Joyce Boardman – Volney Cavaliers
8.1.1933 – 10.4.2020

I have been asked to write something of my Mum’s life. All I can say is that she had a long and happy life which she lived to the full.

She was born on 8th January 1933 in Hankow, China where the family lived for several years while her father worked for British American Tobacco. Mum’s love of dogs has been evident throughout her life; so many photos that I have of her show her cuddling a dog. The earliest is this newspaper clipping from a Chinese newspaper in 1936.

Joyce as a youngster

My earliest memories are of Sam, a black Cocker Spaniel who was followed by Susie and Bogey (a golfing term!) the golden Labradors. My cousin wrote to me this week to tell me that she was the one responsible for Mum’s life of Cavaliers. It seems that they lost their Labrador at the same time that Bogey died and she had persuaded her Mum to get a Cavalier. Mum saw it and instantly fell in love with the breed.

We got our first Cavalier, Benjamin, a Blenheim in the late 60’s and kept his tricolour son, Oliver.

Joyce with cavaliers

By this time Mum had heard of a Cavalier breeder who lived close by, Pam Turle (Sunnninghill), and Mum took Oliver to show her. She was very polite and offered to get us a ‘proper’ Cavalier that we could show. In 1973 James, Sunninghill Pyracanth of Volney arrived and started our showing career. I had left school that year and Mum quickly passed on the job of training and showing James to me. So was born the Volney Cavaliers.

It was a very happy partnership for us both; I got to look after and show the dogs and Mum got to talk to all her many friends. (And we all know how much Mum loved to chat)! I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a summer working for Susan Burgess (Crisdig) from whom we got what was to be our very first champion, Amy, Ch. Crisdig Peace of Volney. We were thrilled but Mum said that she wouldn’t feel she had really ‘made it’ until she had bred her own Volney champion.

One of my fondest memories is of Mum and me running around like schoolgirls in the garden one autumn trying to catch falling oak leaves. Mum had decided that each one would become a CC or Res CC. I think we caught 28 before I told her not to be so greedy! I have no idea how many Mum and Dad eventually won as I got married in 1979 and my life took a different direction while Mum and Dad continued to breed, show and judge Cavaliers all around the world. I do know, however, that they did indeed ‘make it big’ in the Cavalier world while always remaining kind, loving and generous to everyone they met. The many friends they met, made and entertained were a constant source of happiness to them both.

I am sure many people will have their own fond memories of Mum and Dad; these have been just a few of my own.

Mary-Jean Padmore (née Boardman)

The Kiss

Joyce came into my life in the early 1970’s when we were benched next to each other and by coincidence both had Sunninghill dogs.

Joyce enjoyed a life well lived. She was a very social extravert with a most colourful personality and was always the centre of attention. ‘Truly the hostess with the mostest’.

Apart from her dogs Ch. Crisdig Peace of Volney, Ch. Volney Cheerleader and Ch. Volney Shenanigan she loved tending her attractive garden where she hosted many wonderful events.

She has now joined dearest Tom and her beloved Cavaliers in the heavenly garden.

Jeanne Boyd

Tom and Joyce anniversary
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