointments and whole lotta luck! Whilst their immediate pedigree includes affixes of renown from both sides of the Atlantic we are pleased to trace a number of lines back to our first Champion Craigowl Cashmere and along the way bumped into some dear old friends Billy (Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot), Nellie (Ch Craigowl Silkience), Roger (Ch Craigowl Replica), and Woody (Ch Craigowl Hoodwink).

The Fab Four are a joy to live with and have just the right mix of fun, sweet temper and show affection nonstop. Miss Brenda, Miss Paula, Hollis and Bubba….names that bring a touch of the deep South into our minds having spent so many happy hours there ..... four fabulous friends who have given, and continue to provide so much pleasure to us and to their admirers.


Ch Craigowl Out Of Reach JW Ch Craigowl Touché JW
The Craigowl Fab Four
Ch Craigowl Keep In Touch Ch Craigowl Out Of Touch JW

Ch Craigowl Touché JW

Ch Craigowl Out Of Touch JW

Ch Craigowl Out Of Reach JW

Ch Craigowl Keep In Touch
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